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Care Professional Awards & Recognition

At Home Instead®, our success revolves around the work of our Care Professionals – and we make sure they know it! We celebrate Care Pros year-round through: notes of appreciation, recognition in our employee newsletter, flowers, extra time off, and even impromptu office parties.

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Do You Know Someone With A Caring Heart?

We all have that someone who is a natural born caregiver. If you know a friend or family member that would make an outstanding Care Pro, someone who would easily receive a standing ovation from Home Instead, please share the career opportunity - we’d love to meet them!

Care Professional of the Month: Angela

CGoM Angela

We are happy to announce that the September Care Pro of the Month is Angela H. Angela has gone above and beyond to help with fill in shifts, whether it's last minute or planned time off for a team member. When Angela needs time off, she always offers to switch with someone whenever she can, to make it easier on Scheduling and on her clients.

Speaking of her clients, both of her clients adore her. Their needs are very different, and Angela has made a wonderful connection with both of them, meeting them where they are. Angela has a calming demeanor and puts her clients at ease with her presence. Her smile and her genuine, and caring personality give her clients the feeling that there is nowhere else she would rather be at that moment, than spending time with them.

Care Professional of the Month: Ryann

CGoM Ryann

Congratulations to our amazing August Care Pro of the Month, Ryann D! Ryann has been with Home Instead since the fall of 2012. Ryann has had many clients through the years and has a knack for creating fun and easy friendships with her clients.

Shortly after Ryann came on board, she started with her first client, Mrs. F., and the two continued a special relationship that has lasted for over 11 years. Through the years, Ryann built a routine that included ensuring her client showered and dressed safely, medication reminders, cleaning, laundry, companionship, and frequent trips out and about together. They became regulars at the library. Library staff knew them so well, they would hold new large print books for them, knowing they would be back very soon. They were also regulars at the transfer station having become friends with the transfer station staff too. Mrs. F very much appreciated that she could count on Ryann. Ryann's dependability and her ability to anticipate her clients needs, combined with her bright smile and upbeat personality, created a beautiful match between Ryann and Mrs. F.

Sadly, Mrs. F passed away this month just days after Ryann was chosen for August Care Pro of the Month. After years of health conditions, Mrs. F went on Hospice and declined quickly. Ryann was a great source of comfort and friendship to her in her final days. We know that she was so grateful for Ryann and her compassion and kindness. Thank you Ryann and we are all so sorry for your loss. We know you have many wonderful memories to keep Mrs. F close to your heart.

Care Professional of the Month: Mary

CGoM Mary

We are so pleased to announce that Care Pro Mary C. is the July Care Pro of the Month! Mary will be celebrating her 4th anniversary with Home Instead in the fall. In her time with us, Mary has been a steadfast support to all of the Clients she has helped.

Mary has settled into a comfortable rhythm with her clients, Mr. & Mrs. K. Mary has been with the couple for a few years and they have nothing but good things to say about Mary. When Mary talks about her clients, it's easy to hear how much she cares for them and respects them. Mary anticipates the needs of Mr. & Mrs. K and keeps their routine running smoothly. Mary is always happy to adjust her schedule to accommodate last minute appointments for her clients. Mary is also a great team player who is always willing to help out in a pinch if a fellow Care Pro is sick. She communicates well with the office staff and with her fellow Care Pros.

Here is some feedback from Mary's clients:

“Mary does all the work for us; she takes care of us both and does a great job. Mary is always willing to make adjustments to her schedule, and she is great with my wife. Mary does everything we ask of her and is very dependable. She also makes great breakfasts and does a great job of keeping my wife company. Having Mary makes things better all around.” -Mr. & Mrs. K.

Care Professional of the Month: Cindy

CGoM Cindy

We are thrilled to announce that Care Pro Cindy M. is our June Care Pro of the Month! I want to take a moment to recognize Cindy for doing such an incredible job with Home Instead. Cindy is always kind, caring and patient. I'd like to share this letter that I received about Cindy from her Client's daughter. This letter clearly illustrates all of the reasons that Cindy is so deserving of this honor.

“There are so many wonderful things I can tell you about Cindy Morgan, but I realize that even if I was able to list them all, I would still fail to capture how truly amazing she is and how much she brings to our lives. What makes Cindy the most incredible caregiver is who she IS; a truly extraordinary person with the most beautiful nurturing nature, who puts her all into everything she does. Since the day she came into our home to help assist with my father, her extensive experience, kindness, compassion, and patience have enabled us to successfully navigate our new situation. She has been nothing short of a life saver and I honestly don’t know how we would do it without her.

