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Dec 06, 2022

Care Professional of the Month - November 2022

Written By: Home Instead of Silver Spring
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November 2022 Care Professional of the Month: Lesley R.

We are thrilled to congratulate Lesley R on being chosen as the Care Professional of the Month for November 2022! Thank you Lesley for everything you do to uphold our customers' health, safety, and wellbeing.

We asked Lesley a few questions about her experience as a Care Professional.

Why did you come work for Home Instead?

I came to work for Home Instead because I needed to fill my spare time with a meaningful job.

What is your favorite part about working with seniors?

Seniors experiences are like a good book that you are reading and keeping turning the pages for more exciting stories.

Please, tell us about a fun memory you've had with your client. Be descriptive.

My client served in the U S Army for several years of his almost 100 years in China and the surrounding region. He hared many stories of his awesome experiences with learning the language and commuting on the dangerous winding roads with him steering and another soldier changing gears, while the other hand was on the hand brake while transporting ammunition. It was a dangerous assignment, however, exciting for young men.

Who has inspired you the most during your time as a Care Professional, and why?

My parents and grandparents inspired me the most. The respect and love they shared about their parents and other seniors, and their life experiences are priceless. This was passed down through our generations, and now to our children. Respect your seniors. They are the best gifts you will have.

What advice would you give other Care Professionals?

Understand and respect your client's needs. Create a healthy bond, and always remember the Home Instead staff is always there to assist with all our concerns.

How do you deal with the stress that comes with caregiving?

Approach each shift with clear positive thoughts. Be mindful of our client's needs, and work each shift by putting the client needs first.

What books, films or music would you recommend to other Care Pros, and why?

Find what brings your peace. I use a book of prayers that I say to comfort me and keep me grounded, especially when I am faced with uncomfortable circumstances.

If there is anything else you would like to share about your experience as a Care Professional, tell us below

During my years as a Care Pro with Home Instead, I constantly remind myself that I am in someone's residence, and to respect and follow protocol of Home Instead.

All Home Instead Care Professionals are screened, trained, bonded and insured. For inquiries about employment, please call (301) 588-9710 or apply online. For further information about Home Instead, visit our website.

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