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Latest Reviews & Testimonials 

"CAREGiver Sally lets me be as independent as I can be. She is truly my best friend and I love her dearly. She keeps me going and feeling alive!"

"CAREGiver Julia keeps me young. I enjoy watching news programs on the T.V with her. We always talk politics so I can keep up with whats going on in the world."

"My CAREGiver Isabella is very tasked orientated and you can tell she takes pride in her work! She always provides outstanding and compassionate care with a wonderful attitude. She is always on top of things and we couldn't be happier with her care"

"Never received this much attention before from other companies.  Your employees and staff are very nice people.  I feel very secure with Home Instead Senior Care.  Your staff and caregivers are very helpful and they do anything I ask them to do.  They are very attentive to my needs.  Employees are well trained. "

"I am able to stay in my own home.  Caregivers help me with my grocery shopping.  I have clean clothes, my house is clean.  I am able to get to physical therapy and doctors appointments.  My health is improvingfrom suffering from sciatica.  I'm very happy with the service.  They customize my care.  They provide me with the care I need and want.  Good for people with temporary disabilities, strokes, and long term care needs. "

"Attendance is perfect.  The staff are nice and open to learn new ideas to improve their skills in managing client's behavior.  The administrative staff had been very helpful in trying to be flexible with scheduling to meet the client's needs.  Sophia, client care coordinator, has been very helpful in resolving issues and has been consistent most of the times.  I appreciate the patience and understanding of everybody.  Thank you all as always."

"When my mother passed away five years ago, my family had a very positive experience with Home Instead.  Today, my husband and I find ourselves in a situation where we need help with strenuous household activities, ie., changing bedsheets, vacuuming, grocery shopping, and other day-to-day household tasks that our backs just can't handle any more.  We naturally turned to Home Instead since we'd had such a good experience with them five years ago.  What sets Home Instead apart from other caregiver organizations is the personalized approach they bring to the needs of their clients.  Whether you need them on a short-term basis, or you need them on a regular basis for "x" number of hours per week, Home Instead will work with you and will come up with a solution that works best for you.  You also have an organization which is more than willing to work with you to find the best match for the caregiver you need. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Home Instead to my family and friends.  They have given me a sense of security that my husband and I can remain in our home for as long as possible.  That sense of security is truly pricelelss.     "

"Very happy with the care.  No complaints."

"Excellent service and caregivers.  The administrative staff was excellent and copperative as well as informed on long term care insurance procedures.  We would highly recommend their services. "

"Flexible scheduling.  Happy with almost everyone.  Great quality caregivers.  Very impressed with all the office staff.  They have been very helpful and very cooperative. "


"I want to take this opportunity to tell you how much I appreciate Leanna. I've been with my mother for the last several weeks and have very much appreciated her. Actually, all the caregivers are professional and reliable, but Leanna goes far beyond the call of duty. She works constantly, always adjusting to the changing priorities of the day. She communicates excellently, is caring but also professional, and brings a surprising range of skills (everything from cooking to putting tennis balls of her own on to my mother's walker). Leanna has contributed a great deal to me and our family during this very stressful time. I can't recommend her enough and I would be pleased to have other customers contact me if they should have any questions about her."

Nora M.
Pasadena, CA - Jul 2012 

"The Family of Mother Marinell T. Ludd wishes to express a sincere, heartfelt Thank You for all you have done for and given to Mother Ludd and our family during this most difficult time.

Every act of kindness: prayers, condolences, expressions of concern, flowers, cards, monetary gifts, and food will forever be in our hearts as we try to move forward without our precious matriarch.

The Ludd Family

"I am writing to thank you for the excellent care I received, following my knee ligament surgery on Oct. 17, the week after which I needed 24 hour a day help.

The whole crew - from client care coordinator, Sandy, to all the CAREGivers, including Rebecca, Laura, Irene, Maxy, and Juanita - took exceptional care of me!  All went above and beyond the call of duty.  They also wrangled my two cats and kept me entertained with tales of the own pets.

Also, Ada Wong, who owns the Pasadena agency, paid me a visit to make sure everything was running smoothly.

I would be happy to recommend your services to anyone - regardless of age - having surgery, who needs care, whether for a few hours a day or round the clock.

You really helped me get through that rough first week and I am very grateful."

Laura K.
Pasadena, CA - Nov 2008

"I want to give Home Instead my most enthusiastic recommendation. My stepmother had experienced home care service from two other agencies before our fortunate association with Home Instead.  The care provided to my stepmother by your CAREGivers for more than one year far exceeded the quality of care provided by her previous home care services and far exceed our expectations.

Having only two CAREGivers a week, rather than daily changes, greatly relieved my stepmother's anxiety. Your extreme capable, sensitive, respectful and friendly CAREGivers made all the difference in improving the quality level of her life.

I whole heartedly recommend Home Instead to everyone desiring the best home care possible."

Robert H.
Pasadena/San Diego, CA - Oct 2008

"I want to thank you and everyone at your agency for all the help and attention you gave my mother and myself for the past two and a half years.

