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Hospice/Palliative Support

​Among the most difficult aspects of hospice care are the pre-conceived ideas about end of life. There is a lot of fear surrounding hospice, but it doesn't need to be so daunting or dreaded. Hospice care is not always the last resort for the dying, and it does not hasten death. Instead, it is a holistic approach for families that creates a unique care plan with the individual and loved ones at the center of attention. 

In conjunction with hospice, you may hear the term "palliative care," but they are not the same. Palliative care can best be described as pain relieving or comfort care. People of any age can receive palliative care. The goal is to help improve symptoms and relieve the stress and pain that comes with chronic conditions or serious illness. 

How Can Home Instead Help?

It's easy for a family caregiver to become overwhelmed. While hospice and palliative care can provide much-needed support to the patient, it is important to understand that the hospice provider will not have a team member with the patient on a daily basis. This means that family caregivers are relied on to provide personal care and everyday tasks such as meal preparation, housekeeping, and errands. These tasks can add on more stress to the family caregiver, and in some cases interferes with work or caring for one's own children. 

Home Instead Care Professionals can provide some much needed respite and pick up where the hospice team and other medical services leave off by providing:

  • Personal care including bed baths, incontinence care, and grooming
  • Meal prep and feeding assistance
  • Patient repositioning to avoid pressure sores or skin breakdown
  • Medication reminders
  • Companionship
  • Errands
  • Light housekeeping of patient area, changing bed linens, and laundry
  • Comfort and support for the family and loved ones
  • Communication and coordination with medical providers to ensure consistent care
Home Instead CAREGiver and senior sitting together compassionately