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Feb 15, 2023

Let’s Talk About Driving

Adult son taking keys from aging man

The ability to drive may be one of the last strongholds of independence for an aging adult. Driving when and where we like is a liberty most of us treasure. The truth is, many older adults can continue to drive safely well into their senior years. Furthermore, medical procedures to improve vision and various tools and resources can help many people keep their driving skills safely honed.

Deciding when it’s time to give up the keys largely comes down to being able to identify physical and mental changes that could impact one’s ability to drive and the willingness to adapt.

In spite of this awareness, older adults and family caregivers must also stay on top of the medical conditions that can put the brakes on driving and signs that you or someone you love is no longer safe on the road.

The Let’s Talk About DrivingSM program helps older adults understand why they may be a risk on the road, and offers tips about how to transition away from driving without giving up independence.


Older woman driving a car

Medical Conditions that Put the Brakes on Driving

Advanced age is not a factor in a person’s ability to drive. However, certain medical problems or medication side effects can signal that it’s time to give up the car keys.

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Senior man in a car

10 Signs an Older Adult May be Unsafe on the Road

Watch for signs an older adult could be unsafe on the road. Try getting to the root of the problem before making any big decisions.

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Senior man in a car

Retiring from Driving: 3 Ways to Make the Transition

Consider these ways to help make the transition from driving easier.

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Personalized Senior Care

From respite care to 24-hour in-home care, at Home Instead, care plans and services can be tailored to meet your family’s needs.

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