Rebecca was a tremendous help to me. I completely relied on her, and never worried when she was there. My mother really liked her, and never had any complaints regarding the care she gave her.  Divina was always very helpful, and I knew I could rely on her to make sure everything went smoothly.  Please thank all the the other caregivers for all they did for us.
Thank you all again for everything, and I would gladly recommend your company to anyone needing such services."

Pamela T.
Los Angeles/Glassell Park, CA - Oct 2008

"I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Second week with Theresa and my mom seems very happy with her and we both know that's no easy feat!

I appreciate your sincere effort in matching my mom with the right CAREGiver. You are exceptional at what you do.

I look forward to a long and happy relationship with Home Instead Senior Care."

Vickie W.
Pasadena, CA - Oct 2008

"Recently, I was in need of transportation from a hospital follow surgery. I expressed this concern to my internist and was given the "Home Instead Senior Care" brochure.

A call to them provided a quick and informative response. They indeed provided this service and I was immediately comforted with the assurance my need would be met and I would be cared for at a very reasonable price.

On the day of my surgery I placed a call to Home instead to advise I was ready to leave the hospital and by the time I was wheeled out to the curb area, my ride was waiting.  The driver not only drove me home but stopped off at the pharmacy to pick up needed medication.

It was a delightful experience and I will use this service in the future when needed.  I highly recommend Home Instead senior care to any and all seniors in the area."

Ruth G.
South Pasadena, CA - Sept 2008

"Thanks for the lovely flowers you sent.  Thanks for coming to the service too.  I am so glad I found you and your company.  You eased us through many difficult years.  I could always count on you having someone there to take care of things.  It meant alot.  I recommend your company to friends all the time.  Thanks again."

Coralie K.
Pasadena, CA - Apr 2008

"We are deeply grateful for the kindness and professionalism of your staff.  Your help was a blessing."

Gomez Family
Pasadena, CA - Oct 2008

"I want to thank you and Home Instead for the great service you have provided for my father Lewis F.  We are so happy with our regular in home helper Shirley.  I can't say enough about her.

What prompts this letter is the service you are providing without sufficient notice from me, while Shirley is away.  Every aide who you have provided to fill in has been courteous, friendly and helpful, and not in a stiff, simply professional manner as if through training alone.  They appear to be genuinely nice people with a heart for what they are doing.

Thank you again for making our experience with Home Instead so refreshingly easy and seamless."

Christine L.
Pasadena, CA - May 2007

"Consider this an overdue note of appreciation concerning the services offered by your firm and specifically the individuals who provided noteworthy levels of personal support during our recent recuperation period.

The fact that both of us were temporarily incapacitated was a tough situation and we are grateful that your service was recommended.

My spouse and I were impressed with Sis, Sharon, Idrisssa, and Queen. They each went out of their way to make us comfortable and exhibited competence and sensitivity under trying circumstances.  Each brought practical skills that kept the household humming and made the experience as pleasant as possible.

Now tha we are both mending nicely, we wanted to let you know that we value you and your associates and deeply appreciate the thoughtful attention provided by each and every one.

We both recognize that your services would be beneficial to others in short or long term care situations and will not hesitate to recommend you and your very able associates. We wish you continued success."

Mr. & Mrs. D.
Pasadena, CA - Sept 2007

"Thank you for your services I would strongly recommend your agency to anyone in need of such services.

After my recent severe illness I contacted Home Instead.  This initial contact was most informative and pleasant.  I engaged your services.  Each of the CAREGivers you provided were prompt to arrive, caring and efficient.  The principals of the agency were always available and helpful.

Should the need arrive again I will most assuredly call Home Instead immediately."

June C.
Pasadena, CA - Feb 2005

I want you to know how much your service has meant to George and to me.  Because of you and your team George had caring people to talk with, to keep him company, take him outside, see to it that he got to play Bingo, to stimulate his otherwise, very insolated life.  And as his needs changed, your CAREGivers also did their best to adapt while still working to keep him involved as much as possible.

It was not a simple matter, keeping George involved.  Being deaf and blind, he was not always easy to stimulate.  Margaret who worked with him for 2 1/2 years, she played checkers and talked, and took him out to happenings around the facility and dressed him up and saw to it that he had on appropiate clothes.

When I asked you to find CAREGivers who would be creative and responsive to George's needs, beyond routine care-giving.  I wondered if you could really supply this. You did - and very well, indeed.  You understood what it was that I hoped to find and did your best to pair George with the right kind of persons.  To me, that was a precious gift. It meant that when I couldn't be there, 2 other caring people were with him - an incredible relief and help for me.

Frankly, your Service is the best value I can imagine - even when someone is in a residential facility with a professional staff. You and your team made what could have been an unfortunate and sad situation into a very comfortable and tolerable one and for that, I am more grateful than you can know.

Now that George is gone, I can honestly feel that we gave him as much as we could and your Home Instead Service was absolutely indispensable to that sense of closure I can now feel.

Thank you from the deepest part of my heart.
Barbara F.
Alhambra, CA - Apr 2008

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