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When They Say a Dog is a Man’s Best Friend
They say that a dog is a man’s best friend and diamonds are a girl’s best friend. We like to say that a companion caregiver is a senior’s best friend. Our companionship services in Redlands can include things like scrapbooking to inspire creativity, cooking meals, participating in outdoor activities, and engaging in healthy discussions of past and current events to sharpen a senior’s memory.

Like anyone else, your senior loved one craves attention and friendship. Yet with your busy schedule, at times it may be hard for you, the caregiver, to attend to both their needs as well as their desires. Our caregivers understand the value of routine but also strive to provide a steady dose of excitement and adventure. 

Making Friends in the Local Community
As seniors age, they may find it hard to make friends or keep old ones. They might tend to be reclusive and start to cut themselves off from their friends. This may be caused by health reasons or it may be that they feel unwelcome in social circles. It is our desire is to make every senior individual feel special and cared for. It is our pleasure to help seniors reignite past friendships and make new ones. 

 Maybe they want to go to spend the day at The Cooking Block. Our caregivers stay updated on the calenda​r of local events, workshops, and classes and schedule your loved one for appropriate activities. Our Companionship services in Redlands include social outings and local community engagement.

A Lovingly Prepared Meal
Science and technology may tell us that frozen meals are an advancement in food preparation, but we believe it is our duty to serve fresh and nutritious meals.  We want to serve every senior’s personal nutritional needs and for us, no effort is too great. We believe that eating should be enjoyable and our CAREgivers make it their priority to engage your loved one in conversation and turn these meals into quality time spent. 

Encouraging Creativity
Science claims creativity levels are highest among children and that creativity declines with age. However we believe nothing should keep seniors from exploring creative concepts. Design, form, color and style can take on new meaning and seniors can make discoveries of their own. 

Maybe they want to an Art Exhibition at the University of Redlands.  Or maybe they want to spend a quite afternoon doing crafts with a few close friends. We see no reason why they shouldn’t.

A Breath of Fresh Air
Only nature has the power to rejuvenate and engage all five senses in such a calm and peaceful environment. For thousands of years nature has been an escape and a way of opening up the mind and soul. Our Companionship services in Redlands offer plenty of outdoor activities like gardening or walking. We could all use a breath of fresh air every now and then.

Talking About the Now
Does your senior need to sharpen their memory and quicken their heartbeat? Political debate on past historic events or current political events may be just the thing they need. You loved one just might find themself involved in volunteering for a local organization or defending the rights of the vulnerable or disadvantaged. We believe that it is important for your senior to continue believing in something bigger than themself and continue making an impact, however insignificant it may seem, on the world around them. Our Companionship services in Redlands are designed to inspire, encourage and guide your senior across their many emotional and mental needs and interests.​


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