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Core Purpose

We at Home Instead believe that our jobs play important roles in the lives of older adults, but we also strive to fulfill a higher purpose.


Latest review from our community

“The staff at Home Instead is awesome. They worked well with my mother and responded quickly with any change or adjustment to her care. They also organize an awesome Christmas gift-giving program for seniors. This is no small undertaking, but they make it a passionate act that compares to no other.” - Ursula

Core Purpose

Here, our Core Purpose is "to teach others about Love (v)," and it is inherent in everything we do, both at our place of work and within the marketplace.
What is Love (v)? God showed the world the true meaning of love when He sent his Son. When we view love in that context, love is more than a feeling. We believe that love is a verb, and, in that form, it is more powerful, influential and impactful.

When we lovingly speak and act, we can impact the lives of our senior clients and their families, as well as make our communities better places. As we outwardly show love, we also have an opportunity to testify to the ends of the earth.

Attributes of Love (v)

So how do we show love? Borrowing from 1 Corinthians 13, we created eight Attributes that help guide how we serve each other and our clients at Home Instead.

We aim to demonstrate the true spirit and meaning of Love (v) by incorporating these Attributes into our daily interactions, from the office to the home:
Patience, Kindness, Humility, Selflessness, Respectfulness, Forgiveness, Honesty, Commitment
These Attributes comprise the foundation of our caring culture and unite all of us, from our Care Professionals to our office team, in making the world a better place, one loving word or deed at a time.
Our eight Attributes also guide Care Professional behaviors when they visit your older loved one's home. In addition to delivering quality care, you can rest assured knowing that your in-home Care Professional will treat your loved one with Love (v). In fact, we monthly and annually recognize Care Professionals for demonstrating Love (v) in their clients' lives.