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We've all been there: whether it's with our children, our spouses, our parents – even sometimes our employers or staff. Sometimes we're so busy taking care of the needs of others, that we forget about our own most basic needs.​

Because October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, it's gotten us thinking about how many women, in particular, can fall into this pattern.

Maybe they spend so much time running a loved one to one health appointment after another, that they put off scheduling their own routine screenings.

Maybe they're so busy cooking and cleaning up after nutritious meals for others that they wind up just eating the leftovers over the sink – then crunching through a whole bag of chips when they finally fall down, exhausted, on the couch at 10 p.m.

Maybe they literally can't even when it comes to finding the time to exercise, see friends or participate in social activities.

Maybe they are so overwhelmed that they can't resist the urge to drink a little too much or sneak a cigarette every now and then – even though they know that it's not a good idea.

Whatever the case, Breast Cancer Awareness Month serves as an important reminder that women have to prioritize their own health. Here are some things that you can start doing today to help protect yourself against breast cancer and many other illnesses:

  • Make (and attend) appointments for annual well visits and regular health screenings, per your doctor's recommendations.
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet every single day. For recipe ideas the whole family can enjoy, visit
  • Get regular exercise. The American Cancer Society recommends 150 minutes (2.5 hours) of physical activity a week to lower overall cancer risk. But it doesn't have to be intense. Even just walking for 30 minutes a day can lower your risk.
  • Avoid isolation. It could be a book club, a church group or wherever your interests lie, but some studies show a link between stress and depression and cancer. In any case, keeping your mind active and your spirits high is always better than not doing so.
  • Keep alcohol to a minimum or cut it out completely and avoid smoking altogether. We all know this, but it bears repeating.

For more information about caring for yourself so that you are better able to care for others, please contact us!


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