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Developing Care Professionals through world-class training

Our Training Program

Home Instead Care Professionals are the heart of our highly personalized care. As you join the Home Instead team, you will complete a comprehensive, multi-phased training program both before you meet or serve a client and over your first six months of being a Care Pro.

Your training will consist of both online training modules and in-person training classes in our office.

Once you have completed your training you will be a Personal Care Homemaker, certified to work with all Home Instead clients.

Our Commitment to You

Home Instead will provide you with all the tools you need to complete our training program. We will give you access to eight online modules of professional training powered by industry leader Relias. Additionally, our registered nurse trainer will teach you all the skills you need to care for aging adults in our training center equipped with hospital bed, shower, and training mannequin.

Training is an important part of our brand promise of highly trained Care Pros. Therefore, Home Instead invests in your development as a Care Pro. Not only will we provide you with this training free of charge, we will also pay you to participate in the program – an investment of over $1,000.