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​Even the most holly jolly among us are probably starting to feel a little overwhelmed by the holiday season right about now.

If you're like many busy people, as you move down your lists (family gifts: check; office secret Santa: check; tips for paper carrier, postal worker and other regular service providers: check, check and check), it's easy to breeze past the one person whose responsible for keeping all the balls in the air, all year long: yourself.

But it's precisely because you are moving so fast, and tackling so much, that you should take some time this holiday season to show your appreciation. Not only because you deserve it (you do), but also because it is only in properly caring for ourselves that we are fully able to care for others.

Before you start to panic that there just aren't enough hours in the day, keep in mind that small changes add up. If you make a present to yourself of incorporating just one "self-care gift" into your routine a month, a year from now you will have racked up 12 life-improving changes that could significantly benefit your health, stamina and overall happiness. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Commit to Sleep: Most experts say that adults need seven to nine hours of sleep a night to function properly and maintain good health. But, according to research, about 87 percent of the nation's estimated 65 million family caregivers do not get enough sleep. It may require asking for help with your caregiving responsibilities, or speaking with your own healthcare provider about insomnia, apnea or other sleep-hindering health issues, but try to remove any obstacles that are keeping you from getting your zzzzzs.

Make and Eat Healthy Meals: It doesn't take a rocket scientist – or Mark Bittman – to know that food is usually healthier, more affordable, and often more satisfying when cooked at home vs. ordered at a restaurant. But, after a long day, it just seems so much easier to do take out. Begin flexing your cooking muscles by pledging to eat at least a few meals a week (pick a number that seems achievable) that you prepared yourself or with help from loved ones. As the weeks pass, try to increase frequency.

Be Here, Now:  Whether you call it prayer, meditation or mindfulness, the wellness benefits of  being present in the moment are indisputable. If it's been a while, this refresher course might help.

To inquire about how a professional CAREGiver can help you make more time for your own health and well-being, please contact us!


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