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Feb 09, 2024

Protect Older Adults from Fraud

Mother and daughter talking about finances

Scammed: It’s a word no older adult or family caregiver wants to hear. The growing incidence of fraud targeting older adults is putting more people at risk of losing their assets, their independence and their trust.

The important thing for you or an aging loved one to remember is that you're not alone. It’s important to seek out expert advice both before and after falling victim to fraud.
The Home Instead® network, along with North American security experts, have teamed up for the Protect Seniors from Fraud℠ public education program to help safeguard older adults from increasingly clever con schemes. Learn about the types of fraud that target older adults; tips for having tough conversations about security with aging parents; and what to do if you or a loved one has been scammed.


Writing a check

Three Scams Targeting Older Adults Are on the Rise

Social Security fraud, grandparent scams and unscrupulous charities are growing crimes against older adults.

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Daughter talking with father

Three Tips for Candid Conversations with Family Members about Senior Fraud

Stay respectful when communicating with loved ones about fraud.

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Father and son

5 Tips to Protect Older Adults from Online Scams

By adopting a few preventive measures for cybersecurity, family caregivers and older adults can protect their identities and sensitive financial information from being exposed.

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Daughter talking to mom and dad

Fraud Checklist: What to Do if You’ve Been Scammed

Steps to follow and fraud resources to know if you or an aging adult are a fraud victim.

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