I can tell you that Cindy is extremely smart, capable, dependable, honest, and has an amazing work ethic, but it doesn't stop at that or even at meticulously accomplishing every task she is charged with. Instead, her never ending compassion and concern drive her to always be proactive; Cindy is constantly thinking of, and sharing with us, new ideas to make our lives easier, better, and more fun. She is always willing to roll up her sleeves and help in any way and NEVER ‘calls it in’ or takes shortcuts- she simply wouldn’t know how. Cindy's unwavering positivity and great sense of humor are contagious and make even the worst of situations better, and her radiating warmth and calm demeanor bring a profound sense of comfort, peace, and safety to us.

The depth of her thoughtful caregiving for my father is apparent in not only her overt actions, but also in the more subtle gestures like the kind way she speaks to him or the way she touches him. Every day when I watch Cindy with my father, I am blown away by how beautiful a sight it is, and what a beautiful relationship they have. He is so happy when she’s around and in a million years, I never could have imagined that anyone other than myself could treat my father with such kindness. This has been the greatest gift and we will be forever grateful.

Cindy’s care giving extends beyond just the client as she understands that there are many nuances in a situation when another family member is living in the home and caregiving as well, she is ALWAYS there for me too and her generosity with her wisdom, experience, and compassion have made me not only a better caregiver, but a healthier individual. Cindy's caregiving goes way beyond just physical needs as well, and she is always willing to listen patiently, lend her shoulder to cry on, or to give the most thoughtful advice and help. There are simply no words to express how much this has meant to us or how much better our lives are because of her.

It is obvious to all that Cindy does not view caring for someone as a job, but rather as a labor of love, and it comes through in everything she says and does. It is what’s at the very core of what separates her from others in her profession and makes her a truly special person.

Cindy has been the greatest blessing we could ever have been given and in no uncertain terms, we love her deeply and consider her a member of our family forever.”

Great job Cindy, we are lucky to have you!

Care Professional of the Month: Tammy

CGoM Tammy

Care Pro Tammy Mondia has been with Home Instead for two years and during this time she has had a couple of long-standing clients who adore her. During these two years, Tammy has quietly gone about her work, only hearing from her when she stops by to pick up gloves or when her clients are having changes. It has been a challenging month for Tammy as one of her long standing clients passed away and the other, hospitalized and transferred to rehab. Tammy's client in rehab called the office asking for Tammy to provide companionship services while she is there in rehab, stating, "I need to have Tammy." Tammy has built a trusting relationship with her clients, as evident by her client reaching out to us, despite significant health and communication struggles.

Here are a few words from the family of one of her clients:

"I wanted to take this opportunity on behalf of the entire family to thank Tammy for the wonderful care she provided to our parents, Bob and Janet, over the past several years.

In the beginning, when Dad was the one who required care, it was very apparent that he grew to like and trust Tammy almost immediately! Despite his vision challenges, he always knew it was Tammy who was there caring for him. We as a family, soon learned that she was such a caring, experienced, knowledgeable person and was truly dedicated to our Dad. It was so reassuring to know that she was the one there at the house during the many shifts that she covered each week!

Eventually, Mom too required assistance from the caregivers. Despite Mom’s reluctance to accept help, Tammy gradually developed a bedtime routine which included rubbing lotion all over Mom and massaging it in. We were amazed as a family that Mom allowed Tammy to do this as she was not one who liked to be touched or fussed over! It must have felt so good as Mom would tell each of us about the special treatment she was getting!!!

Tammy, thank you for the respect you showed to our Mom and Dad and the dedication you had to provide them with such wonderful care to the very end. We are so very thankful for YOU, for all that you are and everything you did to help them spend all the rest of their days in their home. Love, Sue, Rick, Leslie, Penny and families"

Congratulations Tammy! We are so proud to have you on our team!

Care Professional of the Month: Shirley

CGoM Shirley

We are thrilled to announce that Shirley L. is our April Care Professional of the Month! Shirley has been a part of our team since 2013. Through the years, Shirley has been an incredible support to so many clients, family members, and fellow Care Pros. We all have learned so much from Shirley and she continues to teach us.

