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Apr 17, 2023

Help with Varicose Veins in Elder Care

Written By: Tom Crowe
man opens car door for elderly woman

When your legs hurt you just don’t want to move, even with good elder care. Studio City, CA seniors experience this as well as anyone. Sometimes leg pain comes from arthritis or other chronic health condition. But it isn’t always a need for arthritis care for seniors, sometimes the cause is varicose veins.

Varicose veins is among the most common senior health conditions. Studio City, CA residents would experience it when the little valves in your veins don’t work like they should. In normal veins, little one-way valves keep the blood from flowing backward. But when those valves stiffen, as they can with age, they don’t always close all the way. The blood pools in the legs. The result is painful swelling and unsightly purple lines visible on the skin.

This is one of the most common elderly health conditions. But fortunately, the right senior care services in Studio City, CA can help alleviate the problems from varicose veins.

The right senior day care or elderly services can help develop a plan to avoid the sorts of things that lead to leg pain. Whether they help with cooking and cleaning, or running errands like shopping, elder services professionals will know what to do.

And in Studio City, CA the best caregiver agency near me is Home Instead. The licensed, trained, bonded, compassionate CAREGivers of Home Instead are the best choice for offering aging and adult services, especially for conditions like varicose veins.

Our CAREGivers can help put together a plan for cleaning, cooking, and running errands that will keep you or your loved off their feet when the pain comes. And they can help devise a fitness plan, so other problems that can arise from being too sedentary do not arise.

If a doctor has recommended aids like compression socks, or a particular therapeutic regimen, the CAREGiver from Home Instead stands ready to help implement those recommendations.

And when doctors appointments arise, the CAREGivers can help with transportation.

Varicose veins can be a troublesome and annoying condition. The pain from them can disrupt life and contribute to other health problems. But with an excellent CAREGiver from Home Instead, the symptoms can be reduced, and the problems alleviated.

Contact Home Instead today at 818-988-6848 for your virtual or in-home assessment. Your road to a happier, healthier senior care situation can begin soon! Let Home Instead help.

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