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group photo of caregivers from home instead of ann arbor michigan

Caregiver Jobs for Retirees in Ann Arbor, MI

Do you still have a passion for helping others? Are you looking for a way to give back, use your life experience and stay active during retirement?

Join our Home Instead family today! As an in-home Care Professional you can make a difference in the lives of our local seniors! The work is rewarding and you'll enjoy bringing in extra income while you enjoy your retirement. We offer flexible schedules with part-time or full-time positions, in-person paid training and an extremely supportive local office staff!

Caregiver Jobs After Retirement in Ann Arbor, MI - YOU Can Make A Difference: Soheyla's Story

home instead general manager soheyla marzban standing with two home instead caregivers
Soheyla Marzban (center) pictured with two wonderful caregivers from Home Instead of Ann Arbor, MI

25 years ago, when I was learning English as my third language, I started working as a volunteer at an assisted living community. I was very attentive to the quality of life of these silent and inactive seniors. Each had an amazing life story, but there was no one to listen to those stories. Some of them were going through depression. I tried to use my time to engage with them and, in the meantime, learn the language.

Out of the eighteen seniors living in that community, one of them especially got my attention. Alice was an 86-year-old widow with no children. She had been living at the center for almost two years. I asked one of the nurses why she is always quiet and stays in her room. The nurse could not get her engaged in any activities. I found out she was a retired teacher. When she retired at the age of 65, she started her own successful business.

After discovering her background, I knew how I could bring joy to her again. One day I knocked on her room and politely asked her for help with explaining some vocabulary. She was a little surprised by that, but she gladly explained the words. I asked her if she would not mind helping me learn English. For the first time, after three months of being there, I saw her beautiful smile.

The next day she was up early and ready for me to start class with her. She was a truly loving teacher. Every day she would correct my grammar and teach me new vocabulary. As our conversations got deeper, we bonded quickly. Sometimes our waves of laughter would echo through the center. The staff were amazed by her mood changes. I always made her laugh by calling her my "living dictionary."

With my eagerness to learn English and her ability to teach me, soon I became her project as her happiness was an important project of mine. She kept a small notebook with a pen in the pocket of her walker and was ready to teach me the new vocabulary of the day. On the days that I was unable to be at the center, she was not a happy camper. Per the nurses, she would remark that she is missing her lessons, that I should be there. Because of that, I tried to visit her almost every day.

Our journey continued for another eleven months until she got pneumonia. She spent a week in her bed. I still tried to spend my days reading stories to her that she had taught me. She still had a beautiful smile during those visits. It was sad watching her physically decline but watching her regain hope and happiness by becoming my supporter was a joy and inspiration. Her happiness grew a passion in my heart to work with the elderly and have a positive impact on their lives.

At midnight on a cold snowy day, I got a call from the center, that Alice was asking for me. I drove there as soon as I heard the message. Alice was waiting for me. She opened her eyes and reached her weak hand toward me. I held my beautiful mentor's hand and felt her warm loving heart. Her soul left peacefully while she was holding my hand. It was then I knew she was the start of a meaningful journey in this field.

"UnRetire Yourself" with Home Instead of Ann Arbor, MI

photo collage of caregivers and employees at Home Instead of Ann Arbor Michigan
Some of our AMAZING Care Professionals!! We love them so much!

We find that many people have opted to ‘unretire,’ or return to work, perhaps in part-time roles, after their initial retirements. According to 2019 research conducted by the Home Instead corporate office, 53 percent of those soon to be retiring believed they were likely to return to work after retirement. Indeed, The News with Shepard Smith on CNBC aired a segment on retirees re-entering the workforce. One of the people featured in the story is Nyla, a retired dental hygienist, who recently became a Home Instead Care Professional. Jeff Huber, Home Instead CEO, was interviewed for the segment as well, to comment on the trend of older workers applying for jobs in the home care field.

We are welcoming retirees back to the workforce with open arms! We love our employees that are retirees and the job offers many benefits:

  • Competitive pay that will bring in extra income to supplement your retirement!
  • Variable Work Schedules with Full-Time and Part-Time Roles Available. You can enter into the field slowly and test the waters to see if you like the profession. (Spoiler alert: You will!)
  • In-Person, Paid Training, and other continuous Paid Learning Opportunities
  • Supportive Office Staff; available 24x7 to you and our clients
  • Care Professional of the Year Program and Annual Luncheons because we love rewarding you AND we love seeing you!
  • Paid Vacation
  • Care Professional Referral Program
  • Bonuses - $300 bonus after 6 months
  • Health Insurance offered
  • Because safety and wellbeing are of top priority, you will receive all required training and PPE

Below is a list of the currently open job opportunities in the Ann Arbor, MI area. Ready to take the next step? Apply below or call us today at (734) 971-9023

Home Instead of Ann Arbor Michigan Office Staff and Caregivers

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