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Leaders in Senior Care Advocacy

Home Instead® began life as an in-home senior care provider, and today it stands as a proud leader in care advocacy, dedicated to changing the face of aging around the world.

Advocating for A Better Tomorrow

The Home Instead, Inc. advocacy team dedicates their time to changing policy and promoting better care for seniors and their families. To date, our accomplishments include:

  • Addressing the global shortage of caregivers
  • Funding research into Alzheimer’s and other dementias
  • Supporting elder justice initiatives
  • Creating free family caregiver educational programs
  • Partnering with leading experts around the world to advocate for older adults

Leading the Way in Aging

Global Partners

Members of the Home Instead, Inc. executive leadership team contribute to global initiatives designed to advocate for healthy aging around the world. As home care thought leaders and speakers on home care issues, Home Instead, Inc. leaders advocate for aging adults and their families through participation in:

global ceo initiative on alzheimers disease
global coalition on aging
us against alzheimers
women against alzheimers

Home Instead Gives Back

Working with families humbles us. We can’t help but feel a sense of responsibility to give back.
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