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Fall Hazards

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are sometimes as simple (yet fatal)
as an unsupervised walker.

Often times, seniors are, by nature, too proud to speak up or show that they need assistance with the most basic tasks – like walking, transferring to/from a chair or bed, standing for several minutes at a time, getting dressed, making meals, carrying the laundry basket or groceries, etc. Similarly, their children are too generous in assessing these mobility issues, fall risks and care needs. Perhaps they are afraid to hurt their aging loved one's feelings or attack their pride. 

So, setting up care is postponed. The senior falls and barely recovers any of his or her mobility after months spent in hospitals and rehab facilities, and is then transferred to a skilled nursing facility for the remainder of his or her life. 

Sound ridiculous, right? Won't ever happen to your loved one, right? 

Wrong. According to the United States CDC, falls are the leading cause of injury deaths for Americans 65 years and older.

Think about your aging loved one. Can he or she...

  • Remember and follow an exercise regimen to maintain (or rebuild) strength?
  • Maintain a nutritiuos diet?
  • Remember and follow any specific dietary restrictions (e.g., low sodium, fat or sugar)?
  • Take his/her medications properly (i.e., as prescribed)?
  • Gauge when s/he is at risk for falls - as in, when s/he is too tired or hot, surface conditions are slippery or s/he truly needs to be using an assitive device?

For more information about your loved one’s mobility challenges or to set up a FREE fall risk assessment with our Client Care Consultant, ​call (804) 443-4885.
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