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CAREGiver of the Month

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Home Instead Caregiver

A tradition of great caregiving means that we take care of our own as well as we take care you and your family. 

Every month, since 1997, the Northborough and Natick offices of Home Instead Senior Care choose one CAREGiver who has demonstrated the traits that we most seek: dependability, warmth of personality, reliability, and the creative ability to go above and beyond for their clients. This CAREGiver is then chosen to represent our offices as the CAREGiver of the month.

In addition, both our Northborough and Natick offices choose a CAREGiver whose outstanding service propels them to be nominated our CAREGiver of the year.

Please read below to learn of our most recently honored CAREGiver!

Melissa - May 2017 CAREGiver of the Month

Melissa - May 2017 CAREGiver of the Month

May's CAREGiver of the month is Melissa! The moment Melissa joined HISC in December 2016, she hit the ground running and hasn’t stopped. Melissa immediately took on one client her first week, two more clients the next week, three more the next week and, well, suffice it to say, Melissa has been hard at work ever since. Melissa says ’yes’ whenever possible, which is probably 95% of the time we reach out to her. She will do anything for her clients including walking to one in bad weather. Melissa’s skills and resolve have grown since she joined our company. Her clients and their families are reassured when they know she’s on shift. Thank you Melissa for being the consummate caregiver. Joanne would like to offer a special thanks for always being willing to help her with last minute weekend shifts! We applaud you!

Peter - April 2017 CAREGiver of the Month

Peter - April 2017 CAREGiver of the Month

Our Caregiver of the Month for April is Peter. Peter has been with HISC since October of 2015 and has been an unsung hero for his most recent client. He has worked tirelessly week after week with a very full schedule. His daily shifts start very early. He has been more than willing to take on extra shifts whenever his services are needed. Most importantly, he is there to give extra effort to his client. Over time, Peter has developed a real connection with his client. They are both from different backgrounds, so there was ample opportunity to learn about each other’s cultural background, sport preferences and cooking!! Peter did a great job adapting his native cuisine to his client’s preferences. It was noted and appreciated. Peter was also able to encourage his client to faithfully do his exercises and build his strength back up. The client’s family has voiced their happiness on several occasions with the progress made and the personal connection forged. Peter has truly gone above and beyond in his dedication to both his client and HISC.

Dottie - March 2017 CAREGiver of the Month

Dottie - March 2017 CAREGiver of the Month

Our CAREGiver of the month for March is Dottie. Dottie has been with Home Instead since August 2015. In the time that Dottie has been with us, she has proven to be very dependable and always willing to go above and beyond. Dottie helps out when we need her, and the care she provides to her clients is always well received. The competency in her job coupled with her great attitude makes her a valuable member of the Home Instead team. Recently Dottie’s client was hospitalized, she picked up extra shifts and went above and beyond to make his transition back home as smooth as possible. Her ability to “make things personal” was made clear by the way that she was able to bond with this client and his family. In the work that Dottie does with Home Instead it is clear that she is truly interested in making a difference in the lives of all that she comes into contact with. Thank you Dottie for all of your hard work and dedication to Home Instead and to the clients that you serve.

Liliane - February 2017 CAREGiver of the Month

Our CAREGiver of the Month is Liliane. Lili is a committed team player who is always willing to go the extra mile. Lili heard that a fellow CAREGiver, new to her client’s case, was struggling during her first shift. Even though it was Saturday evening, Lili didn’t hesitate to go over and offer some pointers to help to smooth things out. A client of Lili’s recently said: “She is conscientious. She thinks about the entire client – their health, well-being, and family. Lili is an asset to our company.” Lili sees what needs to be done and simply does it. She is a good planner and juggler, balancing multiple tasks. A true CAREGiver. Lili has a tender heart and cares deeply about her clients taking ownership of their care. She is able to keep things in perspective, recognizing the difficult situations some clients face and does the best she can for them to help them through. Her hospice background gives her a well-rounded perspective on the circle of life.

Nercida - January 2017 CAREGiver of the Month

Our CAREGiver of the month is Nercida. Nercida works with one of our client's at a facility. She has acclimated to the facility and is well liked and respected by their staff. Her client’s wife called us after a weekend with Home Instead helping and when we asked how her weekend was she replied, “Fantastic, thanks to Home Instead! It was the first restful weekend I have had in 6 months. You have sent me an angel in the form of Nercida!” Nercida has been described as “kind, with a magic touch.” Her kindness does not go un-noticed. Nercida has been able to connect to and help a client who has been resistant to receiving care since day one. This is the heart of a CAREGiver, Nercida does not give up but wins them over with compassion and kindness. Cheers to you Nercida!

