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"I love how the office crew is very much more involved."

- Posted by Monse G. on July 28, 2021

"They are very compassionate about providing exceptional care to our seniors who deserve all they can get."

- Posted by Michele T. on July 25, 2021

"the way they make it fill like your part of a family."

- Posted by Donna L. on July 22, 2021

"The Flexibility"

- Posted by Vivian R. on July 21, 2021

"I love the flexibility of my office. Plus communication is so great. We all do a great job caring for our seniors. Awesome team"

- Posted by MaryBeth S. on July 21, 2021

"They are understanding, compassionate people who are open and flexible to work with. They work with you. Love them, they make things fun and interesting. Great bunch of people!"

- Posted by Gina G. on July 21, 2021

"The environment and the personnel are very positive and uplifting and are also very encouraging which is a refreshing environment to be able to work in. As employees we are made to feel that what we do really matters and that we are valued as employees which is wonderful"

- Posted by Julie A. on June 16, 2021

"Very compassionate about clients and caregivers. Makes you feel welcome and part of the family!"

- Posted by Francine S. on June 16, 2021

"Love working with Seniors so they can live in their own homes. Love seeing their smiles and making a difference in their lives. Being able to care for them allows them to be in their homes and not a nursing/assisted living facility. I would love for my parents to have Home Instead caregivers one day!!"

- Posted by Michelle B. on June 16, 2021

"The great people I get to work with!!"

- Posted by Renae F. on June 3, 2021

"The Sun City, AZ is the very best, they treat their caregivers like family and are always available for us, no matter what time of day it is. I have worked for Home Instead in Florida and Illinois, Washington and Oregon they don't even come close to Sun City. Yes it's a job but I really look forward to going to work for Home Instead in Sun City each and every day I have a shift. Magen, Crystal, Polly and Scott and Vicki Castleman are the very best!!!!!!!"

- Posted by Linda M. on May 27, 2021

"I worked for this location of Home Instead Senior Care for about a month and a half during my break between semesters of school. This was not an issue as they were very flexible around the days and length of time I could work there. All of the staff and other care givers that I interacted and worked with were kind and helpful. The work was difficult at times but also very rewarding that I was able to help someone who needs it. I would recommend this job to anyone interested in taking care of others."

- Posted by Parker C. on March 31, 2021


- Posted by Hattie J. on March 28, 2021

"I have worked for Home Instead in Glendale for 3 years. They are a very professional and very caring staff. They provide on going education for caregivers. I am very happy to work for this great company."

- Posted by Rosemary A. on March 28, 2021

"Being able to work or not when I need to."

- Posted by Vivian R. on March 25, 2021

"Have a wonderful staff"

- Posted by Margaret M. on March 25, 2021

"My Home Instead is very intuitive as to the needs of not only their clients but also their caregivers. I can not count the times when the management team has expressed their gratitude for my service to my assigned clients. It is why I am sure I will be a caregiver with home instead as long as they want me."

- Posted by Michele T. on March 25, 2021

"I like the ability to work a flexible part time schedule."

- Posted by Michael H. on March 25, 2021

"They are always there to help with whatever problem or situation."

- Posted by Marty H. on March 23, 2021

"The family feel and how they really are there to help you out."

- Posted by Kari S. on March 20, 2021

Excellent training opportunities"

- Posted by Penny M. on March 19, 2021

"I like the people I work with. They keep us pretty busy, and they listen to what we have to say as caregivers."

- Posted by Angela C. on March 19, 2021

"I like that they listen to what you have to say....they are respectful and seem to appreciate you."

- Posted by Linda D. on March 19, 2021

"The family atmosphere along with the clientele and the professionalism of our staff"

- Posted by Danisha C. on March 18, 2021

"The recognition and support and above all available 24/7"

- Posted by Monse G. on March 18, 2021

"Home Instead is a group of professionals with excellent communication with clients and staff. They care not only for their clients , but staff as well. I truly enjoy working with them. It's like a second family!"

- Posted by MaryBeth S. on March 18, 2021

"I love our Employer they are the company with a big heart. I They understand all hardships and always are there to help each and every employee in every way they can. BEST JOB EVER!!!!"

- Posted by Lybba R. on March 18, 2021

"They listen to U."

- Posted by Rosemary A. on March 18, 2021

"A great place to work with a professional team of people who truly care for not only seniors but staff as well."

- Posted by MaryBeth S. on March 5, 2021

"I foremost love working with the elderly and helping them in their needs. The staff is always smiling and great to work together with. I also love the flexibility Home Instead offers."

- Posted by Renae F. on February 24, 2021

"Office is friendly and understanding and actually cares for its employees."

- Posted by Sheri A. on February 24, 2021

"They totally care about their employees; we are treated with the utmost respect and like we are all a team."

- Posted by Linda M. on February 17, 2021

"Office staff are amazing. The schedule is flexible."

- Posted by Marissa S. on February 17, 2021

"Very caring"

- Posted by Terri A. on January 20, 2021

"Very friendly and flexible on hours because I'm a mother of 3"

- Posted by Rebecca G. on December 23, 2020

"The Staff is more like family than employer and truly care about each caregiver's well being as well as the client's needs being met."

- Posted by Debra M. on November 18, 2020

"Always caring always sharing info we as caregivers need on a daily basis. Updates online and lovely people in our office. Great place to work and be caring and helpful to our wonderful clients."

- Posted by Lybba R.. on November 18, 2020

"The staff is very friendly and available. They're a great support team."

- Posted by Penny M. on September 16, 2020

"I have been working for Home Instead part time for over 3 yrs , i have nothing but good things to say about the company. They have been very good to me: finding good clients, always there when i need them. Also, the office staff is by far the best i have ever worked with. I truly do appreciate all they do."

- Posted by Mary M. on September 16, 2020