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In-Home Couples Care for Sherman Oaks, Studio City & Surrounding Areas

As our parents continue aging, inevitably we have to ask: how will I care for mom and dad? It can be a challenge to ensure that our parents or other elderly loved ones are able to live a safe, comfortable, and dignified life with all the care they need in their golden years. In-Home Couples Care ServicesThere will always be some struggles along the way, but it is possible to give our parents and other elderly loved ones the support they need to thrive, even when we can't be there in person. In-home couples care from trained, screened, and bonded professionals allow older people to remain in their own abode with the person they love for as long as possible.

The Real and Growing Need for Elderly Couples Care

People often think of older people living on their own when they think of in-home senior care. Care for a dad who lives on his own. Care for mom when she's widowed. Care for an elderly aunt who never married. We tend to think of single people who can no longer maintain their home or daily routine on their own, but in reality, this is far from the only scenario. The demand for elderly care continues to grow as people continue living longer lives. Regardless of the situation, in-home couples care allows older people to continue living in familiar surroundings with the one they love for as long as possible with less stress and anxiety.

Common Reasons Why Families Require Couples Care

Many older couples require some sort of caregiving assistance to manage their health, perform daily activities, and keep a good routine while they remain in their homes. Some elderly parents living with their families even require some in-home assistance while their family members are away at work or when they simply need a break to take care of other responsibilities or getaway for a while. These are some other common reasons families might require couples in-home care:

  • The couple is in good health but needs a little assistance with tasks they find more difficult than they used to. This might include two or three visits per week for light housework such as laundry and vacuuming, and transportation to appointments and shopping trips.

  • One partner has recently been to the hospital for an operation and needs some after-care while they recover, which the other partner is not able to safely provide on their own.

  • One partner has more acute care needs, such as dementia or another chronic health condition, and the other partner is not able to provide all the necessary care on their own.

  • Both partners have chronic health conditions or otherwise require a great deal of care and attention to live safely and comfortably in the dignity of their own home.    

As you can see, there is a whole range of reasons why older couples might require in-home care while they continue aging. Those needs might change over time, as well. When health conditions and other situations change, one or both partners might require more or less care. Even if one partner is healthier or if other family members are able to step in and help regularly, studies have shown that close to half of all caregivers feel some sort of stress and strain as a result. Many family caregivers also experience physical strain as a result of their caregiving duties, which is far from ideal for even the healthiest elderly person during their retirement. Younger family caregivers also deserve some time to recharge and do things for themselves and other important people in their lives. For all these reasons and more, in-home care can be a game-changer for many families.

Have you been thinking to yourself, "I need a caregiver for my mother and father"? Are you a senior living in Sherman Oaks, Studio City, or surrounding areas and struggling to care for your spouse at home? There is a solution waiting for you. Home Instead's team of friendly, compassionate CAREGiversSM are prepared to take care of your loved ones like they would a member of their own family at every stage of the aging journey. Contact Home Instead today at (818) 988-6848 or inquire online to learn more and schedule a no-obligation care consultation.

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