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Feb 08, 2022

Great History Podcasts for Elderly Care

Written By: Tom Crowe
Man visiting with caregiver

We’re never done learning, and podcasts present a great way to learn for those in need of senior care. Studio City, CA seniors can listen to podcasts while going for a walk, doing things around the house, at physical therapy, cooking, or any number of activities.

And this way, the mind stays active along with the body. That’s an important thing for those who may be concerned about needing Alzheimers elderly care. Studio City, CA families can rely on the trained, licensed, bonded, and compassionate CAREGivers of Home Instead to be their elder care agency, and to help navigate the technologies of podcasts!

Podcasts are about many different topics. Since anyone can produce a podcast, the topics will be as varied as the people who produce them! But if you’re in an elderly care situation, you may be especially interested in podcasts about history. We’ll share some great podcasts about history here.

The first great podcast about history that we suggest is “In Our Time: History,” produced by the BBC. The host invites three world-class scholars to his show to discuss the topic. He asks probing questions and keeps the conversation moving. At the end of the nearly hour-long episodes, you have a deeper and broader understanding of the topic discussed. This podcast has been in production for many years, so there are lots of back episodes for those stuck at home, who need home care assistance in Studio City, CA or even a 24-hour caregiver.

Another great history podcast, especially for movie buffs, is “You Must Remember This.” Classic movies can be a great way to pass the time with your personal companion for the elderly. Studio City, CA seniors can learn more about the backstories of so many of their Hollywood favorites — and those histories frequently become less-than-honorable! But the truth is stranger than fiction, and the stories behind the storytellers can be even more interesting than the stories they brought to life on the silver screen.

A third great history podcast is Memory Palace. This one is short. 10 to 15 minutes every other week. The host finds obscure stories, often about people or events or places that you know a lot about — but you didn’t know this. If you loved Paul Harvey and his “the rest of the story,” you’ll also love Memory Palace.

And the fourth great history podcast we’ll share is Ridiculous History. This one is exactly what it sounds like. He finds those episodes and happenings of history that made people scratch their heads and wonder what they heck was going on. Who knows! You may find out something new about a subject that you thought you already knew everything about!

There are hundreds of other podcasts about history, but we hope you’ll look up some of these. And if you struggle with technology, an excellent senior companion from Home Instead would be happy to help.

Contact us today for a virtual or in-home assessment! Call (818) 805-2208 to find out how Home Instead can help.

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