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Care Professional Awards & Recognition

At Home Instead®, our success revolves around the work of our Care Professionals – and we make sure they know it! We celebrate Care Pros year-round through: notes of appreciation, recognition in our employee newsletter, flowers, extra time off, and even impromptu office parties.

Home Instead Caregiver helps senior man button shirt at home

Home Instead Care Professional of the Year/Quarter Award

Care Professional (Care Pro) appreciation is baked into our DNA. We sincerely value the passion and talent each Care Pro brings to our mission day in and day out.

To thank our Care Pros for all the amazing things they do, we recognize a person for our Care Pro of the Year/Quarter award. It’s a small way to show how thankful we are to them for demonstrating compassion and exceptional care to the seniors and families they serve.

Meet Our Care Professionals (Care Pros)

Irene Marin v2

Irene M. - Care Professional of the 4th Quarter 2022

It is with great pleasure that we announce Irene as our Care Professional of the 4th Quarter. In a short time, she has quickly proven that being a Care Pro can be extraordinary by uplifting the lives of those she serves. Irene’s desire to work hard, her positive attitude to challenges, and flexibility to adapt has not gone unnoticed.

Over the past year, Irene’s caring heart, dedication, and compassion has made her a strong advocate on behalf of our clients. She has embraced difficult challenges with a smile and professional attitude which provides trust and comfort to our clients and their families when they need it the most. Irene has taken the lead during difficult situations ensuring clients’ needs are a top priority.

Irene has been flexible in her schedule and has accepted a variety of challenging assignments with confidence and courage. She has very good communication with the office staff which has helped to enhance client’s quality of life and satisfaction. We are thankful to have her on our care pro team.

A family member commented; “Irene’s dedication, compassion, and kind heart has made a significant difference in mom’s life. Our mom is thankful for Home Instead services and all the great caregivers who were there to care for our dad and now our mom.”  

Staff comments: “Irene has stepped up over the past year and has shown her commitment in caring for her clients. She always displays a cheerful outlook even during the toughest situations. We are proud of her work ethic and willingness to learn. We have no doubt she will continue to take the lead and keep the office informed on her client’s condition.”

Thank you, Irene for being an exemplary Care Pro and we are grateful and proud to have you on our Care Pro team. You have earned the trust of our staff and have gone above and beyond in your efforts to provide the best care possible to all your clients. On behalf of the staff at Home Instead Covina, congratulations on winning Care Professional of 4th Quarter 2022!

Angie Arroyo v2

Angie A. - Care Professional of 3rd Quarter 2022

Angie has been a great asset to our Home Instead care team. She has made tremendous strides in utilizing her training to provide quality care to all clients. She has a kind and caring demeanor which allows her to put the client’s needs first, making them feel valued and loved. She is always available to take on an extra shift when needed and communicates with the office on any urgent matters or changes pertaining to our client’s.

Angie’s caregiving experience began with her devotion in raising her own family. She has handled many challenging assignments from basic personal care, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and PTSD. Her calming demeanor and positive attitude has offered client’s the security they have needed to remain safe in their homes.  

Kind remarks on Angie’s character:

“Angie is tactful, dedicated, and professional and we are grateful for the amazing care she has provided for Paul. There are many times when Paul has not felt well, and Angie has always been able to bring a smile to his face. Most recently he received walker glides and Angie immediately took the initiate to insert them on the walker so Paul would have a better ease of movement. Thank you Home Instead in providing such a great caregiver.”

“I called Home Instead when I found myself in a situation where I was unable to care for my husband alone. Each visit with our caregiver was pleasant, she was very solicitous of what she could do to help us. Angie was very encouraging and most of all helpful with all our requests. Compassion goes a long way when you’re in this situation, they both felt like family members.”

Angie’s character, personality, and work ethic reflect what caregiving means at Home Instead. We wish to congratulate Angie for a job well done. She has demonstrated her compassion and has risen to the occasion, and we are proud to have her on our team! On behalf of the staff at Home Instead, congratulation on winning Care Professional of 3rd Quarter 2022!

