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Feb 29, 2024

1 in 5 Americans Notice Decline in Loved One Over Holidays

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A recent study by Home Instead found that one out of five Americans saw a noticeable decline in an aging loved one’s well-being while together over the holidays. This research coincides with a 30% increase in service inquiries from concerned families in need of support.

Of those who noticed a decline in their loved one’s well-being: 

  • Two-thirds (65%) were concerned about physical changes, such as mobility and hearing. 
  • Two-thirds (64%) were concerned about changes in their ability to care for themselves, including struggles to maintain daily hygiene, nutrition and household tasks. 
  • More than half (57%) were concerned by changes in their loved one’s cognitive skills, including being disoriented, forgetful and unable to manage their medications. 
  • Nearly half (44%) were concerned by emotional changes, including that their loved one seemed depressed and lonely.

After noticing these changes, one-third of Americans say they are afraid their aging loved one will lose independence, and many (48%) don’t feel capable or know how to help their loved one. Home Instead offers free online resources to help families know where to start.

“It’s important that families look for and recognize these changes when spending time with the older adults they love,” said Lakelyn Hogan Eichenberger, gerontologist and caregiver advocate for Home Instead, Inc., an Honor company. “In our survey, one out of three people said they noticed changes but will wait to see if they get worse before doing anything to help. We urge families to act immediately if they notice someone is not quite as capable as they used to be, and ensure they are set up to safely thrive at home.”

As the population continues to age, the need for care has become even more imperative. In an effort to meet this growing need,  we are looking to expand our Care Professional workforce by 30,0000 in 2024.  Services from Home Instead help to enhance the aging experience by providing practical support to older adults and peace of mind for their loved ones. 

“It’s our mission to develop a care plan personalized to a family’s unique needs,” said Eichenberger. “We want to provide comfort, connection and quality of life in the place our clients love most: their homes.”

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