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We believe every family in the area deserves tailor made in-home senior care with a compassionate touch. That's why we established Home Instead® of Houston, TX.

home instead provides personalized in home care services for seniors

Proudly Serving Aging Adults & Their Families

Our Promise

As a locally owned business, our team offers friendly, responsive service right in your neighborhood. Families love our team because we:
  • Do what we say we’re going to do – each and every time
  • Solve care problems using compassionate, person-centered solutions
  • Engage in thoughtful relationships with the families we serve
  • Give back to our community
About Us
Meet Our Team
Home Instead franchise owner Ibrahim Abousawan

Ibrahim A. - Owner

Imagine growing up with seniors as a constant presence in your life. That's exactly how Ibrahim, the owner of Home Instead franchise in Houston, spent his formative years. Raised by a single mother and cared for by his grandparents, Ibrahim knows firsthand how important quality care for seniors is. His great-aunt's scoliosis meant she needed assistance with everyday tasks, and he and his sister were always there to lend a hand. When his uncle underwent a heart transplant, Ibrahim became his primary caregiver, driving him to appointments and providing support throughout his recovery. These experiences were the catalyst for Ibrahim's journey to become a leader in senior care.

With a successful career working for NASA and major oil and gas companies, Ibrahim realized that his aspirations went beyond working for someone else's success. He wanted to make a difference in his community and lead a business with a purpose. That's when he discovered the opportunity to become a business owner with Home Instead. The brand's involvement in the community and global reach and influence, along with the company's culture, were what drew him in.

Ibrahim's passion for senior care and his dedication to the community are evident in everything he does. He wants to do more than just provide services for seniors; he wants to enhance their lives and support their families. And that's not all. He's committed to fostering the growth and development of his Care Professionals, ensuring they have the tools and resources they need to provide the best care possible. His goal is to create a positive culture that extends beyond his business and into the wider community.

As a family man, Ibrahim knows the importance of building a business that his children can be proud of. His two sons, Matteo and Lucca, are eager to help spread the word about Home Instead and the important work they do. When he's not running his franchise, Ibrahim enjoys reading about personal development, psychology, and leadership. He and his family are active members of their local Catholic church.

It's clear that Ibrahim's values align perfectly with those of Home Instead. His belief in honoring God in all things, treating others with dignity and respect, encouraging growth, and building value in service to others is evident in everything he does. As a part of the world's largest senior care network, with over 1,200 franchise offices in the United States and 13 other countries, Ibrahim is excited to make a difference in the lives of seniors and their families. Whether providing companionship and personal care or specialized Alzheimer's care and hospice support, Home Instead is dedicated to providing quality care for seniors at every stage of life.

Jamee Lane Hill, Community Liason

Jamee L.- Community Liaison

With an unwavering commitment to enriching the lives of seniors and their families, I am excited to embark on this journey with Home Instead. My career has been a tapestry of diverse experiences, and I'm eager to bring this rich background to the noble mission of senior care.

My daily inspiration comes from the opportunity to make a positive impact in the lives of seniors and their families. This passion is the driving force behind my work at Home Instead. My background in marketing, healthcare, and early education has allowed me to engage with remarkable individuals from various walks of life. This diverse experience has strengthened my ability to build meaningful relationships, a skill I bring to Home Instead.

Beyond work, I find true joy in cherishing moments with my beloved daughter, Savanna, and dear friends. Family values hold a special place in my heart, extending not only to my personal life but also to our Home Instead family.

I am thrilled to be a part of Home Instead, an organization whose values closely mirror my own. I am enthusiastic about working with a team that shares my unwavering commitment to making a positive impact in the lives of seniors and their families. Together, we can create a brighter and more comfortable future for those we serve.

Home Instead Service Coordinator Audrey Willis

Audrey W. - Office Manager / Scheduling Coordinator

As our award-winning Home Instead® franchise's service coordinator, Audrey is committed to ensuring the best possible Caregiver-client pairing and achieving a strong client-Caregiver connection and compatibility. That means Audrey gets to know Caregiver and clients well in order to make judgments that benefit everyone – clients, their families and our Caregivers.

"Clients and customer service are always my first priority," said Audrey, who joined Home Instead in July 2020. For about 10 years at another job, Audrey worked with people who had developmental disabilities. Read More

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Lane G. - Client Care Coordinator

Lane started out caring for her father in-law when he had been diagnosed with liver cancer. It was very hard on our family to see him in pain. They had some nurses and caregivers come by to care for him but they did not know him like Lane did, nor care to get to know him. Lane was there through every step of the way; Lane was his primary caregiver helping him bathe, get in and out of bed and his wheel chair and assist him with eating. When he was put on hospice, it was very hard but Lane knew she needed to help him and the family. "The nurses that would come to help him did not listen to what he had to say and did not treat him with respect." It was after this experience Lane decided to become a caregiver with Home Instead after he passed away. "I wanted to help families in similar situations as mine. I experienced how hard it was for our family, so I knew I wanted to be there for others in our community. I love the new clients we receive and seeing how much joy we bring to them and the families by knowing their loved one is in great hands."

Anastasia C. - Client Care Coordinator

Anastasia C.- Client Care Coordinator

Meet Anastasia C. our newest Client Care Coordinator at Home Instead. Anastasia recently joined our team in January 2023, bringing with her several years of experience as a care professional working in several assisted living setting. She is certified in both first aid and CPR, making her well-equipped to handle the healthcare needs of our clients.

As a Client Care Coordinator, Anastasia manages the healthcare needs of our clients by coordinating with healthcare services, communicating with members of the care team, and key players, conducting service inquiries and care consultations, and maintaining consistent communication and follow-ups. Anastasia began her healthcare career as a passionate care professional specializing in Alzheimer's/Dementia and has a deep respect and compassion for seniors. Her passion for helping others led her to pursue a role that would allow her to give unlimited care and support to loved ones and their families. She firmly believes in being an advocate for those in need.

In her free time, Anastasia enjoys spending time with her friends and family, walking trails at the park, and teaching music. Guided by her faith in Jesus, she is a member of the Pentecostal church and finds inspiration in the scripture "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose" - Romans 8:28.

We are thrilled to have Anastasia on our team and know that she will be a valuable asset in providing exceptional care to our clients.

Home Instead Recruitment Coordinator April Pamza

April P. - Training and Engagement Coordinator

April is our award-winning Home Instead® franchise's outstanding Training & Engagement Coordinator because she has the foundation for this important staff position.

April, who joined our franchise on June 20, 2018, is a Certified Nursing Assistant whose broad education includes a certificate in business information technology. She first served as a highly successful Caregiver who quickly rose to an elite status that prompted our franchise to designate her specifically for last-minute assignments to any client no matter the situation. Read More

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Rachelle S. - Recruitment Coordinator

Rachelle holds a Health Communication Bachelor’s degree and with her background and education she strives to find additional ways and resources to bettering the vulnerable senior population in our community; one way to do that is finding fantastic Caregivers, eager to serve seniors in their homes.  She serves with Home Instead as our Recruiter and Engagement Coordinator! She loves her role and she is always on the lookout for potential caregivers with the same drive and passion that our company does. She finds enjoyment in meeting new people with similar goals of enhancing the lives of aging adults and their families and who strive to build value in their service to others. Read More

Our Team

Your Home Instead team in Houston, TX possesses a heartfelt desire to work with seniors in the community. It is our ultimate goal to forge extraordinary relationships between our clients and their Care Professionals.

When you are ready for help, our caring staff is on call to quickly answer your questions and accommodate your senior services needs.

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