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 A Passion for Serving Seniors and their Families

Steve and Donna Smith established Home Instead Senior Care® of Berkshire County after a personal experience with Steve's family.  Steve, pictured above with his mom Jeannine, tells the story in his own words.

"In 1999, my mother appeared to be in good health.  She was 70 years-old at the time and, not uncommon, her main health concern was acid reflux.  One particular day, the discomfort finally got so bad she visited her doctor.  Shockingly, after taking some tests she was rushed to Bay State Hospital for emergency surgery.  The increased soreness associated with the acid reflux turned out to be pain from a massive heart attack.  She required an emergency quadruple by-pass, approached death as her aorta was torn on the operating table, and emerged from the operating room 8 hours behind schedule.  For the first 24 hours they were not confident she would pull through.  

Fortunately, she did, and while it took an entire year to get back to her lively self, I'm happy to say that she has enjoyed good health since.  

At the time of this incident, Donna and I lived near Boston and felt totally helpless.  My mother was in the hospital in Springfield for a long time and, in addition to visiting her, we tried to provide support to my 75 year-old father in North Adams, whose health was declining.   I'll never forget the conversation I had with Donna one evening: "Who is going to help your parents once your mother returns home?" she asked.  "She certainly won't be able to navigate two flights of stairs just to do the laundry...and what about cooking...and what about cleaning...and what about shopping..."  The list went on and on.  

The conversation prompted me to try to find some support for my parents by looking in the Yellow Pages, I didn’t find anything!  After checking other resources as well, I gave up utterly frustrated.

Donna and I were teachers at the time, not entirely sure that's how we wanted to spend the rest of our lives.  I was actually starting to research opening an Education Business, but with my mother's situation fresh in my mind, my research began to take a different direction.  As luck would have it, I eventually discovered Home Instead Senior Care - just what my mother needed!  I contacted the home office in Nebraska, visited some existing offices in Massachusetts, and went through the additional steps toward opening my own office.  To add another factor into the equation, Donna was pregnant with our first child, Isabelle at the time so we decided to open our office in Pittsfield in order to be close to my parents.  So, in December of 2000, we packed up a moving van and drove to Pittsfield.  In January 2001 we opened the Berkshire County office on North Street.  Three months later we celebrated the birth of our first child, and as they say....the rest is history.

By the time we opened, my mother had fully recovered so we have never actually provided her service.  Still, it's ironic how such a terrible event like a massive heart attack can bring about something as wonderful as Home Instead Senior Care."

Reprinted from the CAREGiver Newsletter, February, 2010

Senior home care in Pittsfield, MA

If you or a loved one could use a little help with senior care, give us a call for more information on how we can help: (413) 442-0907


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