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Oct 11, 2023

The 40-70 Rule: Communicating Touchy Topics

home instead helpful resources to assist family caregivers navigate the aging journey
Aging can present many touchy and tough issues for families. Starting the conversation before a crisis occurs could help avoid family tensions and problems.

As individuals age, questions often arise about living and financial choices, health, driving, dating and end of life. Many experts agree: by the time you approach age 40 and a loved one is around 70, you should have had the “talk” about issues so many families want to avoid. The Home Instead® network refers to this concept as the 40-70 Rule®, a program designed to start important conversations early, before a crisis occurs.

It’s never too late to talk, but starting today could make the road ahead a lot smoother. The 40-70 Rule tools and articles offer more information about the communications challenges many families face and tips to help deal with them.
40/70 Program

The 40-70 Rule: An Action Plan for Successful Aging

The 40-70 Rule: An Action Plan for Successful AgingSM encourages individuals and families not only to start those vital conversations soon, but to finish them with a plan that can help take the guesswork out of aging. The plan encourages individuals of all ages to ACT (Assess, Consider, Talk) on their desires and wishes for the future, then put their plan into action.


Senior man and son fishing together at the end of a dock

Communication Plays Critical Role in Dementia Care

Dementia illnesses can pose special communication challenges for older adults and their family caregivers.

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Senior woman and daughter sit talking at the kitchen table at home

Hurdles Often Stand in the Way of Communicating With Aging Parents

Barriers and hurdles can get in the way of candid family conversations about a variety of topics such as living and financial choices, health, relationships and dating, driving, and end of life.

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Senior having a conversation with their son at the dinner table

Seven Tips for Better Communication

Families can benefit from these tips for talking with older adults about touchy topics.

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Personalized Senior Care

From respite care to 24-hour in-home care, at Home Instead, care plans and services can be tailored to meet your family’s needs.
Senior talking with caregiver

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