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Aug 01, 2023

Returning Home: Navigating a Hospital Discharge

Caregiver taking care of senior woman in her bed
A loved one’s discharge from the hospital is a joyous occasion, but it could also be a stressful one if not prepared for his or her care needs.

Consulting with their medical provider and understanding the discharge plan, medications and medical equipment, and level of care is critical for both their well-being and yours.

The Returning Home series of articles offer tips and information to ensure your loved one has the best transition home – where they are most comfortable.


Caregiver sits with smiling senior man

9 Things to Consider After a Hospital Discharge

Considerations and questions to ask when preparing for an older adult to be discharged from the hospital.

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A senior man talks with a caregiver and pharmacist

Tips to Manage Follow-up Appointments

Find ways to help manage your senior loved one’s follow-up appointments.

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A senior man with can sits in doctor office examination room

Tips on Selecting Home Medical Equipment

What supplies will my loved one probably need? Should I rent or buy it? Check out our tips on selecting medical equipment.

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Senior man with glasses talks with caregiver

Where’s the Best Place to Recover?

Make sure your loved one’s discharge plan accounts for their post-hospital rehab and care services.

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car corporate resource article page desktop

Guide: Returning Home from the Hospital

Download this guide to help ensure a senior loved one’s smooth transition home from a hospital or rehab facility.

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returning home

Returning Home from Hospital Tips

Tips to create a safe and less stressful transition home from a hospital stay for an aging loved one.

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woman caregiver smiling

Guide: 5 Ways to Prevent Senior Hospitalizations

Considerations to help maintain a healthy home life and prevent incidents that may cause hospitalization. 

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Personalized Senior Care

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