10 Reasons to Work for Home Instead

It is always a joyous occasion when our Care Professionals come together. An occasion filled with much laughter and mirth. We are truly a close team! In this video you can see the closeness and cheer of our team as a Care Pro carefully deliberates her choice during a White Elephant gift exchange.


1) Giving Back to a Generation that is Often Forgotten

Working as a Care Professional gives us the opportunity to give back to seniors when they need it most. Whether it be an ear to listen to their stories, a fun conversation, a laugh, or a simple smile, once you see the impact these simple kindnesses have, the rewards are returned tenfold.

2) Connecting with the Elderly Through Care and Social Interaction

Nothing compares to the stories seniors can tell. Good stories, sad stories, stories about their lives, travels and families. These interactions are often the best parts of being a Care Pro.

Through personal care, you become more comfortable caring for a senior’s needs. You become familiar with them and the best way to care for them, creating a trusting relationship.

3) Home Instead Norwell has a Strong Sense of "Team"

There is no “I” in team, and with the strong team players in the Home Instead Norwell office, you always feel like you’re being set up for success.Collage of Home Instead team, Home Instead Office and Home Instead vehicleEveryone’s goal is the same - to provide the best care possible for our clients when they need it most. We strive to foster a strong sense of community through personal connection, respect and understanding.

4) Flexibility

Are you a night owl? Early riser? Maybe a parent or family caregiver? Home Instead has many opportunities for the hours and flexibility you need. Early morning shifts, overnight shifts and everything in between are available when you become a Home Instead Caregiver.

5) Appreciation and Recognition
Collage of caregivers being awarded and recognized by Home Instead of Norwell, MassachusettsEveryone enjoys a compliment for a job well done. As a Care Professional, the high standard of care you provide is always appreciated. Whether it’s a thank you from the office for taking a last minute shift, a card for your birthday, or being recognized by a member of a client’s family for your impact on their loved ones’ daily life, you will always feel appreciated.

6) Cases that are Best Suited for You

Whether you’re interested in providing companion care, personal care or both, Home Instead can match you with clients that will suit you best.

No personal care experience? No problem. Training will be provided.

Interested in dementia, Alzheimer's or hospice care? Home Instead can give you the training you need to care for those clients, too.

7) Annual Raises and Bonuses

Who doesn’t want their hard work to be recognized? As a Caregiver your hard work will not go unnoticed, as your work ethic will be rewarded with holiday bonuses and annual raises.

For those able to refer friends who become Care Pros, a referral bonus is available.

Hard work also pays off with the possibility of being named Newcomer of the Quarter or Caregiver of the Quarter!

8) Advanced Scheduling

With Advanced Scheduling, taking time off, planning vacations, and changes to your quarterly schedule are simple to make.

Let Home Instead know your schedule and changes every quarter and they will do their best to fill your schedule so that you always know where you will be well in advance.

9) Paid Training

You will start off learning about the company and how the idea for Home Instead came to fruition.

From there you will view some short video modules to learn more about being a Care Professional.

You will hear Care Pro testimonials and learn about the importance of your roll as a Caregiver.

By the time you leave your paid training course you may already have scheduled shifts!

In addition to the initial orientation training, Home Instead Norwell offers comprehensive training in personal care, dementia / Alzheimer’s preparedness, hospice awareness, and a variety of other areas.

10) Space to Grow

Home Instead gives you plenty of space to grow professionally and personally. With constant new ideas being rolled out, things are often growing and changing. You may start out only wanting to provide companion care and eventually realize that you are ready to take the next step into personal care or working with hospice cases. Home Instead will help you acquire the training you need to grow as a Care Professional with new opportunities around each corner.

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