Joanne - 2016 CAREGiver of the Year for the Northborough Greater Worcester County Office

Joanne - 2016 CAREGiver of the Year for the Northborough Greater Worcester County Office

​Joanne is our 2016 CAREGiver of the Year for our Greater Worcester County Northborough office.  In looking for a CAREGiver who has truly exceeded all areas as a CAREGiver, team member and an employee, Jo rises to the top.

Jo is a remarkably hard worker and an effective team leader.  These traits have been repeatedly demonstrated on numerous occasions with all of her clients.  Through all the CAREGiving challenges  that Jo has faced she has remained steadfast.  Jo is a true illustration of what it means to have a CAREGiver's heart.  A true CAREGiver doesn't give up, they adapt and try again.

These traits have been especially true in the last year and a half as Jo worked with one client, Mrs. B.  Mrs. B is one of our younger clients.  A sweet sparkling lady, Mrs. B was stricken with Parkinson's Disease and frontal temporal lobe dementia. When she became a client her husband was still working full time.  Mrs. B could no longer be left alone as her symptoms of impaired short term memoryloss and declining balance was resulting in an ever increasing safety issue.

As time progressed, Mrs. B had trouble swallowing and was eventually unable to speak.  There are no easy tasks to take on, yet Jo did, and continues to do so with the utmost compassion and understanding.  Jo's ability to face these challenges head on is directly connected to her determination to continue with this client.  Jo enthusiastically attended all trainings that would assist her with managing this client. Knowledge is power and Joanne is a living example of this truth.  Our training programs have enabled Jo to gain the skills that she needed to comprehend and implement this client's eer increasingly demanding care plan.

Jo is Mrs. B's anchor. She goes in early and stays late, covers last minute shifts and works through cross trainings to insure that the client care plan is well explained to any new CAREGiver.  She is a wonderful team mate and highly respected by all of her fellow CAREGivers.

Jo is a resilient and effective CAREGiver with a gentle empathetic soul.  She is softspoken yet she is firm and is able to get her point across in a manner which is always respectful.  Jo's determination and commitment allows for the highest quality of care for her client.  Her level of professionalism is unsurpassed.

Joanne knows that what may seem futile can mean the world to a woman who can no longer communicate.  Perceptive about her client's non-verbal body language, touch, eye contact, a smile, softly spoken words and consistency, Joanne has been amazingly effective in her ability to connect with Mrs. B.  Casual relationships are ocurring every day for all of us, yet Jo's relationship with Mrs. B comes from the heart.  It has and continued to reach Mrs. B's heart every day.  Mrs. B passed away on 10.20.2016

Congratulations to Joanne R for being the 2016 Greater Worcester County Northborough Office CAREGiver of the Year.

Lou - 2016 CAREGiver of the Year for the Natick MetroWest Office

Lou - 2016 CAREGiver of the Year for the Natick MetroWest Office

​We honor Lou B as our CAREGiver of the Year for the Natick MetroWest office.  Lou is an exemplary model of what it means to be both a great CAREGiver and a real team player.  Lou joined our Home Instead team in 2013.  In his three years with us, Lou has touched the lives of many of our clients and he has done so with dignity and compassion.

Lou came to us with a background as a Section Leader and Warfighter in Cognitive Performance.  Lou's dedication and performance to this country has shadowed in his dedication and performance as a CAREGiver.

Did we say dedicated? Lou is a dedicated and reliable CAREGiver. Lou rarely calls out of a shift.  As a team player, his supervisors will always reach out to Lou when in need of filling one of his client's open shifts knowing Lou will always exert the effort to maintain the continuity of his client's care.  Lou provides qualitative care by asking his clients what they need him to do and taking the time that he needs to do it right.  Lou will seek out common traits or life experiences with his clients.  This connection allows his clients to feel respected and understood. Always the professional, Lou also becomes the friend.  Family members of his past clients recognize his efforts with comments such as " Dear Lou, It is obvious that what you did came from the heart.  Thank you for your careful and compassionate treatment of my dad.  I hope you know that this thank you does too."

To Lou, "It's Personal" and it is observed by his supervisors as well as his peers and team members. Lou has shared pictures with us, showing activities he and his client have done together.  Lou shows and shares common interests with his clientele. Through his powers of observation and conversation Lou can find ways of connecting.  Serving "the Greatest Generation" is not easy, but Lou's ability to gain his client's trust and friendship makes it seem effortles.

