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Chanel's mother modeled compassionate senior care for 30 years at the Sisters of St. Joseph Retirement Home and made an impression her daughter has never forgotten.


Chanel followed her mother's footsteps, and her life's journey recently led Chanel into the spotlight at Home Instead Senior Care® of Metairie as the CAREGiver of the Month. "Mom took care of people, and she set an example for me. I have been taking care of people all of my life," said Chanel, who also worked at Sisters of St. Joseph for two years before the New Orleans landmark was ravaged in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. 


Later, Chanel gladly accepted the responsibility of sharing family caregiving duties for her mother, who won a battle with cancer with Chanel's help. "Mom had gotten down to 80 pounds at one point," Chanel noted, "but she has been doing great and has been cancer-free for four years. She is hanging in there, and her doctor said she was a strong woman to come through it."


Chanel also helped with her dad's care as he fought lung cancer. "He had surgery in February 2015, and now he is doing great," Chanel said. 


After Katrina, Chanel pushed full bore into a career as a successful cosmetologist and did well for a time. As more cosmetologists flooded into the Big Easy and increased competition, Chanel said, "God closed a door, and I needed to move ahead." A former nun, who is a longtime friend of Chanel's mother, tipped Chanel off to Home Instead Senior Care. Chanel started with owner Lisa Rabito's franchise Sept. 16, 2014. 


"If I can make someone else smile, if I can make a difference, if I can help someone enjoy the day, I will have done my job," Chanel said.


The alert CAREGiver also saved a client and her family from possible heartbreak when a telephone scammer called her client and posed as a needy grandchild who sought money. Chanel stepped in and stopped the attempted fraud.


"Those kinds of criminals would say and do anything. My client doesn't know anything but what the caller said, that her grandson was in trouble and needed her money. I told my client that her son would call her first if a grandchild was in trouble, so I had my client call her son," Chanel said. "Of course, it was all made up. We nipped the whole thing in the bud. Most seniors are really trusting souls and want to help relatives, and they are generous. I was my client's eyes and ears, just as I am for any senior. I want to help in any way I can."


Chanel said her office stands ready to assist its CAREGivers in every way. "They are great, and they work with my schedule well. I still do some salon work, and the office is always helping me fit everything together. They understand what is going on in my life. Every last one of the staff will pitch in to help solve any problem. I have never once seen a bad attitude from anyone, and that makes a big difference to me. I feel their cheerfulness makes my life better," Chanel added.


All Home Instead CAREGivers are screened, trained, bonded and insured. For inquiries about employment, please call 504-455-4911 or apply online. For further information about Home Instead Senior Care, visit our website.


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