Carol Gibbons 2nd Qtr Winner 2022 v3

Carol G. - Care Professional of the 2nd Quarter 2022

The Care Professional of the quarter recognizes employees going above and beyond in caring for their clients.  Carol has demonstrated those qualities and has developed great relationships with our clients for more than 12 years.  Carol’s empathetic and caring heart shows through her dedication and compassion.  She is always willing to help when needed and she has made a significant impact in the lives of our clients.

The staff has had the opportunity to work with Carol and have seen her compassion and concern as she has worked with clients over the years.  She has worked with Alzheimer’s clients which require a lot of patience and adaptability, but Carol never gives up and she always has a smile on her face.

Her quiet personality and eagerness allow her to listen, understand unique needs and preferences and deliver the care to each client in a manner that is well received.  The positive impact she continues to have on our clients and their families has been best appreciated.

One daughter replied for her mom, “Carol always brightens my day with her cheerfulness.  I can tell that she really cares about me.”

One son describes, “My mom absolutely loves the help she has received from Home Instead, especially when she gets Carol.  Carol is the most caring, compassionate person my mom has ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Carol goes way beyond just helping my mom, she is also a great listener and takes a genuine interest in always making sure that my mom is comfortable.  We absolutely love Carol!”

Another spouse said, “My husband's caregiver Carol is an angel.  She adores him, and the feeling is mutual.  I adore her as well.  She shares our values and has the same adorable sense of humor as my husband.  Thank you Home Instead.”

Even with many personal demands in her time, Carols has always been flexible and able to go the extra mile in meeting and exceeding the expectations of our clients.  We are fortunate and proud to have Carol as part of our Home Instead team.  Carol has a giving heart and does not think twice about the hardship of her job.  Carol, you demonstrate what true caregiving is all about.  We appreciate your hard work and dedication.  Thank you for your genuine service and compassion.  Congratulations on winning Care Professional of 2nd Quarter 2022!

Patty F v2

Patty F. - Care Professional of the Year 2021

Patty is being recognized for her amazing Care Professional skills and devotion to her clients.  She has proven what it means to be a valuable team player and has stepped into the Care Pro role like a true professional.  She is always accommodating and willing to go above and beyond in whatever is necessary to meet the needs of the client.  Over the past year Patty has worked with several clients who have been critically ill, but as always, she has provided exceptional quality care for our client’s and given peace of mind to their families.  Her personality and eagerness allow Patty to listen and deliver the care that is required with safety, dignity, and compassion.  She always maintains a positive attitude and keeps her client’s laughing and makes them comfortable.  Her passion for her work is evident in her daily client interactions.  Patty is loved by her client’s and co-workers alike.  Here are few words from her clients and their families:

“Patty is very responsible, and I trust her in my home.  I feel comfortable when Patty is around, she takes the lead and I never have to worry, I know things will get done and I can depend on her.” 

"Her client's daughter said “Patty is an amazing caregiver and absolutely goes above and beyond.  She once called me and advised that mom was having trouble with a rug.  Patty recommended and subsequently purchased 2-sided tape for the rug so that mom would not trip and fall.  Patty is super dependable, very kind and trustworthy.  My mother has 4 girls and often refers to Patty as her 5th daughter.”

“We are extremely grateful to Patty for the superb care my mother has received.  The family thanks her for all the band aids she has used to cover my mother’s scars.  We originally hired Home Instead for a family respite break, but it soon became much more than that when my mother got Patty.  She is extremely gentle, caring, considerate and consistently provides the best care needed to meet my mother’s needs.”

“Patty is very careful with mom and worries about her well-being.  She can get mom to do things that our family can’t get her to do.  Patty is always asking what else she can do and remembers all the things that the family has told her, such as locking the doors.  We think so highly of Patty that we change our schedule to accommodate Patty as our mom’s caregiver.”

Patty remains flexible given whatever the challenges are asked of her, and she has graciously accepted shifts outside of her availability.  She has always demonstrated her dedication, devotion, and commitment towards helping others and has been proactive in reporting safety concerns that needed addressing on behalf of her clients.  On behalf of the Home Instead team, we’re grateful for the leadership, diligence, timeliness, dependability, compassion, and dedication you have displayed to all clients and the Home Instead team.  She is a superstar, and it is with these qualities that she is deserving of the Care Professional of the Year Award 2021!

