8 Reasons to Work for Home Instead Senior Care

caregiver wearing mask sitting with senior looking at a photo

  1. ‚ÄčYou’ll be part of our Home Instead Family!

    If you grew up in Louisiana, you know just how important family is to us. Here at Home Instead, the sentiment is the same. We truly care about each person we visit and each one of our CAREGivers. Everyone in the office will get to know you and you will get to know them.

    We have our CAREGiver Liaison, Mrs. Elaine, who will check in with you as you begin your new journey with us caring for others. We have a private Facebook group that is solely for our CAREGivers & in-office staff to connect with each other.

    We are here to help and support each other in any way that we can. Working for Home Instead is so much more than just a job, you'll be joining a family!

  2. Giving Back to a Generation that is Often Forgotten.

    Working as a CAREGiver gives us the opportunity to give back to seniors when they need it most. Whether it be an ear to listen to their stories, a fun conversation, a laugh, or a simple smile, once you see the impact these simple kindnesses have, the rewards are returned tenfold.

    We also have the Homecare Tablet which is a great device that will help connect you with your client and their families even more. There are even apps available that allow you to video chat our office employees.

    smiling caregiver sitting with senior using tablet
  3. Paid Orientation

    Once you make the decision to join our team, you will come in for our orientation. You will begin by learning about Home Instead and how our franchise came to be!

    You will learn more about what it means to be a professional Home Instead CAREGiver, through training videos and testimonials. And you’ll hear firsthand, just how important your role as a CAREGiver is.

    You will be able to see and practice some hands-on training right here in our office!

    By the time your paid orientation/training is completed, you may already have scheduled shifts chosen just for you.

    caregivers in a training class
  4. Flexibility

    Are you a night owl? Early riser? Maybe a parent or family caregiver? Home Instead has many opportunities for the hours and flexibility you need. Early morning shifts, overnight shifts and everything in between are available when you become a Home Instead CAREGiver.

    caregivers sitting together

  5. Appreciation and Recognition.

    We cannot ever express enough how much we value each and every CAREGiver! We do our best to express gratitude and recognize hard work by:

    • Each month we elect a 'CAREGiver of the Month'
    • We share photos, send out birthday cards, anniversary cards, and a newsletter every couple of months to highlight YOU and all of the things that are going on in the office.
    • Care Bucket – where we compile all of the compliments we get in for that month. If you’re compliment is chosen you’ll get a chance to win a movie, meal or manicure!

    We never want you to forget how important your role at Home Instead is and how much you are appreciated!

    collage of caregivers
  6. Advanced Scheduling

    With Advanced Scheduling, taking time off, planning vacations, and changes to your quarterly schedule are simple to make.

    Let Home Instead know your schedule and changes every quarter and they will do their best to fill your schedule so that you always know where you will be well in advance.

  7. Space to Grow with Us

    Home Instead gives you plenty of space to grow professionally and personally. With constant new ideas being rolled out, things are often growing and changing. You may start out only wanting to provide companion care and eventually realize that you are ready to take the next step into personal care or working with hospice cases. Home Instead will help you acquire the training you need to grow as a CAREGiver with new opportunities around each corner, with also a chance to grow into a different position within the company.

    group photo of caregivers

  8. With 24/7 Support You Are Never Alone!

    caregiver and senior on laptop call with home instead office

    We are always here to assist, help, and support you in any way necessary. We are available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You are never alone when you work for Home Instead. Whether it is a question, a comment, or maybe you just need some support, we are always here!


For more information about becoming a CAREGiver, call us at (504) 455-4911 or click on 'View Current Job Openings!' below to Apply Now!