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Feb 08, 2021

Franchise Sings the Praises of Humble Roberta

February 2021 Caregiver of the Month
Twice-honored CAREGiver of the Month Roberta Carter is reticent to talk about her achievements and successes with owner Greg Gomez-Mira’s award-winning Home Instead® franchise in Houston. Working “under the radar,” Roberta goes about her job quietly and without fanfare because she’s that kind of humble person who lives to serve and privately savors the many good days with seniors.

Home Instead Recruitment and Engagement Coordinator Margi Kenny, however, did not want Roberta’s second CAREGiver of the Month honor to go unnoticed. Because Roberta did not want to announce to the world she’d been honored in February 2021 for her strong, consistent work, Margi did it.

“Roberta admits she’s a shy person, but that poses no barriers when it comes to communicating with the clients, their families and our Home Instead staff. Her gentle nature is well-received,” said Margi, who pointed out that Roberta was first honored as CAREGiver of the Month in December 2018.

Margi recalled when Roberta was hired at Home Instead in September 2017. “We were impressed with her experience. We could easily see that Roberta has a gentle, kind nature by examining the outstanding references that were forwarded to us by Roberta’s former employer and friends,” Margi said.

Roberta’s resume and references never mentioned her background of compassionate work that stretched back to her junior high school days. That’s when her grandmother was afflicted with cancer and Roberta’s family caregiving began. “My grandmother and I were really close,” said Roberta, who was her family’s oldest grandchild.

Roberta followed her heart to jobs where she could use her empathy to help others. For instance, Roberta assisted Alzheimer’s disease residents in a home-health care job for five years. Then Roberta worked for 15 years at a Houston-area hospital where she and co-worker Beverly Penn became good friends.

In September 2015, Beverly joined the Home Instead franchise and shared her thoughts about Greg’s franchise with Roberta. Two years later, Roberta also made the jump to Home Instead and recalled accepting the assignment for her first regular client close to her birthday on Oct. 24.

Fittingly, one month after Beverly was honored in November 2018 as CAREGiver of the Month, Roberta was selected for the same award.

Client Care Coordinator and Office Manager Destiny Wesley said: “Roberta came to us by referral from Beverly, and we are happy Roberta applied to work with our office. Roberta has been a very reliable CAREGiver, and her clients really like her because she is very skilled and personable. Clients feel safe with Roberta because of her experience and skill, which in turn, make me comfortable placing her with just about any client, no matter what the need may be. With so many ‘moving pieces’ in the home-care business for seniors, communication is a major key in providing great service, and Roberta does that very well as Margi has noted.”

Margi added: “During Roberta’s three-plus years with Home Instead, she has taken on an array of tasks and provided care to many clients. All of them are unique individuals who have different challenges. There is no cookie-cutter form of care. Roberta does what she has to do, and she does it well. In the office, we appreciate the fact that Roberta is terrific about responding to substitute CAREGiver shifts and needs, and she seems to work well with all clients she assists. Roberta has proved to be reliable for her evening and weekend clients. Roberta is a go-getter!”

Roberta said her No. 1 message to others about Home Instead is this: “I am happy. Things are pretty good. The downer is that it’s tough to lose clients when there is a major health decline, but I value the relationships and bonds.”

All Home Instead CAREGivers are screened, trained, bonded and insured. For inquiries about employment, please call (713) 774-2215 or apply online. For further information about Home Instead, visit our website.

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