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The Home Instead Difference 

To Us its Personal, is not just a slogan, it is a mantra. It is something that we live by. We look at each of your loved ones as if they were our own family, providing them the same level of care that we would expect for our own.

We always strive to go above and beyond as we deliver compassionate home care to our local Sonoma County seniors! The below stories provide just a glimpse of what makes Home Instead different!

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When an ordinary day can turn into something marvelous!

When I arrived at our client, Jordan’s home he was dressed and ready to go get his COVID vaccine. A little apprehensive about leaving the house, ( Jordan suffers from Dementia & gets anxious and agitated which can accelerate very quickly) but there we went. I got him all buckled up, turned the heater up, and the seat warmers & away we went. Onto Hwy 101 N heading to Santa Rosa jamming to the 50’s on my car radio. He talked a lot along the way about how beautiful this and that was and all the traffic on the road. It was adorable.

He talked about how pretty the mountains were in the distance & I told him, I had a treat for him on the way home. We’d take Petaluma Hill Road (a back country road that just lovely this time of year in the spring) on the way back home so he could see the Mustard fields in full bloom. I couldn’t wait!! It happened to be a chilly bright sunny day in Sonoma County.

Once we pulled up in the drive way for the drive thru vaccination clinic, his demeanor changed & he asked “what was going on?” I told him it was “a drive thru doctor’s appointment, but it would be really quick!”. He stated, “ I hate to tell you this, but this makes me furious”. ☹️ πŸ˜’

Time to change the energy and redirect his focus from the line of cars & I started to count the cars ahead of us & then we’d move forward, then I restarted the count until we got to the nurses station. (There was only 8 cars ahead of us, by the way) And it went quick! Then of course, in pure Jordan fashion, all the attention from the nurses at check in, he had completely forgotten that he was furious! Interesting!? Haha πŸ˜‚

Our first contact was with a mid-aged, matronly, well-intentioned intake woman who chatted him up a bit. Then a beautiful mature blonde nurse with the needle came over, and asked “Jordan M.”? Of course, he perked right up and said “that’s me and what’s your name?” She said her name and tells him she’s been, "doing this for 35 years and loves what she does,” and he responds, “well, you don’t look it and if you don’t look out, I’ll have to marry you!” πŸ˜‚ She smiled and was very professional about it and went about her business. Then we waited the 15 minutes afterwards before heading home. While we were in the car waiting I had the radio on and we talked about the scenery. We parked along the back side of this building under tall trees, a walking trail and the rail road tracks. It really was pretty!

On the way home, he chatted about the same beauty we talked about driving up to Santa Rosa, but this time we had the mustard fields, the mountains, the cows, the birds and the horses to see and it was magic. With the 50’s blaring, the sunroof open and his window rolled down, wind in his hair, he had his arm in the window sill and drummed his hand to the beat of the music and rocked his head, enjoying the tunes. I kept looking over at him and just allowed him to be in the moment πŸ’– My heart was full.

He came home a happy camper. I checked in with the caregiver the next day to see how his evening went and she said he was so happy and chipper!

What a successful beautiful day. Not just for Jordan, but for me too! 😊

~ Melissa (Home Instead Sonoma County Staffer)

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