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It’s not always easy knowing where to start in the search for a quality home care agency for yourself or a loved one – the sheer number of options can be overwhelming, and finding the right agency is crucial to future happiness and well-being.

Read what other families in Salt Lake City, UT have to say about Home Instead!

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June 18, 2021
5-star review - By Jeanne M.

I have been receiving services from Home Instead for over a year now. I have loved working with them. I have had really good aides that help me as Home Helpers. The aides are both hardworking and caring, a wonderful combination! I think they may be spoiling me sometimes, but I think that is just how they roll. We have had a thing or to to work out but they always have dealt with that with complete professionalism both towards me and with the caregivers. Thanks for all you are doing for me, guys!

April 5, 2021
5-star review - By Julie M.

We have had over a year of continuous great service with Home Instead. Not only do the people in the office continue to work with us on changing needs but the in home workers have been such an asset to my dad in his home! This has helped me more than I can say! I don't know what I would do without their support.

February 14, 2021
5-star review - By Aliesha P.
I can't say enough good about this place! When granddad needed the extra care and attention, they were extremely accommodating and understanding. Especially when you consider COVID-19 and the restrictions, they took this very seriously. It's one of the hardest things to trust another person or place to look after those you care about deeply, but I feel very comfortable and reassured having him in their care. Whenever I've had questions, night or day, they have been quick to get back to me. I have always been treated professionally. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to make the hard decision for those they love most!
November 27, 2020
5-star review - By Gerald C.
Home Instead is an amazing alternative for your aging families needs. They are so good with your loved ones. I am so impressed with how they took care of my Father at the end of his life. Their assistance made it so much easier for my family to be able to still continue to work and carry on with our lives as normal as possible during such a hard time. I highly recommend them.
November 25, 2020
5-star review - By Kylie L.
Home Instead has been such a big help with my mom. We decided it was time to have someone come and help my mom with various things around the house that she was no longer able to do for herself, what we didn't expect was that my mom and her caregiver would become such great friends. The additional support has made my mom happy and that's what matters most to us. Thank you Home Instead.
November 20, 2020
5-star review - By Cameron A.
I couldn’t appreciate the professionalism offered by the friendly staff at Home Instead enough. My grandmother has a unique circumstance, that needed a high level of professionalism and skill to meet her specific needs. Not only did Home Instead meet those needs, they exceeded them with a professionalism that goes beyond their generous pricing. From the beginning working with Bruce, all the way to meeting the caregiver, I couldn’t recommend Home Instead enough.
November 18, 2020
5-star review - By Megan L.

I looked countless places in the Salt Lake Valley to find the right care for my grandma. When looking for a care giver- I wanted honesty, love, and compassion. I found all of those at Home Instead. The care givers and staff there worked with all of our accommodations. My grandma enjoys the care givers and looks forward to their visits. I would highly recommend Home Instead.

November 16, 2020
5-star review - By Rose L.

Home Instead has provided exceptional care to my family. I say family because care started for my grandfather, then my grandma declined and now they are servicing my parents. Over the years they have become apart of my family. The office is always available to hear my concerns and caregivers are exactly what we needed. I've had the same caregiver coming for years and she is hands down AMAZING. I trust them with my family and recommend them to everyone who needs help with their aging loved one.

November 13, 2020
5-star review - By Vaughn T.

We have come to trust the ability of Home Instead to provide our grandma with reliable, professional, and competent care in spite of the challenges posed by the recent pandemic. Their flexibility allows them to respond to our constantly changing scheduling requirements. Because their caregivers truly have a “caring heart” they connect well with grandma and provide her with genuine, compassionate, emotional support. The Home Instead team has a wide rage of skills that enable them to provide sensitive personal care services as well as perform light housekeeping tasks. Our family appreciates the individual strengths of each caregiver: Cindy’s punctuality and reliability; Hortensia’s professionalism and ability to efficiently complete needed household tasks and at the same time spend quality time with grandma; and Sarah’s genuine empathy and compassion that energizes all of her interactions with grandma. Home Instead is an amazing group and we recommend them without reservation.

November 5, 2020
5-star review - By Toni F.

My mom's experience has been very good with Home Instead. Due to memory issues she is assisted 5 afternoons a week with quality care in her apartment. The caregivers have been excellent and reliable. My interactions with the staff have been good and any questions that I have are immediately addressed. I would highly recommend Home Instead in Salt Lake City.

October 27, 2020
5-star review - By Ken E.

We had a great experience. My mother-in-law needed care and assistance. She was cared for kindly and professionally by the team at Home Instead. Thank you so much.

October 14, 2020
5-star review - By Kelly O.

They are amazing with my mother. Excellent care. Always helpful and quick to answer any questions I may have. Thank you

February 19, 2020
5-star review - By Anonymous Reviewer

We have recommended Home Instead to many people. They have a wonderful staff that really cares. Can’t say enough.

February 19, 2020
5-star review - By Anonymous Reviewer

Your people are sooooo helpful.

January 4, 2020
5-star review - By Jeff F.

The entire staff, from office to caregivers, have been extremely helpful in helping take care of my mother, who has dementia. All have been very accomodating according to occasional schedule changes, and this has been greatly appreciated from family members who aren't always available to provide care.

July 23, 2019
5-star review - By Anonymous Reviewer

Great people to work for

March 19, 2019
5-star review - By Ann Z.

Love everything about Home Instead.

September 2, 2016
5-star review - By Sylvia W.

Professional, helpful staff. Caretakers personable and helpful.

I enjoy my caregiver's company and the way she cleans. 

She is always pretty, upbeat, delightful when she's here. She plans her time, so my husband can do the best he is able to do and always offers to help me also. She is great!

After the first week or so, there was a routine established and I have been very happy. Toni is one of my favorite people. She is always upbeat and very helpful. She doesn't wait for instructions but goes straight to work, often going above and beyond doing little things that make a difference. She likes to bake and makes good meals. I look forward to her shift.

Tamara is a joy to have around. She knows what to do without being asked. Good sense of humor and hardworking. My dog and I are happy to see her. 

This girl is the best organizer. Thanks for some help when I need it.

December 21, 2015
5-star review - By B.B.4

Linda Kareays has gone and done more for my dad that she really needed to do. I really appreciate all she has done for him. I thank her every day she is there.

December 17, 2015
4-star review - By Jacqueline W.1

Sam the franchise owner has been wonderful to me. The caregiver I now have is Debbie Bender and she is the greatest. No one could possibly pass her caregiving skills. 

November 3, 2015
- By Pat M. & Linda G.

We used home instead for over five years, and we were very happy with their service. Sam was great to work with!

November 3, 2015
- By Mr. Zundel

Home Instead was a lifesaver for me as the caregiver of my terminally ill wife. The reliability, care, profession, capability and concern for her and for me was excellent.

September 15, 2015
- By Hortence

I am using caregiver services from Home Instead regularly. I am thankful for the wonderful service I can depend on. I don't know what I'd do without my caregiver. Debbie is like a daughter to me. I just love her! 

January 12, 2015
5-star review - By John104256350

Mrs. Davis’ at the Salt Lake City Home Instead was outstanding to work with. I never questioned whether she or any of the many caregivers had my mother’s best interest at heart.

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