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​​​Helping the Clients Live a Happy Fulfilling Life

Pamela Grimsley, (Pam as she likes to be called) has been married to her high school sweetheart for 36 years. She and her husband have two adult children, and two lovely grandchildren that are both two years old. During her interview, Pam described herself as “an Air Force Military Brat” and continued with “growing up in a military family has prepared me for life in ways of expecting change, respecting diversity and always being positive. My parents always told me to keep God first, that all things will get better no matter what the situation is when you continue to smile, and to always leave a place in better shape than how it was found.” Pam knows that living the life of having to move often taught her the ability to be stronger and to always look for the good in every situation. She also learned how to quickly make new friends. 

Pam’s friend from college, Kim G, was working for Home Instead Senior Care and spoke so highly of HISC as a company and her CAREGiving position. After a long time secretary job with a log home company, Pam took Kim’s recommendation and filled out an application with HISC. Pam tells me that she loves her job for many reasons, but the biggest one is that she has a job where she is helping her clients to live a happy fulfilling life. Home Instead has given her the opportunity to work the hours she needs, the ability to shine as a team player, and the joy of being able to make other people smile. Sharing her heart, Pam tells me about the joy her clients get just from a small talent that she has for drawing them the Peanuts gang.  Sometimes she adds uplifting quotes to her drawings for a client to read each day. 

Pam shared a memory of her time with couple of clients, a husband and wife. She takes the lead by making a point to keep up with the husband’s favorite baseball team just so that she could have a connection to talk with him and ask questions. She also made a game with his speech therapy that he loved to play and which made him practice more. Pam tells the story smiling as she remembers how much the wife always really appreciated the morning breakfast that she would make. She likes that Pam was there to help her with her bath, the client called it lady time as Pam always included doing her hair and nails and applying lotion too.  She remembers them fondly, saying that their time spent together, they shared smiles and stories just as a Grandmother and Grandfather would do. Even after the husband passed away, Pam stayed with the wife as her CAREGiver. Pam said “it filled my heart with joy knowing that I made a difference in both of their lives”.  Pam tells me that as a CAREGiver she is so many things to so many people. “Another client calls me her Cheerleader!  She was in a motorcycle accident and I was her cheering section while she worked thru her rehab exercises”. Pam tells us that another client says that they never know what Pam is going to do to make them smile. We play games together to work our brains: Trivia, Wheel of Fortune, and Jeopardy, therapy games where we switch up who is the teacher and who is player, giving them the opportunity to lead and for me to think.  She treats each client as she would want a CAREGiver to treat her and builds trust just by being there. 

Pam tells me that she loves the relationship that she has with the office as well. There is always tremendous support and help from the office team whenever she has called or needed it. The flexible schedule and the continuous opportunity to receive training that is helpful in all aspects of life. She knows that this support has helped her to build a trustworthy friendship while making sure of the safety, health and emotional needs of her clients. She tells me that with all the life trails she has endured, as well as her families and friends, she goes along with God's guidance. She feels that as a CAREGiver, she is where God wants her to be. 

At Volusia County Home Instead Senior Care, we proudly elected Pamela Grimsley as the May 2016 CAREGiver of the month.​


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