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Studies show that about 45 percent of Americans made a New Year’s resolution this year. Are you one of them? More than 70 percent of them will stick to it for the first two weeks of 2015, according to the website Beyond January 15, however, things get a little dicey. In fact, more than half of people who made New Year’s resolutions will have given up within six months. How are you doing with yours?


That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try though. A blog this week on cited a study  by the University of Scranton where researchers found that people who explicitly make a resolution are 10 times as likely to attain their goals as people who don’t make any resolution to change.


According to the NYT piece, “Not surprisingly, losing weight is the most common resolution. That’s followed by 2) getting organized, 3) spending less and saving more, 4) enjoying life to the fullest, 5) staying fit and healthy and, interestingly, 6) learning something exciting.”


Those of us who care for seniors probably have the same basic goals – with some variations on the objectives. For example, for us, losing weight and staying fit and healthy might also encompass taking better care of ourselves so that we are better able to care for others. This could be as straightforward as building in an hour a day to do some power walking or other exercise and healthy food prep – even if it means asking someone to stay with your senior while you do it.


To a caregiver, getting organized can often be less about storage solutions and more about achieving mental balance. This can be a toughie when you feel that you’re always multi-tasking, but just remember, if you’re focusing on doing five things at once, you are probably doing everything about one-fifth as well as you could and should be doing it. Getting around this hurdle might mean compartmentalizing your life, i.e. work hours are for work; weeknights are for chores and errands; Saturday mornings are for Mom. There will always be exceptions, but if you stick to the plan as much as possible, you may find yourself more able to fully engage in each different area.


We don’t have a lot of advice about spending less and saving more (there are plenty of other blogs for that), but as far as enjoying life to the fullest goes, we know it can sometimes feel like the impossible dream. Just don’t forget, you do deserve it. What do you need added to your life to make it better? What needs to be taken away?


We all have our own ideas of what learning something exciting might mean, but we do think it’s important that each year we learn something new about ourselves. Those caring for a senior loved one learn early and often just how strong and capable they really are; that, as hard as things can be sometimes, they value this time they have with their senior; and that it truly does take a unique and loving soul to be a caregiver.


We hope that 2015 brings you all the peace, good health and joy that you deserve.


For more information about caring for seniors, please call us at 480-827-4343, visit our website or like us on Facebook.



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