Lou is an asset to our team, he is communicative, responsive and is sure to call us any time he feels information needs to be shared about his client's well-being. Lou B is our 2016 MetroWest CAREGiver of the Year because he is the definition of a CAREGiver, hardworking, dedicated, kind and above all else caring.

Congratulations Lou!

Laurie - December 2016 CAREGiver of the Month

Laurie - December 2016 CAREGiver of the Month

​Laurie is this month's CAREGiver of the month.  Laurie is a compassionate and reliable CAREGiver.  Laurie has had numerous clients and has succeeded with every one of them, no matter their needs.  She has helped out on several cases, being the bridge between long-term CAREGivers.  

Laurie is well liked wherever she goes.  We would like to clone Laurie so we can have more of her!  

Laurie has stood out with her most recent client who lives with early onset Alzheimer's.  This is from the client's wife: "Laurie has really been a lifeline for "B" and makes my trips so much easier.  When he hears that Laurie is coming, he relaxes a lot about my being gone.  So, I would like to see her rewarded with a little something extra so she knows how much she is appreciated."

Thank you Laurie, for all you do!

Pat - November 2016 CAREGiver of the Month

Pat - November 2016 CAREGiver of the Month

​November's CAREGiver of the Month is long time CAREGiver, Pat.  Pat began her career as a teacher.  We were delighted when Pat chose Home Instead Senior care and caregiving as a second career.

Pat frequently attends our trainings as she knows that knowledge is power!

Pat is encouraging and supportive with her clients and works tirelessly to maintain their dignity.  She truly exemplifies our motto of "Changing the Face of Aging." She frequently talks with her clients about current events and helps them remain a vibrant part of their communities.

Pat's current client has memory loss. His son set up many routines and systems that allow him to continue to live independently with our help.  Pat, being the encouraging teacher, was instrumental in fine tuning those systems to ensure that they work not only during her shift but with the other CAREGivers on the case.

Pat is a wonderful advocate for her clients as well as a true Home Instead Senior care Ambassador.

Team AC - October 2016 CAREGivers of the Month

Team AC - October 2016 CAREGivers of the Month

​Christopher Pangborn, Victoria Tirrell, Peter Lusignan and Beverly Wallace are Team AC.

Mrs. C, a former nurse and proud wife, needs assistance getting our client, her husband A, up in the morning and up to bed in the evening.  She wants to do it herself but realizes she needs help.  After months of ad hoc daily shift requests, she agreed to allow us to put a regular schedule in place.  Although we schedule 3-hour shifts there morning and evening, she often sends the caregivers on their way prior to the 3 hours, wanting just enough help and not an ounce more.  Each of the caregivers has demonstrated an unwaivering, enthusiastic commitment to the C's.  Never have we had to cancel a shift because we couldn't get coverage.  Never have we had to beg for coverage.  They are always willing to help without hesitation.  They work seamlessly together. Victoria recently asked for a month off due to family visiting, yet she asked to resume her shifts with the C's halfway through the month.  Christopher has responded without hesitation to some last minute requests, including one evening when we couldn't reach Mrs. C after she left a voicemail for on-call.  With their daughter being on the west coast, peace of mind was restored when Christopher dropped what he was doing to go to the home to check on her.  Peter and Beverly have readily stepped up whether regularly scheduled or a last minute change has been requested.  The entire C team is incredibly devoted to their clients and their profession.  This team exemplifies the true meaning of a caregiver's heart.

Thank you Christopher, Victoria, Peter and Beverly.  Our hats are off to you!!!

Marie - September 2016 CAREGiver of the Month

Marie - September 2016 CAREGiver of the Month

​In June of 2011 Marie  joined the staff of Home Instead.  Prior to joining our team, Marie had worked with her own aging family members, as well as being a Mom, an office worker and a dance teacher!

Marie dove right into her new position, she worked hard and sought to grow professionally.  Marie has utilized the additional training that we offer, completeing both her Alzheimer's and her Personal Care training.

During her 5+ years, Marie has worked with a variety of Home Instead clients. Although the clients have varied, the one constant factor has been Marie.  She has consistently been caring, calm, thorough and thoughtful.

Clients, their families and facilities have sung her praises.  Recently a daughter noticed that when Mom didn't feel well one day, Marie took all the appropriate measures needed to ensure the well being of Mom.  Marie's proactive behavior demonstrated the care and attention that allows this daughter, and other clients and their families, to rely on and trust Marie.  Marie is also a great employee.  She communicates well with the office and is responsive to all calls from the office.  Marie is a great teammate.  She makes certain to share client changes with her teammates and to assure that client needs are met smoothly through shift changes.  

