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Read what our employees have recently said about us

8/3/23 Tina:  
Very professional and helpful.

7/27/23 Albarosa:  
I am very impressed with our office support team and management.  They have all been very supportive in every way and have upheld a high level of professionalism when communicating with me as a caregiver.

7/21/23 Carol:  
I always feel very appreciated and supported with whatever I need help with at Home Instead.  The staff are friendly, understanding, compassionate, and are very knowledgeable if you need help with something, or have a question.  They are flexible with your schedule, and always try to work it out with your availability.  The atmosphere in the office is very welcoming, and always make you feel at home, (no pun intended).

7/21/23 Rebecca:
All the training we are provided and the help they give making sure we are ready for a client.

5/20/23 Juventina:
They have a good environment, very friendly and helpful staff.

3/25/23 Carol:
The staff at Home Instead are very helpful and friendly.  They are always there to listen to you, and if you need anything, they are just a phone call away.

3/24/23 Rosa:
Attentive attention to needs and very understanding of both employee and client .. Team work!!

3/24/23 Erika:
They are good to me.

3/16/23 Rebecca:
The staff is very helpful the training we received is outstanding.

2/16/23 Tina:
Very professional.

11/17/22 Rebecca:

All the training we receive to do our job and the time the staff takes to listen to our needs and to help us.

11/17/22 Rosa:
Staff caring and understanding... The best!

9/16/22 Michelle:
The staff at Home Instead is attentive, friendly and make you feel appreciated.

7/23/22 Rosa:
Friendly caring staff.

7/22/22 Rebecca:
The training we get; the help when there is a problem; the staff is always available.

5/28/22 Michelle:
Love the personal attention the staff give me. There are many classes to keep learning. They are very accommodating with my schedule.

5/19/22 Erika:
The work environment is good.

3/25/22 Monique:
Flexible hours and friendly staff.

3/18/22 Rebecca:
The staff is great always there to help you.

2/20/22 Michelle:
Home Instead Care is a wonderful place to work for because the staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. They care how you are feeling and make sure that you are getting the right fit with your clients. Also, that you are getting the hours that you have requested. I really enjoy working with the company.

2/18/22 Erika:
Love that I can choose my schedule.

11/24/21 Rosa:
Caring staff, care about employees.

11/19/21 Carol:
What I like about working for Home Instead is how you are appreciated, and the support you receive from the staff. Everyone there is always there for you to answer questions, give you support, and make you feel like an integral part of the team. They work with you if you need flexibility with your schedule, and are always friendly with a big smile. I never hesitate to call or go into the office if I need help with anything, and that is a great comfort. I also like the fact if you are having any questions or concerns about a client, they are always there 24-7 to address any situation.

11/19/21 Rebecca:
The Staff is very helpful they provide great training they work around your schedule.

7/16/21 Emily:
Everyone in the office is professional, but yet friendly and respectful, I like how my calls are returned within a reasonable time. Thank you!

7/16/21 Rebecca:
The staff is great, very helpful, they have good training.

6/20/21 Emily:
When I first applied for employment all my questions were answered and I liked that the company really was able to work with the schedule that I needed. I like that I get phone calls asking me if everything was going ok for me.

4/17/21 Krittaya:
Having great reputation.

3/27/21 Rosa:
The office listen to employee needs and concerns just as much as client and safety.

3/20/21 Rebecca:
How they are willing to work with you on any situation that comes up.

3/20/21 Lisa:
Great communication between office and employees.

3/19/21 Roland:
The helpful Staff.