Tina T v2

Tina T. - Care Professional of the 4th Quarter 2021

Congratulations Tina, our recipient award winner for Care Professional of 4th Quarter 2021.  Tina has exclusively and continuously cared for our client’s for almost 16 years.  In every assignment Tina has demonstrated her extraordinary caregiving skills, and compassion in providing exceptional care to all clients.  No matter what level of care Tina is assigned, she has handled it with professionalism along with being caring and engaged.  This Care Professional always takes the lead to make her client’s lives easier and provides them the feeling of being comfortable and safe.

Most recently she has been caring for a client with advanced dementia behaviors and dealing with family dynamics.  Tina never thought twice about it, she jumped right in taking the lead and applying what she has learned in training.  Tina loves a challenge, her passion for her work is evident by her interaction with her clients and she has never complained.

There have been times, when we called upon Tina to mentor and train Care Pros on different techniques in working with dementia and bedbound clients.  Her ability to lead and instruct caregivers is remarkable.  She is mindful of what is required from her and she has maintained a positive attitude and in doing so we have received positive feedback from our Care Pros.

Client testimony:

"My husband has been suffering from dementia.  The home instead caregivers have been great.  In the beginning they were able to take him for walks and interact with him.  Despite everyone’s efforts, sadly my husband has deteriorated and is no longer able to interact with the family.  His behaviors have gotten worse, and it has been difficult for everyone involved.  The team at Home Instead have remained professional and have been providing my husband with the best care possible. Thank you, Tina for the wonderful care you have provided my husband.  I am grateful for Home Instead team."

Tina has exceeded our expectations and she has remained flexible to whatever changes are asked of her schedule and she has graciously accepted extra shifts outside of her availability.  She is truly amazing.  Her hard work, dependability and flexibility never goes unnoticed and will remain an asset to the office staff.  Congratulations Tina on a job well done.  We are proud to have you as part of the team!  On behalf of the staff at Home Instead, it is with these qualities that you are worthy of this quarterly award.

Alba 3Q21

Alba C. - Care Professional of the 3rd Quarter 2021

Alba has been a dedicated Care Professional working with Home Instead.  She has demonstrated what the “team giving” concept is all about.  She has done an outstanding job in her duties and has demonstrated a superior work ethic. 

She is always accommodating and willing to go above and beyond in whatever is necessary to service our clients.  We can always rely on her to cover any shift no matter how complex.  Here are a few words from grateful clients & families:

“The care that Alba has provided for my mother goes beyond exceptional.  From the first day, Alba has been polite, pleasant, and always treats my mom with respect and kindness.  My mothers first language is Spanish, and Alba has been respectful of that.”

We have been very grateful for the home instead team.  Alba has been one of many great caregivers that has helped my wife.  She enjoys her job, is always busy, personable, and has a pleasant personality.  I am comfortable in knowing that my wife will receive the best care possible.  Thank you, Alba.”     

“Alba has been a great caregiver.  Her down to earth personality makes it easy to be around her.  She knows what to do when she arrives and is always willing to help run an errand.”

Alba has been a valuable member of our team and has been an exemplary Care Pro.  She is always professional and willing to help.  She has an extremely big heart, is reliable, dependable and wants to make a difference in her clients lives, one shift at a time.  On behalf of the staff at Home Instead, it is with these qualities that you are worthy of this quarterly award.  Congratulations on winning Care Professional of 3rd Quarter! 

Patty Flores - 2Q21 Caregiver of the QTR

Patty F. - Care Professional of the 2nd Quarter 2021

In the past year Patty has greatly impacted the lives of our clients, Care Professionals, and staff.  She has demonstrated her outstanding work ethic and her innate ability to form immediate relationships, and her willingness to go above and beyond in whatever is necessary to meet the client’s needs.

