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5-star review

Since joining the Home Instead Norwell Team in March 2021, I have discovered that being a Care Professional is so much more than being "just" a caregiver. I have had the opportunity to meet so many amazing individuals as well as their families and the chances are I may not have met without Home Instead. Being able to sit with other generations and learn their stories is one of the best qualities of this job.

It is incredibly rewarding for myself to be able to help all my clients to achieve daily things that they may not otherwise be able to do on their own but to also help them stay in their residence as long as possible. Whether it be simple companionship to cooking, cleaning, gardening, reading, walking, errands, appointments, medication reminders and personal care it is so vitally important that we help with these things to help them be less overwhelmed, as well as helping the families so they can cope with these changes their loved ones are facing. As a care professional I take joy in removing some of their pressures relating to the families loved one so they have more quality time to spend with them or get some rest for themselves.

This job has taught me so much about myself. It's not a hard job to just simply give love and support when needed. I have learned I have more patience than I ever thought and believe me it is so important to being successful with home care. 

Home Instead expects a high-level quality of care when it comes to the clients. They take it very seriously as well as myself. The office staff are the most amazing people. They do their best to make sure as Care Professionals that we ourselves are doing well and offer their support where needed and that is something very few employers offer.

I am so grateful for this career. Anyone considering a job with Home Instead should know it's hard work but for the reasons mentioned above makes it absolutely worth it.

Treasure our senior citizens because they can teach you things books and classrooms cannot and just maybe you can teach them something new. It's amazing what a smile and a caring hand can do for someone. I am continuously thankful for my opportunity and ability to help all that need it. Best job ever!

- Posted by Tammy Y. - June 2023

5-star review

As a caregiver for Home Instead in Norwell, I have found a great career and a great company to work for. The office staff are wonderfully supportive, ensuring clients and caregivers are happy and all needs are met. They are responsive to clients' ever-changing needs and flexible with caregiver's schedules.  In addition, there is paid training and quarterly meetings to get caregiver feedback and suggestions. They are always seeking to improve things which makes it an enjoyable place to work.

- Posted by Carol L. - June 2023

5-star review

What I like about working for Home Instead Norwell, 

1. Caring employees from sales to care.
2. Expertise of scheduler to place you with the right client. 
3. Very accommodating with your schedule. 
4. Online free classes to improve your abilities.
5. Recognize superior work and awards you.

6. Volunteer to community. 

- Posted by Kate G. - June 2023

5-star review

Although I have worked at Home Instead Norwell for only three months, I have been very impressed with the ongoing support and enthusiasm from the supervisory/administrative staff. A company can make a world of difference in the quality of their delivery of care to clients when the employees feel valued & respected, and receive the support they need in a timely manner from supervisors. I’ve heard it many times: “The door is always open. You are welcome to stop by (the office) any time.” Knowing that the company’s goals center around high quality, personal and compassionate care for their clients gives both caregivers and families peace of mind. Home Instead Norwell’s comprehensive initial training as well as ongoing opportunities for additional training have been a significant benefit to both me and my clients. I am able to request training which specifically caters to my client’s needs. I am happy to be part of a team that is making it possible for people coping with dementia & physical challenges to live at home by providing much needed respite care for primary family caregivers as well as complementary care for family members living a distance from their loved ones.

- Posted by Ashley S. - June 2023

5-star review

I am proud to be part of the Home Instead Norwell team, an award-winning provider of in-home senior care services, as a Care Professional. Todd and all of the office staff are so supportive and caring towards their employees. They give much recognition for their employees' accomplishments and always want to know what they can do better for their employees in our quarterly meetings. Which are always for the appreciation of the outstanding care we provide to our clients.  

- Posted by Teresa M. - June 2023

5-star review

I have been with Home Instead for 18 years (3 Owners). I do not know of any other Professional Home Care Company that SHARES its Profits with its employees in Quarterly Bonuses; paid extended training programs; contributions to 401Ks;  stipenens towards monthly Health Insurance; and paid sick/ vacation time.

Whenever you call the office, there is always (24/7) a person answering the call who knows you.  It's personal.  We have a steady source of assistance in information concerning our clients and their changing needs.  We are updated before we get to the home on Changes.  Other employees become our friends and "Family".   We are a TEAM.  We Work TOGETHER.

- Posted by Rhonda - April 2022

5-star review

The Office cares very much for staff as well as the clients, a great support team, the best company I have worked for in health field ever. Always feel part of a team!