Thank you Marie, and our hats are off to you!!!

Luisa - August 2016 CAREGiver of the Month

Luisa -  August 2016 CAREGiver of the Month

​Luisa joined our staff in 2003.  With almost 13 years of CAREGiving under her belt she remains as compassionate and committed as she was on day one.

When Luisa started at Home Instead, she initially wanted to work with only our female clients.  But, early on, Luisa agreed to work a few shifts with a gentleman, Dr. G.  She called the office after her shift and said that she loved working with the Doctor.

Now, 13 years later, Luisa is our go to for our gentleman clients!  Luisa continues to assist whenever and wherever she is able.  Her "can do" attitude is loved by her supervisors.

And Luisa's clients adore her.  She is often requested by any client with whom she has worked.  Soft spoken, respectful and caring, it has been a joy watching Luisa blossom in her role as a professional CAREGiver.

Thank you Luisa, our hats are off to you!!!

Steve - July 2016 CAREGiver of the Month

Steve - July 2016 CAREGiver of the Month

​Our CAREGiver of the month for July is a relative newcomer to Home Instead.  But in the months that he has worked for us, he has amazed evryone.

Steve is not only a family caregiver, but is now offering his love and skills as a professional CAREGiver.  Steve has proven to be a wonderful match for a number of Home Instead clients.  Anyone Steve has worked with has sung his praises.  Between his regular cases, Steve rarely says no to those ever-ocurring fill in cases.  

He is undaunted by distance and has helped out on numerous occasions.  Steve has not shied away from additional skills training classes.  He has completed both our Alzheimer's program and our Personal Care course.  He attends CAREGiver meetings and additional inservice trainings.

Thank you for all you do and our hats are off to you!

Joyce - May 2016 CAREGiver of the Month

Joyce - May 2016 CAREGiver of the Month

​This month we would like to recognize Joyce for our CAREGiver of The Month!

Joyce joined our team a little over a year ago. Prior to her work with Home Instead, Joyce had an impressive resume of caring for adults with needs.

​Joyce has been a part of a team of CAREGivers.  She provides overnight care for her client.  Joyce is a great team member. She makes certain to smooth out the transitions that occur with multiple people working for a client.  She is consistently prompt. Joyce will pick up where another CAREGiver leaves off and makes certain to hand over the client to the next CAREGiver with tasks completed and the client well satisfied.  When any overnight shift becomes available, the family will request Joyce by name.

Joyce is described by her supervisors as "very profesional, frequently adapts to the needs of both her clients and her supervisors...her clients and families love her...we can depend on Joyce."

And the ultimate compliment for any New England worker...she makes it to all of her shifts regardless of weather!!!

Our hats are off to you, Joyce, and thank you!!!

Joanne - April 2016 CAREGiver of the Month

Joanne - April 2016 CAREGiver of the Month

Joanne has been a member of the Home Instead team for three years. During that time she has proven herself to be not only a great CAREGiver, but a wonderful employee as well!

Jo has worked with some difficult situations, remaining upbeat and amazingly positive. She ALWAYS has the interest of her client in mind as she smooths out the wrinkles in their daily situation.

Jo's ability to make lemons into lemonade results in her clients feeling well cared for and their families thrilled.

What ever situation Jo arrives into, she leaves her shift a winner!

Jo is also a great employee. She will always attempt to accommodate emergency shift openings. She is a wonderful team player, keeping her team mates abreast of situations and picking up any task that needs additional attention.

Jo is a wonderful communicator. She makes certain that the office staff are kept up to date on changing needs of her clients. All of her supervisors, the staff coordinators and the nurses, feel that they can rely on Jo 100%.

Thank you Jo and our hats are off to you!!! 


Sandy - January 2016 CAREGiver of the Month

Sandy - January 2016 CAREGiver of the Month

Sandy joined our staff in 2008. Sandy's skills are excellent. With both formal training and life experience in personal care and Alzheimer's/Dementia, she has been able to work with a variety of clients throughout her years.

It is Sandy's ability to connect with her clients that is outstanding. She conveys an assurance that immediately puts client's and families at ease. They know that they are in good hands.

Sandy is beloved by her clients. Her work ethics are consistently top notch. Her Clients, their families and the office can count on Sandy to be consistent, reliable and dependable. She is totally present at each shift, giving her client 100%.  Because of this, her clients both trust and depend on her. She does not let them down.

Sandy is an awesome team player. She is respectful and will do what needs to be done always for the benefit of her clients.

Sandy, thank you for your continued efforts and the wonderful job that you do for and with your clients!

Our hats are off to you!!!!

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