Shirley is a well-rounded Care Pro, having worked with clients with differing needs. Shirley excels in observing and listening to her clients, giving her the ability to better understand her clients’ conditions and needs. This allows Shirley to be proactive in the care she provides and the ability to modify activities and routines. This skill provides great comfort to our client’s families, building trust and value. Shirley helps nurture and mentor other Care Pro’s so they too can succeed, which in turn helps our clients, family, and office staff.

As a colleague of Shirley's, I appreciate her engagement with the office. If Shirley has a concern, she reports it. If Shirley has a question, which is rare, she asks. We all appreciate her participation with the Care Pro website, sharing family recipes, commenting on posts not to mention attending Home Instead events such music bingo. It is lovely to have the opportunity to get to know Shirley on a personal level.

Care Professional of the Month: Cathy

CGoM Cathy

Congratulations to Cathy, our February Care Professional of the month! Cathy has been with us less than a year, and in that little time she has shown us what an amazing Care Pro she is! She is always willing to help out last minute with fill ins. She loves helping people and will go just about anywhere.

One of her clients had this to say about her: "I am very fond of Cathy; she's considerate, warm and thoughtful. She even looks up the basketball schedule for me and writes down on my calendar when there is a game, so I don't miss it. She is one of a kind."

Cathy, we are so happy to have you as part of our Home Instead team! Thank you for taking such great care of your clients. Congratulations!

Care Professional of the Month: Julie

CGoM Julie

Congratulations to Julie, our January Care Professional of the month! Julie started at Home Instead over the summer and has been a breath of fresh air ever since. Clients love her; we love how responsive and caring she is. It is very apparent she is meant to do this type of work.

This is from a family member of Julie's client:

“Julie, you possess the perfect personality and skills for the work you do! You are so very kind, gentle, soft-spoken, and thoughtful with our mother. You have worked patiently and diligently to earn her trust, evidenced also by her willingness to ask you to look at little bumps or scratches or achy spots she sometimes notices on herself. That trust in you warms our hearts and means so much to us! You are another pair of eyes on her health and well-being!”

We are so happy to have Julie as part of our Home Instead team! Congratulations, Julie!

Care Professional of the Month: Kathy

CGoM Kathy

We are so happy to announce that Kathy is our Care Professional of the month for October! Kathy's two year anniversary is coming up in November. Kathy has been with her current clients now for so long that she feels like family to them.

Here is what one of her clients, Mrs. B had to say about her; "I can always count on her. She comes when she is scheduled and is always very prompt. She takes care of my dog, treating him like a human, as I do. She brings her own dinner and we eat together. She will even feed the dog some of her food, which is what I do! She is always mindful of the dog and his needs, walking him twice every evening. Kathy also knows I am not great on stairs, so she checks the mice traps for me, which most people won't do. Lastly, she sweeps my walkway each shift, to clear the leaves and debris, so I won't fall when going out." Kathy has been with Mrs. B since she started service with Home Instead. What a special bond she has developed with her.

Kathy also takes care of a couple, Mr. and Mrs. K, that have nothing but good things to say about her; "She makes things good for my wife. She does everything above and beyond. She makes it a good atmosphere for us to live in. She has a regular routine which is helpful to us. She is always here; I never have to worry about her not showing up! She is dependable, we really need that and appreciate her for it. She also does nice things for my wife, like painting her nails and doing her hair. She also takes good care of our pets. We love having her here."

It is so nice to hear what Kathy's clients have to say about her! Congratulations, Kathy! You certainly deserve to be our Care Pro of the Month! We are so happy to have you as part of our Home Instead team. You have certainly made a difference in the lives of all your clients. Thank you!

Care Professional of the Month: Lisa

CGoM Lisa

We are excited to announce that Lisa is our September Care Professional of the Month! Lisa will be celebrating 7 years with Home Instead next month. Lisa is so cheerful and is like a ray of sunshine when she walks into the room!

She has been with her current client for over 2 ½ years. They have developed a very special bond. They are such a perfect match! Lisa is very accommodating to her client’s schedule if she needs to make any changes. This is what her client had to say about Lisa:

A Tribute to Lisa
“If I were to describe my relationship with Lisa, I'd say we make a great team! From her cheerful morning greeting to the end of her shift, we enjoy each other's company and have a lot of fun. Lisa helps me in so many ways, from overseeing my shower routine, to performing household chores, to maintaining my bed and laundry, to making my lunch every day. And I depend on her to drive me to appointments and errands.
But most of all, we have fun going out and about, like to the farm stands for fresh vegetables, to Bartlett's for fresh pastry, or just for coffee and doughnuts. Recently, we took a trip to Plunkett Lake in Hinsdale so I could show her where my family owned a lakeside cottage years ago. We enjoyed exploring the area, and she liked hearing my stories about the neighborhood and old times at beautiful Plunkett Lake. We both had a wonderful time.
In summary, I really appreciate all the things Lisa does for me to make my life easier and brighten my day”.

