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Home Instead Caregiver and senior man stand smiling together in home

Find fulfillment through a career as a professional caregiver

We highly value our Care Pros, and that’s why we asked Care Pro Christie to tell you what it can be like to work with Home Instead®.

Hear from Christie
Find fulfillment through a career as a senior caregiver with Home Instead

My Favorite Part of the Job

I love so many things about my career as a Home Instead CAREGiver! My favorite thing is knowing what I’m supposed to be doing and really making a difference in a senior’s life with each shift.

My caregiving skills:

  • Being a positive force in someone's life
  • Assisting with bathing & hygiene
  • Helping with activities of daily living
  • Preparing meals and snacks
  • Performing light household tasks
  • Listening and chatting
  • Assisting with transportation needs
  • Building professional relationships with my clients
  • Being observant for changes in my clients health and well-being
Professional Caregiving Q&A

A: I make scheduled visits to seniors’ homes to provide companionship and help them with everyday tasks. Sometimes that means going to their family home, and other times it means serving them in a care facility.

A: Every day is different, and I love that variety! One day I might be cooking lunch and playing cards with a client, and the next day I may be helping a different client. No matter what tasks I’m performing, I leave each shift with a deep sense of accomplishment.

A: I feel valued in my role as a Home Instead Care Pro, I have access to great training and support to help me do my job well and make a difference every day in the lives of the clients I support.

You are a Care Professional

Home is so much more than we think it is. It's where we make our best memories, feel safe, comfortable and loved. It's where we want to live out our lives. Join the Home Instead family to give the comfort of home to aging adults and learn what it feels like to help change someone's life.
Here is what some of our CAREGivers are saying
about working for Home Instead:

Very, very understanding about family things.  Always pair me up with wonderful clients.
~Jean R.

You're an amazing company.
~Tiffany W.

Willingness to schedule around appointments and family functions.
~Sally E.


I have worked many jobs in my life some I even owned and I would take Home Instead over almost any of them.  Mike the owner is the most compassionate and understanding boss. He actually listens when you talk-how many men let alone bosses do that. Thank you, Mike, for allowing me to work for you. Sorry had to put a shout out for you. I have been with the company for a year and I hope I can add on a few more. The people that work there are great.  They have a workforce that works to make your job easier and done right.  They are there when you need them to help or just listen. Sometimes that is all someone needs. THANKS 
~Terry H.

The flexible hours, the feeling of doing good things for others.  I enjoy the clients I work with.
~Marilyn S.

Flexible hours & being able to work with all kinds of clients.  I also like the continuing education/refresh knowledge or technical info to keep up w/changes.
~Kimberly B.

The staff listens and is concerned about their caregivers as well as their clients.
~Nora C.

Very flexible.
~Larke H.

I like how the office hears me out when I call if I have a problem…feedback is quick.
~Colleen M.

The willingness to work around your "life"". For the most part, I have very few things that interrupt my Home Instead schedule. But, everyone has doctor appointments, hair appointments, and personal obligations. Home instead is willing to work with you.
~Sally E.

 Flexibility, great staff at office. Owner very understanding.
~Kathy T.

Pleasant company to work for very happy.
~Lydia M.