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'Sabrina Is a Young Person with an Old Soul'CAREGiver of the Month - Sabrina

The friend of a Home Instead Senior Care® client had begun to leave the care community dining-room table but stopped, spun around in her wheelchair and approached CAREGiver of the Month Sabrina Roberts, who works for the award-winning Lubbock franchise.

The client's friend, who also had become Sabrina's friend, said: "Sabrina, I am grateful for you and for allowing me to get to know you. You make my life worth living. Thank you." Sabrina was stunned, and a couple of days later, she was stunned even more to learn the resident had passed away.

"She must have known her time was near; I did not. Although she was not a Home Instead client, I had chatted with her. I talk to all people, no matter whether they are clients or not. She was a good friend of my client. I went out of my way to say a few words to make her day a little better, that's all," said Sabrina, who joined Home Instead Senior Care in April 2017.

Recruitment and Engagement Coordinator Juanita Camacho said: "Sabrina has the kindest heart. It matches her kind demeanor, because she is a sweet person and CAREGiver." Juanita also repeated what Home Instead clients have told Sabrina, a community college student from tiny Dora, New Mexico: "Sabrina is a young person with an old soul."

Juanita added, "She started her career with us at Home Instead at a young age. She has assumed responsibilities that were beyond her years and has done well. She brings a sense of peace to a room. Sabrina is a giving person who thinks of others' needs before her own. She sees the good in everyone she meets. Sabrina makes our clients feel safe and secure. She gives them the confidence not only in her, but in our Home Instead franchise. Sabrina communicates well with our clients, clients' families, co-workers and the office. Sabrina is simply amazing." 

Describing her enthusiasm for senior care, Sabrina said: "Everyone should work at a job they love. I have the passion to help people and try to make clients' lives better. If you do not work at a job you enjoy, you will not put in the extra effort that's sometimes required. Some people concentrate on money only when they are searching for jobs. I've been asked, 'When will you think about getting another job?' It's not about moving around to different jobs. It's about the difference we make."

During a question-and-answer, Sabrina discussed her job as a CAREGiver and how she projects a future of helping others:

Question: Tell us about working for Home Instead Senior Care.

Sabrina: "I needed to work while going to college and wanted to find something that coincided with my career path. I appreciate Home Instead and feel privileged to receive the opportunity to help others and their invitation for me to become a part of their team. The staff is hard-working, loving, considerate and understanding. It is one big family, including the clients and their families. Home Instead's training definitely is helpful. I've done all the ongoing training that I can: dementia care, Parkinson's, hospice. I've been through amazing training sessions."

Question: How do you help Home Instead's clients?

Sabrina: "I help not only with physical things such as light housekeeping, meal preparation, personal care and transportation, but also with emotional needs. There can be crankiness or blue moods, but everyone goes through that. Sometimes they want to talk and maybe vent, so I listen. I like to brighten a day, and sometimes the smallest things make a difference. A lot of it is in relationships, and clients should be treated like family. In fact, we put families' minds at ease. In addition, I write poetry and share it when the time is appropriate. I am writing songs to help touch people in a variety of ways and hopefully provide encouragement."

Question: Tell us about your education path and how you decided on it.

Sabrina: I'm headed toward my third school year at South Plains College. I am hoping my GPA will earn university-level scholarships. To backtrack a bit, I worked in the one and only store in Dora, which has a population of 117, and a customer mentioned South Plains. I researched and learned they had good programs. I had no family in Lubbock, so it was an adventure to leave Dora in August 2016. As a matter of fact, I don't really have family in Dora, either, having been on my own for a while. I figured if I took a chance and tried something new that I might find a family of my own along the way – and I have found one at Home Instead."

Question: You are already reaping the rewards of your education. Tell us about that:

Sabrina: "I passed the state test to become a CNA in October 2017. Of course, you do not have to be a CNA to work as a Home Instead CAREGiver. On June 9, I took the state test to become an Emergency Medical Technician. I am working on career paths in emergency medicine and nursing. In either one, I would be helping people. I'd like to aim to be a nurse practitioner, and I also like the idea of being a paramedic."

Question: What are the rewards for working at Home Instead Senior Care?

Sabrina: "Knowing we make a difference is the biggest thing and getting that client to smile. I have gained unique insight from each client. Also, it is relaxing to go into deep conversation with a client. We should concentrate on those precious moments of the here and now, for the present is a gift given to us. As I work hard at school, which is full time for me, Home Instead really helps because we work together on a schedule. With 24/7 clients, there are lots of shifts."

Question: What about your future?

Sabrina: "Even though it is good to plan for the future, what will happen down the road remains a mystery. I want to stay with Home Instead Senior Care a while longer, even if it's just weekends eventually because I have family at Home Instead. As far as continuing education, I am looking forward to transferring to Texas Tech. Ultimately, I want to be a missionary and help people out around the world."

All Home Instead Senior Care CAREGivers are screened, trained, bonded and insured. For inquiries about CAREGiver employment, please apply online call (806) 281-4663. For further information visit Home Instead Senior Care​​.​​​​


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