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Jan 11, 2024

3 Tips for Candid Conversations About Older Adult Fraud

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Scams against older adults are often reported in the media. Seeing such a story can make family caregivers fearful for a vulnerable senior. But bringing up the topic could be a touchy subject. Consider these candid conversation tips from Home Instead.

Keys to Productive Family Conversations about Fraud

1. Get in touch with your emotions; Understanding your feelings will help you remain calm

  • Before sitting down with a loved one, try to recognize some of your feelings. Are you scared? Overwhelmed? Angry?
  • To prepare yourself, ask a friend to play the part of your mom or dad in a role-playing exercise. You can start by admitting to your parent that these feelings are making it hard to talk to them.

2. Stay calm; Checking emotions can keep a situation under control

  • Take a deep breath before broaching the subject. Work on staying patient.
  • Frame your thoughts. Focus on being sensitive and respectful.

3. Communicate openly and respectfully; Everyone should be treated with dignity and respect

  • Speak clearly and honestly.
  • Begin with a sentence that shows you care: "I really want to help you stay independent and safe."

For additional tips about better communicating with your older parent, learn about the 40-70 Rule®.

Protect Seniors from Fraud

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