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Nov 15, 2023

Lansing Care Professional of the Year - 2023

Written By: Home Instead Lansing
Home Instead Lansing 2023 Care Professional of the Year Stephanie

2023's Care Pro of the Year from Lansing, Stephanie!

We are thrilled to announce our 2023 Care Professional of the Year from Lansing, Stephanie!

We asked Stephanie about her Care Professional experience. She said, "Almost all of my jobs have been in the healthcare field, mostly working with the elderly. I was working as an assistant administrator at a nursing home when I felt the need to be home with my children. For approximately 15 years I was a stay-at-home mom. During those 15 years, I was homeschooling both children, which was a very rewarding experience. I loved every moment of it and was able to watch both of my children grow and flourish. However, as they neared graduation, I realized I needed to start giving myself to others. I called Home Instead to see if it was possible to work very part-time and they said- absolutely! Oh my, what a joy it has been to be giving to and helping the elderly again. They are a blessing to me too! I love the stories they have to share and the joy that they get from the simplest acts of caring. Working for Home Instead has been a very rewarding experience and I would recommend them to anyone who has the heart for this type of work." 

We also asked the office to tell us about Stephanie. They were happy to say, "Stephanie began working with Home Instead on June 19th, 2019. Since starting with us she has received Care Pro of the Month for each year she has been with us. She receives multiple recognitions from current and past clients. That she is a blessing, that she is so supportive and helpful, and approaches obstacles with a can-do attitude. We have even received phone calls from inquiries who have met her and want her to be their caregiver. She is driving business, driving results, and increasing the world’s capacity for care.

When Stephanie is not working, she enjoys gardening, reading, listening to music, and having fun with her family. Not only is Stephanie extremely reliable, but she often helps us out when we are in a pinch to fill shifts. She may have started with us very part-time, but now is working 5-6 days a week with multiple clients. We are so blessed to have her on our team and believe she really captures what it is to be a successful caregiver. She is a Star that has risen to the occasion multiple times and proves that the world is still full of loving, caring, and supportive people."

Thank you, Stephanie for all that you do! We appreciate you! 

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