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It’s not always easy knowing where to start in the search for a quality home care agency for yourself or a loved one – the sheer number of options can be overwhelming, and finding the right agency is crucial to future happiness and well-being.

Read what other families in Ann Arbor, MI have to say about Home Instead!

home instead ann arbor michigan client testimonials

5-star review - By debbylindy

Soheyla and home instead have provided care for my parents, and now just my mom for probably close to 10 years now. Saheyla is always extremely responsive to our needs, and willing to make extra efforts to make sure that my parents have been well cared for. We have had excellent caregivers, especially manal, Lois, susan, and baiyo. They are kind, attentive to my mom’s needs, responsible about administering medication and other medical needs, flexible and willing to help out. I would highly recommend home instead.

5-star review - By DCFDLF

We have used Home Instead for over 10 years. I can't say enough good things about them. They have provided care for both of my parents as they have aged over time. They have provided a skill team of professionals that are especially kind, thoughtful and respectful of our ever changing needs for our patients. They are especially good at maintaining open lines of communication with us and the team with Soheyla at the head. Manal, Lois, Susan, Layla, Bayo all are wonderful caregivers and give us a sense of peace knowing that my parents are in good hands.

5-star review - By John B.

Ms. Marzban or as I know you now, Soheyla:

It is my honor and pleasure to submit this review of the amazing service you and your Home Instead crew provided both my parents over the last several years. You and the team you assembled consistently exceeded our expectations, for years. In an increasingly difficult world, the care, companionship and compassion provided to both our mother and father had such a positive impact. Their lives were made far better by the efforts of you and your team.

Despite all the obstacles, including a pandemic Home Instead staff arrived as expected and did a job, better than expected. Home Instead staffers were consistent over time but did change occasionally over the years. Soheyla is a master at identifying caregivers who would be a "good fit" for my parents. Soheyla would always bring new staff by to introduce them to my parents before they were rotated into the crew. There was never an unfamiliar face showing up for a shift.

Soheyla was always available to address any issues that arose although they rarely did. She was very proactive, creative and skilled at running a tight ship.

For years both my parents were cared for by Home Instead staff. I feel very comfortable recommending them should you or your family be in need. Because of health issues, both my parents were cared for in a variety of settings with a variety of additional medical providers. Home Instead staff and service continuously provided wonderful care and assistance at a level others could not achieve. Home Instead proved to be a very good choice for my parents, I believe you would have the same experience.

4-star review - By pmori pmori

The caregivers have all been very friendly, personable, and genuinely concerned about my father's well-being. Staff is also sensitive and responsive to our needs

5-star review - By JoChen

Competent and friendly caregivers; responsive to clients needs

5-star review - By Chicago Kate

My family has been supported by the Ann Arbor Home Instead team for close to ten years, first for my father and then my mother. Every individual we have worked with has been professional, compassionate, vigilant and respectful. Each has added immeasurably to my parent's lives. Beyond that, the management has been responsive and supportive - I can't say enough about the great AA Home Instead team!!

5-star review - By Dr. L

We ask that staff do grocery shopping, cooking and light housekeeping. The staff ALWAYS arrive on time and they are ALWAYS responsive to our requests.

5-star review - By Jeannine

I broke my ankle and needed to have surgery. The woman who helped me from the Home Instead Ann Arbor office was wonderful. The staff was helpful and courteous. I was very pleased!

5-star review - By Larry B.

24/7 coverage for about 1year. staff on time. Very good interactions. Management very responsive

5-star review - By Ann J.

Home Instead provides thoughtful, personalized care for my friend. Their companions are individually matched to the people they service. I would not hesitate to recommend them to family and friends when seeking help in the home.

5-star review - By The Sandy Mom

From the initial appointment with Home Instead to the start and continued companionship of their employee, it has been 5 stars all the way, all the time.

5-star review - By htaylor

Greg and his staff are very caring for their home care clients. They are like extended family members.

5-star review - By Nancy D.

The care that has been provided to my mother by Home Instead has been incredible. She has moderate dementia and requires constant care and support. All of the caregivers are thoughtful, sensitive and adaptive to mom's needs. In particular, my mom's primary caregiver took care of her own mother when she had Alzheimer's and is resourceful, highly skilled and innovative when it comes to thinking of activities for my mother. Importantly, the Ann Arbor General Manager for Home Instead has been a lifesaver. Twice she has had to arrange 24 hour care in less than a day's notice. She has also been required to replace caregivers when my mother became paranoid and threatened by her aides -- who are all lovely women. I cannot say enough about Home Instead and every member of the team. I would be happy to be a reference for anyone interested in their services. Thank you.

5-star review - By Heather24

Our family needed care for my father in his home 24/7 after he had a stroke. We began working with another home care agency and they were simply awful. Fortunately we were put in touch with Home Instead and it was like night and day. The management of the company is tuned in to the needs of the clients, the care givers were just incredible, and they were so attentive to my dad's needs, likes and dislikes. I cannot speak highly enough about them. They carefully screen employees and only hire the best. They provide on-going training to support the caregivers. The communication with the family was excellent at all times. If I ever need care for myself in my own home I would not hesitate to work with them. The owner himself would pitch in to cover overnights to get to know my dad and help out so his staff could have a break on occasion. I think the speaks very highly of the commitment to quality care and to supporting a team. In short, they were fabulous.

5-star review - By A Fellow Reviewer5

Excellent care with kind, thoughtful and dedicated caregivers.

5-star review - By B. Levine

Greg and Soheyla take this very seriously. They have taken superb care of our mom.

5-star review - By John J.

We have used Home Instead for nearly three years. We have three excellent caregivers and are very happy with the excellent care my wife is receiving. They read and play games to help her each day.

5-star review - By Thankful son

My father is legally blind and suffering from early onset dementia. When mom died two and half years ago, we were uncertain if dad could stay in his home. I am the closest relative and live fifty miles away. We contacted Home Instead to discuss dad's needs and they helped us develop a care plan that has worked extremely well. Dad is doing very well with the help provided by three wonderful women who daily enjoy talking with him, help with his eating and meds, do his laundry, keep the house spotless, and take him to appointments. They call me with questions and concerns. They are almost family. We can't say enough good about how much help they are. They have enabled Dad to stay in his home. Thank you.

5-star review - By Nancy100683150

Caregivers are compassionate, sensitive, knowledgeable, observant, and safety conscious. Coordination of coverage and interaction with the office staff and operations manager always went so well. This team of professionals is great to work with.

5-star review - By E. Petoskey

They provide very personal service over 8 years, with several special clients. The friendly and helpful office staff leads to confidence in caregivers. Greg is caring, good in quality control and valuable.

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