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Home Instead CAREgivers make a difference for their Elderly Clients

Caregiver Jobs in Loudoun County and North Fairfax County

Care Professionals are at the heart of what we do - providing the very best home care experience. That's why we call them Care Pros. You care for others, let Home Instead care for you.

Careers in Home Care in Loudoun County and North Fairfax County

Available Jobs


We have wonderful clients in Loudoun County that need even more wonderful caregivers. Are YOU the One? CNAs or caregivers…

“Here’s what our caregivers have to say"

5-star review
Throughout my tenure at this company, I have encountered numerous chances for professional and personal development. The staff demonstrates a commendable work ethic, and the management's adaptability significantly enhances the work atmosphere. Despite these positive aspects, there were instances where I faced challenges that required innovative solutions. However, the St. Clairs' kindness towards me during my time here adds to the reasons why I still recommend this workplace. I wholeheartedly endorse it to individuals seeking employment opportunities here.
Cliff E.

5-star review
I been working for Home Instead for 16 years and I been so thankful to the owners and the wonderful staff to help me through my good experience working with seniors, I can say enough how rewarding it’s been for me to help seniors been safe in their homes, wonderful place to work full tim or part time in your own hours flexible schedule.
Angelica O.

5-star review
I absolutely loved working for Home Instead. I was always treated with respect and compassion, I have recommended home instead to multiple people looking for employment and for care. 10 stars!!
Jessica K.

5-star review
I’ve worked for Home Instead going on 14 years now. I began my career with Home instead as a caregiver but when the opportunity arose to join the HR team, I took it. I have always been thankful and proud to work at Home Instead, and the best part of my job is that I get to support our caregivers in not only their HR needs, but I love to think that I also support them in many other ways as well. For example, as a Company we strive to also meet their social, emotional and career growth needs as, together, we work to serve a vulnerable population in our communities. Bottom line, Home Instead is a family oriented, rewarding, and enjoyable place to work!
Annemarie C.

5-star review
I have been working for the owners for roughly 5 years now, and my experience with them and their company has been nothing but positive and uplifting! They are an extremely hard working group that thrive to bring their clients genuine care! They are dedicated and passionate in everything they do!

5-star review
As an employee for almost five years, I have been given the opportunity to grow, taking on more responsibilities. I find the owners to be honest, caring and truly dedicated to providing a positive work environment. I highly reccomend this company if you're looking for a place to grow with and have dedicated employees surround you.
Olivia G.

Home Instead Values You

Caregiver Job Benefits

We know caregiving is essential work and a responsibility of love so we do things differently. Our Care Pros are employees, and we treat them with respect by training them and providing them with great support—so they can focus on delivering amazing care to aging adults and their families.

  • Flexible hours so you have greater control over your schedule
  • Person-centered training program that equips you to confidently step into an aging adult’s home
  • Opportunities to develop and expand your career and future
  • Offering opportunities to provide companionship and essential care for older adults aging at home, which is rewarding personally and professionally.
  • 24/7 call support
Home Instead Caregiver and senior woman with cane stand smiling together at home

Gain a Deep Sense of Purpose

Caregiving is Essential

Caregiving is one of the fastest growing professions with jobs readily available all around us. And there are few careers that provide such deep human connection. With Home Instead, Care Pros are setting the new standard for care to ensure people can age well at home are aging with their dignity and respect intact.