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Jan 05, 2023

Mother Was Perfect Role Model for ‘T’

Care Professional of the Month Tedenke and her client

Home Instead® Care Professional of the Month Tedenke “T” Desta often thinks of her late mother when she assists her clients on behalf of the award-winning franchise that serves Collin County from its Plano office.

“My mother was the most influential person in my life. She taught me respect for all people, especially the elderly. She helped others, whether they were babies or elderly people. She cooked for them and took good care of them. She was such a great example who was a church volunteer. I never miss church because she modeled her faith. She was a very good mother, and I miss her dearly. From my heart, I know my mother made me who I am,” said “T,” who joined owner Todd Felker’s Home Instead franchise two years ago, one year after her mother passed away at age 85 in their Ethiopian homeland.

“Mom went back and forth between here and Ethiopia and spent time with each of us siblings. My brother and I tried to keep her here, but she wanted to go back home, where she stayed with my sister. She was still somewhat independent and still able to walk to the very end. Other family helped her there, too. That is our culture, helping each other when it is needed.”

The Home Instead position fits “T” perfectly.

“I like my job because it is the desire of my heart to help all people. I feel compelled to do good for others, so my job is perfect for me. I am happy to do this and enjoy it. Sometimes it is challenging. You have to be cautious sometimes, and you always must be nice. There are times when you must be a calming influence. Sometimes the clients are not feeling well, and you have to figure what’s best to do. If a change of scenery will benefit them, I take them for a walk. Patience is important and sometimes they repeat things,” said “T,” who earned her CNA license seven or eight years ago by taking classes in the Dallas area.

“T” had been both a private-duty caregiver and family caregiver before joining Home Instead. She worked for about three years with a private-duty client who called her “sweetheart.” The client was 45 years old, much younger than most clients. “She was a good lady who lived with her parents,” “T” said. “My shifts usually ran from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. After my private-duty shift was over, I would take care of my mother when she was here in the U.S.”

One day, a friend gave “T” a Home Instead business card. “I applied at a different Home Instead office, but they sent me to Plano because it is closer to where I live. It is a good office,” “T” said. The Home Instead office has been impressed with “T” and honored her as the Care Pro of the Month for December.

Home Instead Care Pro Advocate Amanda Ross said: “ ‘T’ is a very positive, attentive and dependable Care Pro. She does everything to make sure her client is taken care of and happy. I had the pleasure of meeting her client when we delivered blankets to our clients who are military veterans. ‘T’ and the client are a hoot because their interaction is just captivating. She is amazing at handling his Alzheimer’s behaviors, and she knows just how to gently focus him to do things.”

Praising “T,” the client’s daughter said: “She is a daily blessing to my dad and our family. Dad is a widower. ‘T’ is always optimistic and energetic. Dad is 89 years old, with moderate stage Alzheimer’s disease. Our hope is for Dad to remain in his own home and continue to enjoy life during the slow progression of his disease. With the excellent care provided by ‘T’ and her positive and happy spirit, we’re achieving this goal. It can be challenging to be with someone who has Alzheimer’s disease and also struggles with hearing. ‘T’ always cheerfully accepts this challenge. ‘T’ frequently says, “If he is happy, I am happy.” She treats Dad with respect and kindness, and works hard to make every day a good day for Dad.”

“T” said: “God brought this client to me. He is 89, but he looks much younger. He has 24/7 care from Home Instead, and I think he probably knows me the best. I’ve been with him the longest – ever since I started with Home Instead. I also am with him during a fairly long day shift. He is independent as he showers and shaves on his own, and he does pretty well with other activities of daily living. His memory can be a challenge.”

“T” assists the client every day of the week except Fridays and Sundays. The client almost always asks: “When will you come back?” The answer is the same: “I will be back tomorrow unless it is my day off.” The client can count on it, “T” said. “I want to stay with Home Instead! I’m not going anywhere else.”

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