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May 17, 2021

5 of the Most Common Myths About Elderly Care

Written By: Home Instead Columbia
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In-home care is essential in every house with a senior individual to help them go through their daily activities in the presence of their loved ones. Yet, despite the numerous benefits it guarantees, there still exist misconceptions regarding this senior caregiving practice. Ignorance and lack of reliable information are the main reasons why myths continue spreading. 

Here are five of the most common myths about senior care provided within their home environment that you should know.

It is Too Expensive

One of the most common myths regarding personal care for senior citizens is that it costs a fortune to maintain the practice. According to Genworth Financial, professional care averages $125 daily, while nursing homes cost $253 a day. It shows that it is more affordable to seek professional assistance delivered to your loved one at home rather than sending them away to elderly caregiving facilities.

Caregivers are Uncaring and Untrustworthy

Not many will find it easy to welcome a stranger into their homes and leave their loved ones at their liberty. However, all caregivers are trained to provide maximum assistance when in the presence of a senior individual, meaning that they do care despite the spreading rumors. Therefore, the best solution to avoiding such individuals in your home is carefully vetting the home care options available and selecting the most transparent prospect.

It is Exclusive to Dependent Senior

The myth that all seniors requiring in-home care must be bedridden and extremely weak is another misconception regarding elderly care. On the contrary, professional care is necessary for every senior who has lost part or the complete ability to perform vital daily activities like driving, cooking, and even medicine moderation. Patients suffering from chronic conditions or recovering from a recent surgery also need professional care.

Taking it as a Personal Responsibility

The mentality that you are the ideal caregiver for your loved one is another common myth in providing care and assistance for the elderly. To some extent, the statement is true as you are more likely to understand the patient better than a stranger. However, you may lack access to some of the equipment and knowledge vital in providing the ideal assistance and attention to the patient.

It is not Long Term

The intensity and duration of the care provided to each patient significantly depend on a variety of factors. Some patients will require long-term assistance, and they may feel like home care is more of a temporary solution. However, most companies like West Columbia senior care allow you to construct the ideal care plan that works best for your situation.

Exceptional In-Home Care in West Columbia

Any individual seeking professional senior care services should consider the West Columbia senior care team at Home Instead. We provide you with the best caregivers within the state who are deeply involved in providing the best services to every elderly under their care. Contact us for consultations and more information on elderly care.

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