Patty is a valuable member of our team.  She has worked with a multitude of clients, and she genuinely brings a positive attitude to everything she does.  She is patient, caring, and has risen to the occasion.  No matter how difficult things get, she has always accepted challenges with grace and kindness.

She constantly demonstrates her dedication and passion as a Care Professional at Home Instead.  We admire her level of professionalism, reliability, dependability, and punctuality to all her shifts.  Patty always communicates with the office and keeps us updated regarding any changes in the client’s condition and safety. 

Patty is consistently looking to improve her skills to give her best to all clients.  She seeks training and appreciates the positive feedback.  Here are some testimonies from her client’s indicating her compassion and dedication in improving the quality of life for the clients and families. 

One daughter said, “My mother loves Patty and looks forward to her weekly visits.  Patty is trustworthy, she listens to my mother’s wants and needs and goes above and beyond to make her happy.  My mother has 4 girls and often refers to Patty as her 5th daughter!”

One spouse said, “Patricia always goes out of her way to make sure that my wife is comfortable and well cared for.  She is a compassionate person and good listener.  I am pleased that she is a member of my caregiver team.”

Patty is a superstar Care Professional, who truly shows what it means to be a team player.  On behalf of the staff at Home Instead, it is with these qualities that you are worthy of this quarterly award.  Congratulations Patty on winning Care Professional of 2nd Quarter 2021!  

Becky Guerra

Becky G - Care Professional of the 1st Quarter 2021

We wish to congratulate our Care Professional Becky!  Becky has been an outstanding caregiver at Home Instead by providing clients with dependable and reliable care.  Becky’s empathetic and caring heart shows through her dedication and compassion.  She is always willing to help when needed and she has made a significant impact in the lives of her clients over the 12.5 years she has been an employee at the Covina Home Instead!

The staff has had the opportunity to work with Becky and have seen her compassion and concern as she has worked with clients.  She always has a smile on her face, even during tough situations.  Becky has been given difficult assignments to include Alzheimer’s, drug addiction, and overnights which require a lot of patience and adaptability.  Becky has worked with a wide variety of clientele and she has adapted quickly to each client’s needs.  On one special assignment, Becky provided couples care. The wife had dementia which proved to be challenging, but Becky continued to provide the best care possible to make her clients feel secure, safe, and respected. 

Here is what some of our clients have shared:

We needed help with care for my elderly parents, who were quite frail and forgetful.  Home instead was great in finding the right caregivers that were a perfect fit for my parent’s personalities.  Becky was very helpful, courteous, and patient.  She helped them with personal care, shopping, cooking, cleaning, and driving.  Thank you for your amazing services and exceptional care!

Home Instead caregivers provided outstanding care to my ill father.  Becky was part of that team; she was kind, caring, and professional in all aspects of their services.  They treated my father as if he were a friend or family member.

We are fortunate and proud that Becky is part of our Home Instead team.  Becky has a giving heart and does not think twice about responding to client’s needs.  Becky, you have made an impact in many of our client’s lives and you demonstrate what true caregiving is all about.  We appreciate your hard work and dedication.  Thank you for your genuine service and compassion. Congratulations!

Julia Guerra 4

Julia G. - Care Professional of the Year 2020

Over the past 15 years, Julia has been a devoted, compassionate, and extremely reliable Care Professional with Home Instead.  Over the years, we have seen Julia transition from providing simple companionship responsibilities to much more complicated, constant care which has enabled all her clients to live high quality independent lives.  For the past 10 years, Julia has primarily been serving one client, Ruth, who is now 98 years of age.  Julia has been extremely dedicated to Ruth by providing her daily care, seven days per week and rarely missing a shift; she did this, while providing daily care to her own mother!  Not many caregivers would give up every single day of the week for anyone outside of their family.  But after 10 years, Julia and Ruth are like family!

