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One of the greatest challenges families face when caring for an aging loved one is related to medications. Ensuring doctors are aware of all medications your family member is taking is difficult enough. Making sure Mom or Dad takes their meds on time each day can seem overwhelming. How can you help your aging loved one monitor their medications and take them on the designated scheduled? If you live in the Clarksville area, the senior care providers from Home Instead Senior Care New Albany can help.

At Home Instead Senior Care New Albany, we understand your concerns. Our senior care providers are here to help you find solutions to common problems including how to manage medication reminders. When one of our senior care providers visits your loved one in the Clarksville area, they can help by checking to see if your loved one is taking medications on a regular schedule.

Our senior care providers have experience with the complex medical needs many seniors face. Our experience helping seniors in the Clarksville area has enabled us to develop strategies for ensuring our clients take the medications they need to remain healthy. It's common for medications to be taken in the morning and again in the evenings. One of the strategies we utilize with much success is encouraging the families we serve to utilize pill containers. Using a pill container labeled for each day and with slots for AM and PM can make it easy for seniors to check and see if they have taken all their medications each day. Once you or your loved one has filled the pill containers, the CAREGiver can provide a friendly reminder to take the medication.

We can also help your loved one by setting up alarm reminders for medications. Most cell phones have the ability to set recurring alarms or calendar reminders that can be used for medication reminders. If your loved one has a tablet, these devices also include options for scheduled reminders.

If your loved one doesn't have access to a cell phone or tablet, paper calendars and charts are always a good solution. There are many calendar templates online that can be printed to track medication doses and frequency. This is an easy to use form offered on the FDA website. Our CAREGivers can help your loved one update calendars and charts so you know when medications were taken.

When a loved one is travelling, either by themselves or with someone else, encourage him or her to keep a list of medications, doses and strengths on hand. Should your loved one become ill when away from home, this list will help medical professionals quickly understand your loved one's health concerns.

You don't have to bear the burden of caring for a loved one on your own. The senior care professional from Home Instead Senior Care New Albany can help you by providing assistance with a wide range of care needs including medication reminders, household assistance, personal care, and transportation around town.

Call our office today at (812) 948-9770 for more information about our senior care services. Home Instead New Albany proudly serves families in Clarksville, Jefferson and throughout Clark and Floyd Counties.​​​


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