- Posted by Nicole - April 2022

5-star review

After retiring from the law field, I found that I needed something to do that would bring me self-satisfaction and give me a feeling of being helpful to others.  I found just what I was looking for at Home Instead.  The staff accommodated me.  They set me up with a wonderful woman who needed a companion and someone to do errands, bring her to appointments  and do light housekeeping, etc.  We had many common interests which Home Instead noted when they set me up with my client.  I was set up with hours that worked for me and almost two years later, I still take care of my original client.   The staff at Home Instead is ALWAYS available to help us caregivers and assist us with answers to any questions we might have.   I personally am impressed with the availability of educational tools that are offered.  I have taken many of the classes both at the office and on line.  I plan on working for Home Instead for quite some time. 

- Posted by Mal - April 2022

5-star review

1. I really love working for Home Instead because I love taking care of seniors. 2. The office staff is always there if I need anything.  3. The office staff goes way above and beyond to all employees. 

- Posted by Patty - April 2022

5-star review

I care for my 91 year old Mother and feel very lucky. During Covid, decided to leave corporate life and find something more rewarding. Getting to know my clients fulfills that.

- Posted by Jana - April 2022

5-star review

Work schedules allow for a great deal of autonomy. Caretakers can accept work assignments for many hours or minimal hours and they can select hours that fit their family or personal needs. Most important, caretakers are treated with a great deal of respect.

- Posted by Elizabeth - April 2021

5-star review

I truly believe in their commitment to its personal. The resources they offer for continued learning is valuable. In office or zoom meetings are insightful. 

- Posted by Kate - March 2022

5-star review

Nationally known. Great reputation. Training and education available. Great support staff.

- Posted by Rhonda - March 2021

5-star review

They listen. They enable, train and equip. They reward and acknowledge. They communicate.

- Posted by Bernadette - March 2021

5-star review

They have my back. They care in so many ways. They are very obliging when I need time off, of course telling them in advance. Never have to worry about supplies you might need. Caring. Covers it all.

- Posted by Judy - March 2021

5-star review

I have found that any issues that have come up, have always been quickly and thoughtfully resolved. Home Instead is a great group of people with the common goal of helping others.

- Posted by Paul - March 2021

5-star review

Office communication is excellent. Feeling of satisfaction helping seniors. Shifts that suit my availability.

- Posted by Linda - March 2021

5-star review

I absolutely love working for Home Instead. They are the best company to work for. Anytime I need any supplies they put them together for me to pick up at the office.

- Posted by Patti - March 2021

5-star review

Office Staff is very professional, very responsive to our needs as caregivers and my specific limitations.

- Posted by Susan - March 2021

5-star review

Very informative and always there to answer questions or concerns we may have.

- Posted by Tracey - February 2021

5-star review

The staff is passionate about what they do and think of the client in everything they do.

- Posted by Monique - February 2021

5-star review

Open door policy with communication, supplies, questions, concerns. Quarterly meetings to inform the staff of changes, new policies, etc., along with open forum for staff. Quarterly bonuses to support job morale.

- Posted by Deb - February 2021

5-star review

The one thing that stands out to me is that there is always a friendly voice at the end of the phone when it is necessary to call. Everyone is very helpful. The company is vigilant in providing the opportunity for further education. Communication is excellent.

- Posted by Marylin - February 2021

5-star review

My employer includes us in all facets of the business... this makes us willing to work harder and we solve problems together. We are proud to be working for the best agency in this area.

- Posted by Judy - November 2020

5-star review

Very accommodating when I have to change my schedule (with notice, of course). Always describe client needs before assigning. Encourages suggestions from CareGivers. Provides and pays for optional training, as well as required. Shows appreciation for Caregivers and understands our needs.

- Posted by Maureen - November 2020

5-star review

I feel that the company is respectful of caregivers, helpful to caregivers when they have concerns about clients, has high standards for the types of client care they want to give, and models quality standards to their caregivers.

- Posted by Patty - September 2020

5-star review

Just the whole overall on how they run their business, they incorporate so many positive aspects and incentives for the care givers which not too many workplaces provide. Nothing is forced on you, you can work as many hours as you need or vice versa. Home Instead accommodates to you as an individual. I love the staff – they don’t get the credit they fully deserve cause each and every one of them is there to help you at any time of day or evening, and we know how hard they work as well. So hats off to all staff and to all caregivers to, for all that everyone does.

- Posted by Liz - July 2020

5-star review

They really care about their employers and they always making sure you feel comfortable about your shift and always calling to say thank you. I just love this agency.

- Posted by Ritza - May 2020

5-star review

This is a great company to work for. The staff r very caring and compassionate. They work well to meet your work hour needs, whether u need part time, full time or per diem hours. I have been working for them for 5 years and wouldn't want to work with any other company. Give them a try and you will realize why I feel the way I do about Home Instead!!!

- Posted by Karen - October 2019

5-star review

Management is very supportive and willing to give of their time to listen to us.

- Posted by Johanna - April 2019