For the first 9 years, Julia made sure that Ruth was able to live independently by providing daily safety monitoring, love, and loyal companionship.  She engaged Ruth physically and cognitively by accompanying her to church services, doctor appointments, and errands.  Julia is meticulous when it comes to Ruth’s care needs and has been quick to notify the office staff of any change in Ruth’s condition and has always executed the client’s care plan to the fullest. She has provided Ruth with some great tips to reduce swelling in her feet and provided her with techniques to shower safely.  2020 has been a challenging year for Ruth as she has struggled with her health, but Julia has never wavered and worked diligently to return Ruth to better health and independence.  Julia did not hesitate when Ruth needed much longer hours of care in her recovery; she immediately accommodated her personal schedule to respond to the need.  On numerous occasions, Ruth’s family has expressed their gratitude for our services, especially Julia’s commitment in caring for their mother all these years.  A word from our client’s two sons follow:

“Julia has provided the best attributes of Caregiving for my 98-year mom over the last 10 years with Home Instead by offering attentive, compassionate, dependable companion and personal care.  We started with Home Instead after a major femur fracture and 3-month rehabilitation before coming to Home Instead.  Julia helped our mom by getting her started in the morning with meals, errands, housekeeping, and other help as my mom could not drive anymore. Recently, our mother’s heart was not working as well.  On my mom’s doctor visit, the doctor asked Julia to take her to the ER where they determined she needed a pacemaker.  After the installation of the pacemaker, more complications developed which required my mother to be in the transitional care unit at the hospital for 1-month until they could release her back home.  Now, every day my mother is getting stronger and stronger at home.  Julia is providing personal services and companion care. Home Instead has transitioned other caregivers into the home to support Julia on shifts and help with my mother’s needs.  Julia said to me ‘when clients get me, they get me.’  She then said, what she meant is that she is loyal, dependable, committed and will take care of her client’s needs like a best friend forever.  Julia and Home Instead have provided a caregiving plan where both my mother and our family can still have a great quality of life and enjoying each other.
We are lucky to have Julia and Home Instead for my mother’s care as she has always wanted to be able to continue to stay in her Home for as long as possible.”

Julia, you have been such an incredible asset to the Home Instead team and we appreciate all you do. You are a reliable, loyal, and compassionate member of our organization.  We are amazed and so proud of your commitment and devoted daily hours of service to our dear client Ruth. Julia, you truly represent the ideals of service excellence that we continue to aspire to at Home Instead.  Thank you for your genuine service and compassion.

It is with great pleasure that we present Julia with the Home Instead’s Care Professional of the Year Award for 2020.  You have certainly earned it and we could not be prouder of you and your accomplishments!

Monique P v2

Monique P. - Care Professional of the Year 2022

We are excited to announce Monique as Care Professional of the year 2022! She was a past winner of a Care Professional of the Quarter Award. 

Monique is always willing to go above and beyond in providing the best care possible to all clients.  One of her greatest assets is her adaptability in dealing with various client assignment challenges. She is highly adept at working with resistive clients to make sure all their essential care needs are completed; clients’ family members are very amazed at this!  She does not take no for an answer when it comes to doing the right thing for the client; unbeknownst to the client, she simply smiles and takes another approach and gets the job done!  She always takes the lead to advocate for her clients.  Her professionalism, dedication and work ethic are greatly valued attributes which makes her an incredible asset to our clients and our Home Instead Team.  Our office receives many requests asking for her services.

As a team member, she can always be depended on to assist with whatever the staff needs, whether it is with last minute changes in a client assignment, assisting another caregiver, helping staff with extra shifts, or covering a last-minute call off.  She is always dedicated to our mission!

Below are some Testimonials:

“I have been delighted with all my caregivers, but Monique is my favorite. She is always thorough and very efficient in caring for my daily needs. Her pleasant personality and intelligence make it easy to have a conversation and the hours go by quickly.” Mrs. D’Oyen

A few words from the staff: “Monique is an exemplary caregiver, and we are grateful to have her on our caregiving team. She is by far a favorite with our clients, her calm demeanor allows her to handle every situation with professionalism and put the client at ease.  She is always pleasant when she calls the office and is a great team player!”

On behalf of our Home Instead Covina team, we wish to recognize your extraordinary efforts and commitment. Thank you for being and outstanding Care Professional and team member!  We congratulate you in winning Care Professional of year 2022. You earned it Monique!