Lisa, we are so happy to have you as part of the Home Instead team and look forward to another 7 great years with you! Congratulations!

Care Professional of the Month: Katie

CGoM Katie

Congratulations to Katie, our August Care Professional of the month! Katie is a breath of fresh air, always smiling and kind. Her clients have great things to say about her as well. We are lucky to have her here at Home Instead.

One of Katie‘s former clients who suffered from a memory impairment loved Katie because she was reliable, engaged in his interest, and was supportive to not only him but his daughter as well. His daughter deeply needed an outlet to express herself and how she was feeling. With seeing her dad decline, no longer recognizing her, and so on. She gave her respite but also a listening ear.

A current client states, “Katie is a credit to the game. She’s a good caregiver and so enthusiastic. She’s just sparkling with it! When she’s here with me, we always have something to talk about, largely due to Katie. Her companionship is genuine. She’s a very pleasant girl. I enjoy having her around. Anything I have to say about Katie is all positive. She’s a Spitfire… In a nice way! I give her a thumbs up… with enthusiasm!

Katie is also great about reaching out to the office for feedback and suggestions along with updating us on client changes. Her fellow Care Professionals report they love interaction with her!

Thanks for being awesome Katie, you are a great complement to the Home instead team!

Care Professional of the Month: Thelma

CGoM Thelma

Congratulations to Thelma, our Care Professional of the month!

Thelma's client has an advanced memory impairment, so Thelma's main purpose is to help her client’s husband in caring for his wife. Daily shifts with Thelma allow him the ability to get out of the home while giving him the assurance that his wife is safe and well cared for. Thelma has a steady, yet calm and reassuring demeanor which makes her a perfect match. It also benefits her client’s husband as Thelma shares her knowledge with him, whether verbally or by action. Her approach is great because it is not pushy or judgmental, but practical and always leading with heart. This "working together” approach has created a bond between them, as he looks to Thelma for guidance and advice. For a husband who was reluctant to start care, they increased quickly to daily shifts, because of Thelma and "what she brings to the table."

Most recently, this couple came down with COVID-19 and Thelma graciously offered to do food shopping and errands while they were sick. Thelma also made it a point to call them for daily check ins to see how they were progressing and offer support over the phone. In speaking to her client’s husband, this has been a great reassurance to him, as he was concerned for Thelma, as she was for them.

This is what her client’s husband had to say about Thelma, in his own words:

“I can’t say enough about Thelma on how compassionate, kind and caring she is for my wife. I could tell the first day she came last August on how they interacted on the first day and I knew it was a great match for the both of them. Thelma takes care of her and I feel so comfortable leaving the two of them together in the morning. Everyday I stop at Starbucks to pick them up a Chiai Tea Latte so they can have tea together as I know my wife enjoys that with her. Thelma is a gem and I can’t say enough about her and how happy we have been for the last year with her in the mornings. She is a great asset for Home Instead to have that kind of person on their staff and she deserves to be recognized as the great person she is every day”.

Congratulations, Thelma! We are so proud to have you on the Home Instead team!

Care Professional of the Month: Allison

CGoM Allison

We are so happy to announce that Allison is our Care Professional of the month!

Allison has been with Home instead since 2019. She has had multiple clients since she came on board and has been a wonderful Care Professional with each one of them. Allison is very dedicated, consistent, and reliable and is always happy to jump in to cover her clients, including her long-term client. She has been with her since her career began with Home instead and has been known in the past to pack an overnight bag during a snowstorm “just in case” and be on standby to fill-in with her if needed. She also has a “gal pal” night with this particular client every other Saturday. They have a special dessert or share a treat and watch the client’s favorite TV show. On special occasions, such as holidays, they will celebrate their night with a very special treat, her client’s favorite, a Canadian Meat Pie and some sparkling cider that they pretend is champagne!

Allison is also very good at keeping client care up-to-date on changes or needs her clients have.

Thank you, Allison, for being such an amazing part of the Home Instead team! Congratulations!

Care Professional of the Month: Joan

CGoM Joan

Congratulations to Joan, our Care Professional of the month!

