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CAREGiver Takes Stress Out of Clients’ Lives

On one particular day, award-winning CAREGiver Amber Boyce served as a stress reliever for her client. It is one of a multitude of ways she can help a senior – and their families.
So what did you do, Amber?
“The client needed to go to a rehabilitation session outside the home,” Amber explained. “She mentioned that she was uneasy about her house being a mess, and she didn’t want to leave it that way before we left. So I 

went to work, relieving her stress.”
Amber, a CAREGiver of the Month for Home Instead Senior Care® of Daytona Beach and Volusia County, whipped everything into shape – as she always does. No mess, no stress. “At the end of the day, it was all OK for her,” Amber said.
It was a small matter for Amber but a big thing for Amber’s client, who needs to concentrate on bouncing back from an injury that had hospitalized her. “The simple things we take for granted that we can do for ourselves – like cleaning floors – our clients cannot do,” Amber said. “When I see a need, I take care of it. It means the world to them.”
That’s Amber. She quietly does her job, taking care of little things that mean so much to her clients. That’s why franchise owner Susan Miller is so happy to have her aboard.
More than just stress-relieving duties, Amber provides a set of wheels, an attitude of affirmation and a means for continuing pleasurable routines for her clients, who become just like family.
“Every Thursday, I take a client to get her hair done,” Amber said. “She has a hard time with mobility, but it is something that’s good for her. It means so much, because she still dresses up and uses lipstick. It can be difficult, but she is happy when she gets her hair done.”
For a client couple in their 80s, an eagerly anticipated routine is a 25-mile roundtrip to a Chinese buffet northeast of the Daytona International Speedway. “The wife is trying to gain weight after a hospital stay,” Amber said. “I know the best route and the best in-and-out parking that make it easy for them. But I keep everything in balance for them as far as the number of times I take them there.”
“Balance” requires wisdom, judgment, knowledge, compassion and skill, all of the things that Amber clearly has. She also holds her Certified Nursing Assistant license in two states and a wide caregiving background. A Home Instead staffer clicked off other superlatives for Amber:​
  • ​“Amber is another amazing person!
  • “She’s reliable, caring and compassionate.
  • “Amber takes the lead by empowering her clients to get the most from life and praising them for little achievements.”
Amber found her way to Home Instead about six months after she moved from Massachusetts to Florida in November 2012. The decision to move wasn’t easy because she was taking care of her father – who was in hospice – until about month before he died. Knowing that she had planned to make the move, her dad told Amber, “I am so proud of you. You need to go to Florida. I will be fine.” Amber recalled, “He insisted. He put me before himself.”
After moving to the Daytona Beach area, she saw a car wrapped in Home Instead advertising, got the phone number and called. “I think it was meant to be,” said Amber, who joined Home Instead in April 2013. “I had done home health care in Massachusetts and also had worked in care community settings, and I knew one-on-one care is the best situation for a senior.”
But she couldn’t have anticipated what a great situation she had found with her new employer.
“I am ecstatic to be with them, really happy,” Amber said. “Kelsie, who does our scheduling, is awesome. If she calls with possible fill-in duties and I’m not able to help, she always says, ‘Don’t worry about it.’ When my boyfriend’s mother passed away unexpectedly, she and the office told me to take as much time as I needed. What other company would do that?
“When I’ve needed another client, she has done a great job finding one. The teamwork is also awesome. With both of my clients, we have multiple CAREGivers. We keep a good, detailed journal about the clients. We chat about what has gone on, and we schedule the appointments for them. The handoff is always smooth.”
One of the aspects of being a CAREGiver that Amber loves best is also one that can sting: Establishing bonds with clients and their families.
“I had a client who I lost recently, and it hurt. After I dealt with it in my own way, I was ready to go on, and the office called with another client. The deaths are hard because I get so close to them. You are part of their lives, family to them. You are in their homes, places where they trust you and you try to do the best for them. But I don’t know any other way – life is about relationships and building them with others,” she concluded.​


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