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It’s not always easy knowing where to start in the search for a quality home care agency for yourself or a loved one – the sheer number of options can be overwhelming, and finding the right agency is crucial to future happiness and well-being.

Read what other families in the East Indianapolis area have to say about Home Instead!

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May 03, 2021
 - By Sarah S.
Every person we dealt with was extremely competent, and helpful. The caregivers were very kind, caring, and we felt went beyond what we expected . I felt that my parents were in very good hands. We required an extremely flexible schedule and they were able to accommodate our situation. I highly recommend this company for in home health care.

March 06, 2021
 - By Alexis
It seems like ages ago I was under so much stress and I felt so lost. I called and talked to Crystal. Half way through our conversation, I was in tears just telling her how much I felt like I was failing my dad. She listened to me and even though my dad was too far away from her office, and they couldn’t help me, she still talked to me. She helped me find a company close to my dad. We have now spoken on the phone on multiple occasions. She told me I could always call her, even though her company couldn’t help due to distance, she still made herself emotionally available to me. That meant so much. She explained so much to me and believe me when I say I was lost and confused with everything. I was in over my head. Talking with her gave me hope that everything was going to be ok. She put me in contact with our local home instead and everything is going well but I wanted to leave a review here because I think it says a lot about a company who sits and listens and try’s everything to help other people even if they aren’t making money. She could have just said no sorry I can’t help but instead she did help me in so many more ways than one. I would recommend this company to everyone. They are more than just a company out to make a dollar they really do care about people.

December 10, 2020
 - By Shelly K.
Home instead staff are all professional and organized. The intake process was simple and relieved the stress of coming to such a decision.
While all the caregivers fulfill expectations, i wasn't prepared for such a high turnover. I was concerned my aunt would not be receptive to so many new faces.
We've had our struggles, but overall they have been overcome and the extra help has proven to be a blessing!

November 20, 2020
 - By Janie J.
was able to talk and enjoy learning about the services with Crystal before i was able to start. this meant a lot to me to get to know such a lovely person and look forward to having my first caregiver.

After starting ,my quality of life improved tremendously. Having someone help me has meant everthing. Thank you Home Instead

October 29, 2020
 - By Tom C.
This company has by far been the most impressive. I was bombarded with calls after filling out an online form but when Crystal called me, she was professional, easy to talk to, and made me feel like she was really listening. Everyone else was pushy and tried to “sell me something”. Crystal just seemed like she cared. She came out to meet me the next day and she was just as kind and professional in person. She made us feel like we made the right choice. She even brought my dad a coffee cup! By the time she left, my wife and I felt like things were going to be better and Home Instead was going to make like easier for us all. With their highly trained caretakers. Background checks. And making sure they choose a caretaker specific for my dad and his needs just means so much to me. What a great way to close out this crazy year!

October 8, 2020
 - By Caylee P.
We had been with other companies in the past for my dad. But when it came time to find extra help for mom, my sisters and I decided we wanted to find a different company. After reading reviews on here we decided to give home instead a call. A representative came out to the house and talked to us about the company and after she explained all of the training and vetting they do with their caregivers I immediately knew this was going to be a good choice. My mom suffers from dementia but we want her to be able to stay in her own Home for as long as she can. We can’t be with her all day but Crystal assured us that she would be able to send the same caregiver to be with mom. She was so kind and understanding of our concerns and needs. She explained how genuine her caregivers are in the work they do. She explained how important bond building, trust, and relationships are to the company and their caretakers. She told us stories of relationships and affection between families and caretakers. It was exactly what we were looking for. Someone to love our mom like we do. Someone to care for her like we do. This is what Home instead does. This is what Crystal does. I am so glad she came out, she was the most genuine and kind person that I have ever talked to about mom and her ailments. Thank you home instead. I highly recommend this company and if you can talk to crystal!

July 28, 2020
 - By Chevon M.
I was so Very impressed with how professional, and informative Mrs. Crystal CarrollI was when she first came out to my home to meet my mother and inquire about her needs. I am one that is not easily impressed or fooled, however, the moment Mrs. Carroll begin to speak, I knew this was the company for my mother. I love my mother, and you only want the best for your parents no matter what stage they are in, and I do believe, because of Mrs. Carroll I have found what I've been looking for, when it comes to the care of my mother in Home Instead. Thank you, REALLY so very much. I'm feeling hopeful again.

June 20, 2020
 - By Sonja K.
Meeting Crystal Carroll was a lovely experience. She was very professional and made learning about the company easy. Yet, she was a lot of fun, easy to talk with. In today’s society that is quiet often hard to come by. I am looking forward to working with and receiving help from Home Instead.

February 10, 2020
 - By Little L.
This is the second Home Instead that we have used, we use to live in FL. While I have no complaints about the franchise in FL, this experience in Indy has been phenomenal. Mom has the same caregiver in the home every visit. She is so knowledgeable in my parents needs, compassionate in their care, and you can just tell she is a genuine person. The office staff is always available to help us. Jackie is on top of adjusting all of our scheduling needs and Crystal was the first person we met. She has been with us from the beginning and is always available any time to talk to me about my parents. She is very knowledgeable about the company and makes sure you are comfortable when making decisions. She lets you know that she is always available and she is. I am sure she is very busy but she never rushes me and always gives me great advice. She calls me and my parents every now and then just to check in. That really means a lot.

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