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Latest CAREGiver Reviews & Testimonials

"When I started working for Home Instead Senior Care I knew right away I was going to like it, everyone that I talked to from my interview with Pam Turner to going to the Jacksonville office to pick up my uniform and badge everyone was so kind. I’ve worked for this company 3 months and I Love it!!! I work 10hr shifts 4 nights a week from Thursday at 10pm till Monday morning at 8am, that’s by choice, your availability is what your schedule is based on that way is you need a day off for an appointment or anything. Every 2weeks a base schedule is put out, if there is a day you need off you let Scheduling know and Boom it’s that easy!This company cares not only about the Clients they care about the Employees also. I had a family emergency they were very understanding and caring even days after my supervisor called me to ask if everything was going better and if I needed anything to let them know, It really meant a lot to me to know that. I enjoy going to work to be a part of a team that works together to give Awesome care to the loved ones of others it’s very rewarding, to Home instead Senior Care to them it’s personal, now I know it really is!!!"

- Posted by Heather C. on March 27, 2021

"A great business to work for. Hours are very flexible and they really work with you to make sure you're happy"

- Posted by Kayla C. on March 25, 2021

"They are amazing to work for...they work with your schedule and they are always up for getting you your training when you are not comfortable with something"

- Posted by Krista S. on March 25, 2021

"Home instead is like family, but better. They are the most understanding and patient company I have ever worked with."

- Posted by Ashli A. on March 25, 2021

"Everyone is kind and very understanding when you have any issues at work or home"

- Posted by Anne H. on March 18, 2021

"The clients & staff members are lovely to work with. I also enjoy my hours."

- Posted by Abbey H. on February 19, 2021

"I loved working here. I would go back in a heartbeat. Great staff and wonderful clients everyone is very caring and helpful. I would recommend working here and have already to someone. 100/100!!"

- Posted by Cameron W. on February 18, 2021

"It works great because I can work and have family time with my children. This company is very family oriented and very polite."

- Posted by Vanessa P. on December 23, 2020

"The clients always have so much to share knowledge, stories of fun, and kindness"

- Posted by Nicole T. on December 23, 2020

"Home instead scheduling works with you to obtain your hours requested and follow up after each new client to see and make sure you are best caregiver and comfortable with your new client and always asking updates to make sure all client information is up to date."

- Posted by Staci L. on December 17, 2020

"Good. They have been very understanding and helpful every time I needed them."

- Posted by Danielle D. on December 17, 2020

"Helpful and friendly staff."

- Posted by Jan H. on December 17, 2020

"I like the flex ability of it and how nice all of the management is and how understanding they are. The people I work with are great I’ve never had a problem with any of my clients that I couldn’t handle and if I need the help all I have to do is call the office and they help as much as they can."

- Posted by Cameron R. on November 18, 2020

"Really like how flexible my schedule is. Also the coordination staff are all wonderful and easy to work with."

- Posted by Chelsea W. on November 18, 2020

"Flexible hours, always someone to talk to, or consult if there is a problem."

- Posted by Kathy H. on November 18, 2020

"I love how understanding everyone is. It’s like a family someone is always there when you call."

- Posted by Myriah C. on September 23, 2020

"I love that I am able to help keep the elderly at home with their families, and in their own personal space."

- Posted by Ashley P. on September 16, 2020

"It’s a very friendly environment and I’ve learned so much!"

- Posted by Ariel B. on September 16, 2020

"Wonderful people to work with!!"

- Posted by Kathy H. on August 29, 2020

"I like seeing the clients on a daily bases and when I walk into their house, they are excited and on occasion even the pets get excited to see me."

- Posted by Angie M. on August 19, 2020

"I enjoy working with people and most enjoy working where i have one on one interaction with others. I enjoy taking care of elder and feel i get along with a variety of elders."

- Posted by Connie D. on August 19, 2020

"Everyone works as a team"

- Posted by Emily K. on August 19, 2020

"Helping our senior citizens and getting paid for it. Meeting new clients, conversations, making friends."

- Posted by Kathy H. on August 4, 2020

"I just love how you bond with a client and y'all work to keep us with them. I love my job and my clients and am so thankful for our connection and to make their days better. I also love how if we need time off you are so very accommodating. It's amazing! I haven't had a job for 23 years and I couldn't be happier for this being my 1st job back in the work force. Thank you for making it so great!"

- Posted by Stacy W. on July 29, 2020

"Flexibility of work hrs and the management are very professional and helpful when you need help"

- Posted by Luzminda M. on July 29, 2020

"All the staff makes working at Home Instead feel like I matter like we all matter clients and caregivers. I love the atmosphere. Every one actually cares."

- Posted by Lori S. on July 29, 2020

"Everything you guys do is amazing and it’s just one of the most laid back places to work. The team is understanding and kind."

- Posted by Mallori R. on July 23, 2020

"I like how they work with your schedule. I also like how you are part of the family!"

- Posted by Leanne H. on July 23, 2020

"The dedication from the office staff to provide the best in home caregivers for a client."

- Posted by Tish K. on July 21, 2020

"Great people. They always stay in contact with you. They are very helpful answering any questions."

- Posted by Denise A. on June 16, 2020

"I enjoy my clients, flexible hours, the pay isn't bad. The company is there if I have concerns or questions."

- Posted by Heather L. on May 27, 2020

"I appreciate the fact that they understand my family comes first. The flexible schedule is wonderful. I love that when I call the office I always get a friendly voice. And, it’s nice to work for a company that actually considers you a person, not just a number."

- Posted by Kiley C. on May 19, 2020

"I love how friendly and helpful the staff is!!! The on-call caregivers have given me tips and helped me out so much! And i love that the trips to and from work is compensated as well!!! (:

- Posted by Naomi D. on May 19, 2020

"The care and compassion is outstanding."

- Posted by Kim D. on April 22, 2020

"I like that everyone is very caring and supportive and also very flexible with schedules!"

- Posted by Ashleigh S. on April 22, 2020

"First off.. love the clients. Secondly the staff.. they are like family. Thirdly...the flex scheduling. It helps greatly when you have another job. Lastly my fellow coworkers. Have made some good friends!"

- Posted by Leanne H. on March 17, 2020

"I love that they care about all there employees even when you first start out and they work very well with a schedule if you have another job!"

- Posted by Hannah C. on March 17, 2020

"my coworkers also how they are also improving trying to make things better for there employees"

- Posted by Annie C. on March 17, 2020

"Home stead does a great job and always helps you when you need it"

- Posted by Brenten B. on March 17, 2020