This Fall, Joan will be celebrating 19 years with Home Instead! Just imagine the number of clients she has cared for and the lives she has changed with her love and caring for others. While Joan doesn't currently have a full-time client, she is known around the office as "our Tuesday & Thursday overnight go-to-girl!" Joan is always quick to help out with clients who are being discharged from the hospital or starting Hospice care. She is called into service often on short notice and willing to help these clients who need immediate care. Joan's last client was on Hospice and the family feedback on her was wonderful. She really made a difference in the lives of the whole family. We are all so happy to have her as part of our Home Instead team!

Care Professional of the Month: Priscila

CGoM Priscila

Congratulations to Priscila, our Care Professional of the month! Priscila has been an amazing and dedicated member of the Home instead family since 2012.

She often goes out of her way to lend a hand for her clients, whether it’s doing a short notice fill-in shift, or adjusting her schedule to accommodate theirs. Priscila is so dedicated that she even endures weekly COVID testing in a facility where one of her clients lives, to be able to continue working with her under the new COVID policies in the facility. She even jumps in to help clients that are not her own, like when she volunteered to work on Christmas Day with a client!

One client says “ she’s always doing special things for me. She also does extra things on her own, like cleaning my microwave, and mopping the kitchen floors. Things she doesn’t have to do but I appreciate it”.

Thank you, Priscila, for being a part of the Home Instead Family!

Care Professional of the Month: Michelle

CGoM Michelle

Congratulations to Michelle, our CAREGiver of the month!

Michelle has been with Home Instead since 2018. Her clients had nothing but great things to say about her! “I don’t know what we would do without her.” She is great with technology and they say “she can figure almost anything out. She is very smart, you know!” They went on to say how they look forward to her shifts and how much they appreciate her quality of work, the kindness she shows to them and again, her ability to solve computer and other technical issues. They also said she’s a fabulous cook and look forward to eating her meals. Lastly, she is consistent as she rarely calls out and we know we can always count on her. She is flexible when there are changes to her client’s schedule and is a natural team player, always willing to help the team, especially when orienting new CAREGivers. Your hard work and devotion to your client do not go unnoticed. Thank you for sharing your heart and being part of the Home Instead team!

Care Professional of the Month: Tammy

CGoM Tammy

Congratulations to Tammy, our CAREGiver of the month! Tammy has been with us since 2017. Since then, Tammy has helped many of our clients of varying capabilities and needs. She forms trusting bonds with her clients and their families, giving them peace of mind and confidence knowing she’s trustworthy and will be there for them when needed.

One of her clients states that she is tidy and reliable and very efficient with giving him his sponge bath. More importantly, he said, she makes me smile and laugh, which is a huge compliment as this client suffers from depression.

Thank you for sharing your heart and being a part of the Home Instead team!

Care Professional of the Year: Liz

CGoY Liz

We are so proud to introduce you to Liz, our 2021 CAREGiver of the year!

Liz has worked for Home instead since 2013 and has demonstrated her compassion and care of every client she has helped, without exception. We created this video to celebrate Liz’s accomplishments. Thank you, Liz, for sharing your heart. CONGRATULATIONS!

Care Professional of the Month: Beth

CGoM Beth

Congratulations to Beth, our CAREGiver of the month! We are always hearing wonderful things that Beth is up to at her clients’ homes, but when you get a chance to read words from a family member, it is even more amazing.

“Getting to know Beth as a person has been such a pleasure! We love how she deals with our parents and the growing physical and mental challenges that present themselves… Always with respect and dignity. Her strong sense of family, love and devotion are apparent in everything she does. Words cannot express how grateful we are to have her as our parents’ caregiver! She is a godsend, not only to them, but to us as a family!”

Thank you, Beth, for sharing your heart and for being you! We are so happy to have you as a part of our Home Instead team.

Care Professional of the Month: Sharon

CGoM Sharon

Congratulations to Sharon, our CAREGiver of the month! Sharon has been sharing her heart with Home Instead since 2017! Some comments from her clients family:

“It didn’t take long to see that Sharon was gifted with the ability to care for aging people with dignity, compassion, and grace. With great relief, we also learned that Sharon would provide our family with comfort and guidance as we navigated through this new world where the child becomes the caregiver”.

Sharon, we want to thank you for building trust, taking the lead and sharing your heart not only with your clients, but their families as well. Thank you for being a part of the Home Instead team!