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Elder Care in Murray, UT

Whether it’s somebody to spend quality time with your loved one a few times a week, a companion to join them for fun activities, or someone to check in after a hospital stay, there are several appropriate times to consider companion care for our elderly loved ones.

Companionship care offers our elderly family members that emotional support they need and the basic care they deserve. Companion care is also a flexible and affordable option for our Murray loved ones that still enjoy their independence, but would like some help every once and awhile.

Quality Elder Care in Murray, UT

Perhaps the most underrated type of care we provide to our elderly loved ones is in-home elder care. What is elder care? Elder care is care that primarily focuses on the emotional support we provide to our elderly family members by offering them company and basic assistance with their home care needs. When it comes to our aging loved ones, we want them to be happy and of sound mind in the late years of their long, fulfilled life. With elder care, we offer to you our staff of talented and diligent Care Pros that are eager to engage in fun activities with your loved one keeping them mentally sharp and enjoying the things they like to do best.

Home Instead Elder Care Benefits

Although many people are not aware of the benefits of Home Instead®, research has supported the fact that mental stimulation and activity reduces the chances of an elderly person developing Alzheimer’s and dementia. Along with the obvious advantages of remaining mentally alert, elder care offers your loved one the opportunity to remain physically active and healthy by having a compassionate guide accompany them on walks through the neighborhood or park, assistance gardening or doing basic exercises, and even helping around the house with things like meal prepping to ensure they are eating healthy.

Another great benefit of elder care is that it is cost-effective. Simply put, your aging loved ones receive genuine care and continue to enjoy their independence at a reasonable price. Many senior citizens enjoy the company, but do not need it more than a few times a week. In some cases, it’s nice for them to have somebody accompany them to the doctor’s office for a visit or help them schedule an appointment or assist them with a trip to the grocery store. Regardless of the reason, with elder care, your elderly loved one can live a life fulfilled in Murray.

With our compassionate Care Pros, our talented and caring staff can also assist your loved one with any of the practical things that need to be done. Whether it’s a trip to the doctor’s office or grocery store, reminder to take their medication, help around the house or in the kitchen, scheduling doctor’s appointments, ensuring they are eating healthy and exercising, or an advocate that will be there for moral support when they need them, our trained and certified nursing staff can assist your loved one with any of their needs. Home Instead can also provide additional services:

Companionship Care:

Most seniors enjoy visits from a new friend and helping them accomplish tasks and enjoy favorite activities is good for seniors' health. We can play games, visit neighbors, watch movies or plan activities, whatever is most helpful for the senior and their family.

Home Helper Services:

Receiving help with home tasks that are more difficult for seniors is often crucial to allowing seniors to continue to live in their home. Plus, our home helper services free up time for family caregivers to spend more quality time with their loved one. Home Helper services include cleaning, laundry, shopping, running errands and helping however we can.

Personal Care Services:

Having an outside caregiver help with personal care such as bathing, dressing and mobility helps preserve important family relationships and preserves the dignity of the senior. Our trained Care Pros treat each senior with the utmost of respect in all personal care matters.

Respite Care:

Our Care Pros can fill in for family caregivers to allow them to find time for their own lives and family, go on vacation or just take time to replenish your physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

We make it easy to get started with a complimentary initial consultation. We can get to know each other, we'll listen carefully to your needs and concerns, we can share the experience of hundreds of other families with whom we've worked, and we'll make recommendations for service. Please call us today at (801) 266-9444. We look forward to meeting you soon.

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