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Feb 09, 2022

Home Instead Celebrates Our COVID-19 Czar!

Written By: Home Instead of Northborough & Natick
home instead covid 19 czar hero

Today we celebrated Kathryn Pashapour, our COVID-19 Czar. We can't thank you enough Kathy for all that you've done for our CAREGivers, clients and families.

So, here's a little poem to show our appreciation.

We thought 2020 was perfect vision,

but no one saw the virus with an evil mission.

At first there were jokes... Corona, the beer?

Garcon, Garcon, I'll have one over here.

They said it was from bats, what the heck is with that?

And then things got dark when the WHO said, "you ought to fear",

and suddenly, so suddenly things became clear.

One day in March, the governor pronounced, "Everyone! Everyone! Pack up and Go Home".

We cleared out our desks and made the phones roam.

At first there were codes like, schools out and no day care.

Then facilities were closing because COVID was there.

We coded Opt outs and Drop outs and COVID cancel

All the while, we were trying to get a handle.

Materials were read, digested and studied.

The government advice became more and more muddied.

The experts told us to stay back- six feet at least, and wash your hands, maybe your feet.

We admired the scarves and straight face of Dr. Birk,

when her leader announced, "Lysol injected, could it possibly work?".

As we tried and tried to find PPE, we made charts and maps, and distributed supplies for free.

Soon months and months went by and time started to fly,

day 705 to be exact, almost two years, as a matter of fact.

There was anger and tears but not to fear, a leader among us could see the way clear.

She was fielding the calls and easing them all.

The plan, you see, was transparency.

At last Summer came, and the virus was gone.

"Hooray!" we exclaimed, but we got it all wrong.

Soon came the vax and all the attacks.

Exemptions, you say, that's got us gobsmacked.

And then came Delta, spikes in charts yet again,

seems like forever, goodness, when will it end?

Available all day, available all night, available all weekend long,

Kathy was the anchor we needed to be strong.

622 calls in all, Kathy and her team were on the ball.

There was contact tracing and tracking.

There was benching and fist clenching.

As the CDC guidance was altered, Kathy never once faltered,

with her powerful team, never losing their steam.

So, place a crown on her head, because with our COVID Czar Kathy,

we are Home Instead!

*poem written by Angela Brunson Bartlett and Brian Bartlett with editorial support from Chelsea Clain.

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