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I have toured Lambeau Field three times in the past, but it was my most recent tour that was the best. Tour guide Alan shared with our group an amazing story of the traveling Green Bay Packer rug. When the stadium was being re-designed, head coach Mike Sherman insisted that the locker room be the shape of a football, with the lockers on all sides, so no player would ever be stuck in a corner. As part of the design, Sherman had a large Packer G stitched into the carpeting in the middle of the locker room. The large G at the center began a tradition where, before every game, the team huddles up and prays on the G. Praying on the G became so important to the team that they decided to have a giant G rug made so it could travel with them on the private jet to visitor’s stadiums. When the Packers arrive at a visitor’s locker room, the G rug is the first thing placed in the room at the center. Before they hit the field, just like at home, the Packers huddle up on the G and pray for all players on both teams to return safely to their families.

I love this image not only because it brings the feeling of home to an unfamiliar place, but more importantly because it literally places God at the center of the team. It’s also ironic to me that it’s a big G, the first letter of the words Green and God. During a recent interview with Julius Peppers during half-time on Monday Night Football, the interviewer asked Julius what he thought was different about playing for the Green & Gold versus Chicago and Carolina. His response was so telling about the Packer’s culture. He said there’s a sense of peace and confidence in Green Bay whether they win or lose. He explained that they aren’t okay with defeat, but that they don’t run around like the sky is falling every time they lose a game. They just get back to work at fixing the problems. Does prayer have anything to do with this kind of patience? I think it does. You see, faith is the opposite of fear. When we stop praying, it’s really easy to let fear creep in and fear brings out the worst in us all.

We may not have a huge G rug, but God is our CEO at Home Instead Senior Care! During CAREGiver orientation, I always explain that we run our organization as though God has an office right down the hall. Like the Packers, by keeping God at the center of our company we tend to have just a little bit more patience and kindness. A bit more humility, selflessness, and respectfulness. We strive to be more forgiving and honest and committed to each other. We know we aren’t perfect. We are all wearing signs that say “under construction”, so to speak.  But we are striving to live our lives with God at the center. In the famous words of Vince Lombardi, “God, Family and the Green Bay Packers,” or in our case, Home Instead!

Jason Crane, President


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